Can you relate, Is this you?
I wear dentures and am unhappy
I hate my dentures what can I do
I want more stability in my dentures
I cannot taste food because of my dentures

This type of treatment has helped thousands of denture wearers return to a way of life they though was lost,it is called a hybrid because of the combined advantages of being fixed replacement of a removable denture.

There are options available depending on each patient but there is a possibility of 2 implants / 4 Implants or more and then a temporary denture is screwed into the Implants, In some cases it is even possible to use a patients current dentures and adapt them to be used, giving extra savings and extra stability. Usually after 3 to 6 months a final and permanent, durable hybrid will be made by our expert laboratory and placed one final time. This type of denture can only be removed by a professional dentist.

• Increase stability and comfort
• Improved self confidence
• Improves appearance
• Returns biting ability
• Better health through better nutrition with greater ability to eat

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