Can you relate, Is this you?
I have no teeth
I am wearing dentures and tired of slipping, ill fitting and uncomfortable full mouth feeling
I have been told I am not a candidate for Traditional Dental implants
I have to have all my remaining teeth extracted, what do I do?

In Certain dental reconstruction cases the forces of a patients Mastication (chewing and biting force) are extremely high and to avoid unnecessary pressure being placed on one particular area the distribution of the force is better over six Implants both on the Upper and Lower.
Also the Upper Maxilla (Upper Jaw) has a softer type of bone (type 3 or 4) and if the doctor can distribute the forces between more Implants the better rate of success and Longevity for the patient. Dentaris offers the ALL ON 6 dental protocol treatments when needed.

First Visit 7 - 10 Days Which will include 3-4 appointments: Consultations, planning, Impressions and imaging of your mouth a detailed plan and discussion of your dental options here in Cancun. Then the placement of the dental Implants and Temporary fixed prosthesis completed with a follow up check up.

Second visit 3 to 6 months later after the Osseointergration period. 7 to 10 days which will include 2-3 appointments. Check on the patients progress, Placement of the Abutments and or connectors to connect the final permanent replacement teeth.

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all in 6
all in 6 (b)