Dental Vacations to Cancun and Dental Tourism as a whole can be such worthwhile option (and has been for thousands of people) and will most likely be best for you, yes you! the person who is reading this now, you are taking the first step in finding what we can do for you, so take two minutes to really think about how important and how much of a difference fixing your smile is to you and what a difference it will have on your quality of life. 

You will be able to enjoy great food, laugh without covering your mouth, smile unashamedly and watch such a marked change in your self confidence you will be amazed. But as with anything in life knowledge is power and researching what is available too you will help.

What initially was considered a gamble that only the desperate or the brave took, Dental Tourism Mexico or a Dental Vacation have become an unstoppable force for good (In the Majority of cases) it is a industry that now counts all nationalities who are actively seeking high Quality yet affordable dental treatments in Mexico. 

Dental Tourists as they have become affectionately known have transformed the Medical landscape of Mexico, Cancun and other larger resort towns. Where as many years ago people would not have thought about traveling to a Country like Mexico for such a reasons, Vacations yes! Famous for many things such as mouth watering cuisine, Beautiful beaches, rich and diverse History and a Vibrant and friendly people, but Medical treatments not so much.

That has all changed and with the positive encouragement and help of local government authorities and agencies along with hospitals and clinics investing much time and resources in to reaching out, informing and performing to those people that are in need, Cancun has become the Capital of Affordable Professional dental clinics.

It really can be such a worthwhile and Positive experience to Combine a vacation and a visit to the Dentist. It may sound a miss matched idea but with American and Canadians seeking out more Cost effective and affordable options to meet their health needs Mexico and Cancun in Particular is the number one Destination for High Quality and Affordable dental treatments.

Is Cancun Safe?

Cancun was consolidated in 2016 as the leading Mexican destination for tourists staying in hotels, with the arrival of four million visitors, notimex reported.

According to the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OVC, for its acronym in Spanish), Cancun also stands as the second destination in the arrival of tourists, with the arrival of 6.2 million people. In addition to this, the increase in openings, renovations and brand strategy hotels, could lead to the city to live a record year, with more than 6.5 million visitors, reported in 2015, which would represent an increase of 5.0 percent. Interjet will offer; Kelowna- Cancun by Sunwing Airlines; Kansas City (United States) – Cancun by American Airlines and Delta Airlines, and Copenhagen (Denmark) – Cancún route, by Thomson Airways. Therefore, Cancun has been considered among the “Top 10 Favorite Cities of Mexico” in 2016 by the online travel agency “”.Source: notimex gob mx 

 Is Dental work in Cancun Mexico more Affordable?
Simply answered yes, and the benefits and savings are greater when more than One dental treatment is needed and can be as much as 60% 

Are the Dentists Qualified?

We cannot speak for every Cancun dental clinic, but our affiliated Cancun dental specialists are some of the most Experienced and Qualified Dental Specialists in Mexico.

Is there a Language barrier?

Absolutely not, All dental specialists, Patient managers and support staff speak English, Spanish some French and Italian we have also the service of Translators if any patient has a language we are not familiar with.
How Long will I need to be in Cancun? 

This depends on your treatment needs but we will gather enough information of your case needs so we can offer a realistic treatment timeline and return visits if needed.
How long have you been Involved in Dental Tourism in Mexico and Dental Vacations to Cancun? 

The Founder of Dental Destinations Cancun has dedicated the past 9 years to providing help assistance and information to dental tourists and has helped over 1000 patients from 14 Countries get the work they needed. Dental Destination Cancun was started in 2013 and based directly in Cancun being recognized as one of the best resources for Dental Tourists to Mexico.The affiliated clinics have operated in Cancun and Riviera Maya for over 23 years.

Why should I choose you? 

Our Service of Information, assistance and arrangements is 100% Free of charge to you the patient. Why not benefit from our help? the level of Expertise and Experience of our affiliated dental clinicians combined with fantastic patient service will give you the confidence to change your life. 

The very simple fact is that people are looking for more affordable dentistry in Mexico, that is the Principal reason for nearly all of our American and Canadian patients. And while Affordable dental costs are what is on offer in Cancun Mexico it should not be the only reason you choose a Dental Clinic, Think long term and Expertise.

The treatments you are looking for not matter how minor are directly linked to your health, appearance and Quality of life, So allowing us to connect you with the very best dentist for your specific case is extremely important.

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dental Tourism Mexico