Dental Destinations Cancun promises you that when researching for a dentist in Cancun & Riviera Maya we take every stage seriously and while we are affiliated and connected to the most experienced and respected dental professionals, we know that a clinic’s location, installations and ambiance is a very important factor for a patient. That is why here in Cancun the dental clinic has literally been built from new in 2016, all to maximize a feeling of confidence, calm and security to promote a feeling of trust and a design that allows all types of dental treatments to be performed with privacy and total comfort.

  • Air conditioning (all treatment rooms)
  • On Site Laboratory for specific treatments
  • Clinic has Panoramic views of Magroves, Golf course and Sea view
  • Disabled patient access
  • Free International calls
  • Free Wi-Fi (all areas)
  • Free Coffee and refreshments
  • Children play accessories (in clinic)
  • Doctors Virtual Surgery and private Consultation room 
  • Own music can be played during treatment
  • Parking free Valet
  • Pharmacy located Next door

Accreditation This clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.

Located on the Exclusive Avenida Bonampak which marks the beginning of the Famous Cancun Hotel Zone and the Entrance to the Bustling Centro de Cancun, the cancun dental clinic is spacious and boutique .

Although we do provide free transportation to and from each appointment the location of this cancun dental clinic with buses that run every 2 minutes and no shortage of Taxis Our Location is nothing but Perfect for Dental Tourists, Close to some of the best and most economic Boutique hotels,Starbucks (no surprise there) Supermarkets that caters to all tastes and needs from Local to International items the dental Tourism package is complete.

Running the length of this Modern and Exciting Avenida are eclectic dining experiences from Italian Fusion restaurants, French Mexican award-winning dining, Local Speciality Sea food, Modern Tapas choices, Organic Markets and only 5 minute ride to the Principal Ferry port that runs crossings to the Spectacular Island Isla Mujeres ( A Paradise in its own right) every 25 minutes.

A short walk and you arrive at Largest Shopping complex in Cancun, Plaza Las Americas and an array of local smaller plazas that host numerous themed bars and restaurants that fill up each evening with a mix of Locals and Tourists, A little further on and the night life of local Cancun is instantly visible with Parque Las Palapas which in the evening hosts street food vendors of all types offering traditional food where you can eat like a local and not spend very much while gently strolling at your own leisure and watching this little hidden gem in the heart of the City blossom in the warm night air.

There really is something for everyone when visiting Cancun with Dental Destinations Cancun, and of course with the assurance of the Highest standards of Quality Affordable dentistry in Cancun being the ideal Dental Vacation Destination.

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