Can you relate, Is this you?
I am missing a Tooth what can I do?
Do I need a dental bridge?
I want to smile but have a gap
I want to replace my missing teeth

Before the advent of the Dental implant a missing single tooth would have to rely on a 3 unit bridge and this could only be used if you had 2 adjacent teeth and not possible to use in a distal extension. Dental Implants are a restorative therapy which duplicate the tooth's structure and perform equally (or as close to) a natural tooth as is possible. The majority of Dental implants are made of Titanium which is proven clinically to be the best material for the body to accept.

You will benefit from a Natural appearance as well as functioning and comfortable dental option to help with a healthier lifestyle. The procedure while technical is a very commonly one performed here by our Specialties and with minimal trauma and appropriate anti inflammatory / antibiotics the majority of patients can carry on with their day to day activities while following the doctors specific instructions.

The majority of Dental Implant cases here in Cancun will require a first visit of 3 to 5 days, the procedure can be completed after the doctor has checked you clinically and reviewed your scan and made a detailed evaluation, the procedure is very common but still requires the time and respect due to any type of surgery, it can be performed under local anesthetic usually in one visit. We will have you back to check on the healing area and make sure everything is as it should be.

There then needs to be a period of healing which allows the implant and the bone to "knit" together better know as osseointergration and can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months and may differ with the advice of our doctors. With the majority of patients finding little to no pain and minimal discomfort and following our doctors advice and aftercare instructions can enjoy a full vacation experience here in Cancun.

After the healing period a Second visit will be required between 5 and 7 days again, and this is for the prosthetic stage of the implant where the Abutment and Crown will be placed over the Dental Implant, This requires 2 visits over the second trip and allows the doctors to choose colour, shape and aesthetics.

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