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You are interested in a Dental Vacation to Cancun, But how does it work?

We are going to show you how easy it is to get the dental work you need in Cancun and Save money, and why hundreds of American and Canadians trust us to help them arrange their dental work in Cancun while enjoying a Vacation of a lifetime.

You are in need of dental work and want to visit Cancun, Mexico, it could be Dental Implants, Cosmetic Smile makeovers, Dental Crowns, Root Canal treatments, Sedation dentistry, Periodontal, Orthodontic & General, We are able to arrange it all and help you connect to Cancun’s most Established and Respected dental specialists and help plan your dental Vacation to Cancun and support you throughout.

"Dental Destinations Cancun made what I thought was a long and arduous challenge to find a trusted dentist, get the treatments and logistics arranged In to literally a simple process, they helped make both my Dental experience and Vacation a huge success and completely stress free"

You have Found us, Dental Destinations Cancun is at your Service and Our help is 100% Free of charge - No upfront payments, no hidden fees you do not pay us a single cent for what other companies will.

Reach out to us and make contact – We are here to listen to your needs and understand what help you need, We are not here to sell you anything, we are here to provide information, assistance and help, there is in no pushing or rushing. Dental Destinations Cancun wants to connect you with the best Dentists in Cancun. We will instruct you in what is needed and how to make the most out of a dental Vacation in Cancun, and that is why we have been trusted by over 1200 dental tourists.

You Check the average prices of dental treatments in Cancun, like what you see? when you start to do the maths you will love what you see. Considering that dental work in Cancun can be as much as 60% less than the same dental work in the United States and Canada, our Cancun dentists use the same brands, materials and levels of educations and Clinical installations that your would expect back home, and knowing that the dental specialists in Cancun have the necessary Qualifications, experience and standards you will want to know even more and this leads to a Dental Vacation.

You then send your dental information and X-rays, CT Scans, Photos, recent treatment plans. We want as much information as possible about your case, as this allows us to provide accurate dental treatment plans from the specialists, treatment costs, treatment timelines and plan your time here in Cancun so you receive the very best service and care. Our patient preparation Protocols ensure that both the patient and dental specialists are at all times aware of the patients treatment needs. Of course we can provide estimations or have these studies taken care of on site here in Cancun but our Protocols are in place to ensure we can provide Traveling patients with as much detailed information prior to travel where possible.

Once our Dedicated Cancun dental Specialists receive your case files and information they get together and will review, revise and offer Professional recommendations and Treatment plans designed for your specific case, including Virtual Surgery for Dental Implant cases with CT Scans. With our Cancun dentists who with over 120 years combined dental experience, this ensures you can be certain of a detailed and professional treatment solution with the best results being found.

Then we put together all of the doctors treatment plans together, we breakdown costs of each treatment so you know what each procedure costs and what tooth will have what work done. We are then able to set a Treatment timeline - From what to expect on your first visit to the Cancun dentist, how many appointments are needed and how long approx you will be in the clinic, as well as if there are any return visits necessary - When involving dental implants and Oral Rehabilitations 2 trips is standard.

Example Below a treatment breakdown for 4 Porcelain Veneers and 6 Zirconia Crowns including Crown Build ups.

Sunday - Arrive Relax
Monday - Talk with the doctor to discuss your case and Smile goals, Clinical Evaluation, Impressions - 1.5 hours
Tuesday - Presentation of models - Patient is Agreed, then start with Preparation of Teeth and Temporaries and color check - 3.5 hours
Wednesday - Relax and Vacation
Thursday - Relax and Vacation - Quick check up and - 1 hour
Friday - Return for the placement of Veneers and Crowns happy with color, shade and shape - Cementation - 2 hours
Saturday - Relax Vacation or / any minor adjustments needed
Sunday - Depart

Estimated Time in Clinic 8 Hours

Cost 6202 usd comparison to United States 59% Less

You have been presented with your personal Cancun dental Vacation itenary and are happy and satisfied with all the information provided including speaking with our previous patients, online & Telephone consults with the Cancun dental Specialists and coordinating team. Next Step is find travel dates that suit you.

We confirm our specialists availability & you Book your hotel and flights – If you need any local advice or information our team are local experts and can assist with ideas on where to stay, what to do (basically your own personal concierge ) we even have special preferential rates with a few local downtown hotels if needed. You send the flight details and hotel reservation information and we can coordinate and confirm your Transportation pick ups.

You arrive in Cancun, where you will leave the airport terminal and be greeted and collected by our dedicated team of drivers and official transportation partners, even if your flight was delayed, do not worry they will be there waiting to take you to your hotel even if you arrive at 3am.

Your first appointment and we collect you from your hotel and bring you to the clinic, welcome you with a tour of the installations, where you can use our free wifi services or if you need make an International call, Want a coffee, no problem!

Once settled in the Cancun dental clinic you will meet the doctor and staff who you have been in contact with and who will be working on your Smile, have a chat then a thorough clinical evaluation and begin your dental treatments.

Between appointments Relax and Enjoy your Vacation – See the sights, or just relax and soak up the Amazing atmosphere that Cancun and Riviera Maya have to offer between appointments.

Our Cancun dentists and Laboratory will work non stop to ensure your dental procedures and pieces are perfect, You are in continual contact with Dental Destinations Cancun and the Dental Specialists if you have any questions or doubts between appointments. For each and every appointment you will be collected from your hotel and brought to the clinic until the Completion of work.

Your Dental Vacation comes to an End and if this was a 1 trip treatment you will depart with an amazing Dentaris dental transformation, If you are finished but will be returning you will have complete Satisfaction in the treatments started and be looking forward to your next trip.Once back home you will receive follow ups from the support team and the doctors. Still happy and satisfied with your dental experience now back home, Looking and feeling great.

Refreshed,Rejuvenated and Financially better off, We are certain you will rave about your Cancun dental Vacation experience and will recommend us to your friends and family.

We continue to work and repeat our dedicated service and care to patients seeking Affordable Quality dentistry in Cancun Mexico combining Specialized dental treatments and first rate service and care.

This is how a Dental Vacation to Cancun works with us, This is Dental Destinations Cancun.

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