At Dentaris we have assembled some of the very best dental Professionals here in Mexico. Our selection process makes sure that only the best Clinicians and care orientated staff are on hand to assist and guide you on your Dental Journey here in Cancun.

Our Award winning Implant and Oral Rehabilitation Team here at Dentaris have over 80 Years combined Experience, With some of the most Respected and Talented dentists in Mexico, so you are able to visit and start your dental treatments with complete confidence and trust.

Do you think the you Deserve the following:
• The best options available to help with your dental and Oral care
• Professionals that have the necessary expertise and abilities working for you
• More affordable Costs that will allow you to complete the treatments you need
• Transparency and honesty

So do we!

Dr Mario Bertan

"Hello, I am Dr Bertran and I am working here at Dentaris in the areas of prevention, prosthetic, operative dentistry, implant surgery and implant rehabilitation. I was fortunate enough to Teach dental anatomy and integral odontology for 14 Years at the Univesidad Intercontinental in Mexico City where I enthusiastically passed on my knowledge and techniques to help future dentists. This position gave me a continued drive for working and seeking new challenges in the profession for which I have dedicated the past 30 years of my life. When I was approached to join the team of Dentaris I knew that working with such like minded, dedicated and experienced doctors would be a great fit for me and allow the skills and abilities we all share to offer our patients the best outcomes for many different types of clinical cases. And if you are looking for dental treatments here in Cancun I want to make sure you get nothing but the best, and at Dentaris that is certain".


Firma Mario Bertan


Dr. Mario Bertran
Private practice in Mexico city (1994 since 2006)
Dentaris Odontología Integral: since march 2007 -Present
Practice focused and areas of expertise - in prevention, prosthetic, operative dentistry, implant surgery and implant rehabilitation.

Bachelor of dental surgery (bds) from the universidad intercontinental, mexico city (1983-1987)
post graduate degree in integral odontology from the universidad tecnologica de mexico (1992-1994)
B.t.i. Implant dentistry diploma (2001)
endodontics with endosequence rotary instrumentation diploma (2005)

Teaching experience
Professor of dental anatomy and integral odontology at the univesidad intercontinental, mexico city (1993 – 2007)
Courses and conferences
International ceramic symposium san diego, california, june 2011-06-21
Academy of restorative dentistry
Chicago illinois, february, 2011-06-21
Ateneo odontologico mexicano 44th meeting, valle de bravo, edo. Mex. March.2012
Ateneo odontologico mexicano 44th meeting, valle de bravo, edo. Mex. March.2011
Aaoms annual meeting, chicago, illinois, december 2010
Ateneo odontologico mexico 43th, meeting, valle de bravo, edo.mex. March 2011

Member of:

Ateneo odontologico mexicano adm asociacion dental mexicana

Foto Bertran