There is nothing worse than finding something that you want online, research and decide to purchase or book and you then find that it comes with extra costs, hidden charges administration fees, delivery charges, or basically not what you were promised or expected.

And dentistry is no different, Marketing and promotions allow the very best perceptions about services and guarantees but often leave out important information or clauses until you have either made arrangements or are in the clinic.

Costs of Dentistry in Mexico can vary greatly, the one thing they have in Common is that they are a lot less than those in the United States and Canada. While you will want to make your dollar go further on your dental Vacation in Cancun Mexico is a good idea to be aware of certain cost variations from clinics to clinics. 



Why are the costs charged at one clinic more expensive than those of other clinics in the area?

The Ability to compare what dentists charge for specific dental treatment treatments when looking to travel is a wonderful tool to allow prospect patients the chance to narrow down their search as well as have a better understanding of the "Going rate" of a particular treatment in a Particular clinic or destination, as per our section Dental Treatment Cost comparisons

But what determines the costs of dental treatments and procedures, Well there are many facets to this and it is very rarely based on well that is what we charge (In a competitive industry) like Dental Tourism, It is most likely to be a combination

  • Dental Specialists Qualifications & Experience

  • Clinic Locations, Installations

  • Equipment used and invested in

  • Materials used within the clinic and procedures

  • The Type of Team members Employed

  • Treatment Warrantees and Guarantees


Now when contacting Dental Destinations Cancun you will always be made aware of the costs of the dental work you are interested in or the work you need after the specialists have evaluated your case, This allows you to decide if the dental clinic we connect you too is the right dental clinic for your needs and if it fits your budget.

Dental Destinations Cancun has always placed the Importance of the Value of treatments and the Dental Specialists Experiences and Qualifications who are performing the work, over the lowest costs. This seems counterproductive due to costs being the largest deciding factor when traveling for dental work, we certainly understand how the decision making process can be influenced by dollar amounts alone, But is everything as it seems?.
FACT: We are all looking for the best deal and getting the most for our money:
If you really compare the costs of treatments from dental clinic to clinic in Cancun and Riviera Maya that provide services for dental Tourists, there is very little real differences in prices, But there can be bigger gaps in the the Experience of dentists, (And this is the same the world over).
And with some Magic marketing and treatment bundling, Highlighted costs and big Bold Fonts it may seem some are “Much more” Affordable than Others.
Marketing and Presentation can make all the difference in getting the patients attention.
But are the costs you see advertised  really as good a deal as they seem? do you take them at face value or would your decisions be the same if you were able to read between the lines and they were broken down with more realistic descriptions. 
Example you have 2 similar clinics (Imaginary) offering the same treatment but different costs, Why?
Most people would choose CLINIC B with a Saving of 100 USD on Face Value, but when taking into account such details as experience and additional cost of temporary Clinic A should become the Clinic of Choice.

This is Common on a Variety of dental Treatments promoted in Dental Clinics where getting the attention of a prospective patient is the goal, and there is nothing wrong with doing so, choosing to Highlight the Best Prices is a Smart and conventional way of presenting services. But in the Decision to Travel and receive dental work, it is far better to be aware of all the scenarios. 

CLINIC A  - White Composite Resin Filling 90 USD - Set Price 

CLINIC B - White Composite Resin Filling  50 USD - (Only 1 Surface) 

The Larger more Complex Dental Treatments can be Complicated to price, especially Implant Rehabilitations like the ALLON4 And ALLON6 without a Patients full History, Recent Imaging, Recent dental evaluations and supporting information as each case (although techniques are similar) patient to patient conditions vary and this is where additional treatments maybe needed and with such can increase the cost, and visits needed. Or even if a Treatment is listed as "ONLY XXXX USD" You need to know what exactly is included in that cost and what if any will be charged additionally.

For an ALLON4 the Marketing is a very powerful and important factor. From Face Value the Cost of CLINIC B offering ALLON4 at Under 9,000 USD per Arch is a very enticing prospect.

Once a Breakdown is made and a simple weigh up of Experience and costs with full and transparent Information CLINIC A will become the preferred choice due to the comprehensive treatment additions included and experience of the Implant Specialist.

The Aim is to Educate the people who are interested in Traveling for dental Work and help them avoid unnecessary complications and unexpected surprises when trying to research what dental clinic they would like to travel to and undergo their dental work with here in Cancun. 

And this is accomplished by being better Informed and knowing what to ask and what to expect.

And if on your Research you find One clinic to be more Outstanding than another or better value for money and a place with dental professionals you feel comfortable with, we know we have helped in some way.

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