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Obviously one of the benefits to using Dental Destinations Cancun services and those of the Cancun dentists that we are affiliated with means that there will be no problem with communication or understanding explanations given by the dentists or trying to tell them what you want or what dental issue you may have, as they all speak English as do the support teams, coordinators and receptionists.  


But what if you found yourself in a dental emergency in Cancun or not able to contact a dentist in English while in Mexico, Well Thanks to google translator we are all pretty much covered, but below are some good phrases and Direct translations to certain dental treatments and instructions so that you at least have an idea what is going on. If you are not too keen on winging it through a dental appointment or dental Emergency while on Vacation, Please feel free to contact us and we will have the best dental specialists in Cancun go through your dental needs and help make sure you have the best dental options and work performed here in Cancun.



Dental Treatments 


  • Examen Oral - Exam (Check up) 

  • Diagnosticar - To Diagnose

  • Anesthesia - 

  • Radiografias / rayos x - Xrays

  • Guarda Oclusal - Dental Guards - Bite guards 

  • Modelos de estudio - Study models - Plaster moulds taken from Impressions 

  • Prophylaxis - Cleaning

  • Prophylaxis Ultrasonido - Cleaning using Ultrasonic tool

  • Incision y Drenaje Absceso - Drainage of dental Abcess

  • Tomografia- CT Scan

  • Provisional - Temporary (Usually Crown, Veneer after preparation) 

  • Implante dental - Dental Implant

  • Abutment y Corona (Rehabilitation of dental Implant - 2nd stage) 

  • Cementación - Cementation (Permanent Placement of prosthesis using a dental cement )

  • Brackets / Frenos - Braces

  • Corona - Dental Crown 

  • Carilla - Veneer

  • Resina - Filling 

  • Endodoncia - Root Canal

  • Puente - Bridge

  • Impresion - Impression - Take molds of oooh / Teeth 

  • Incrustacion - Inlay

  • Blanqueamiento - Whitening 

  • Poste - Post (Placed after Root Canal)

  • Extraccion - Extraction

  • Dentadura - Dentures

  • Dentadura Hybrida - Hybrid denture 

  • Cirugía elevación de seno maxilar - Surgical Elevation of Sinus - Sinus Lift 

  • Sedacion - Sedation 




Making a dentist appointment

  • I want to make an appointment: Quiero hacer una cita.

  • I have a toothache:  Tengo dolor de muelas

  • The filling fell out: Se me cayó el relleno.

  • My gums are bleeding: Mis encías están sangrando.

  • It hurts to chew: Le duele al masticar.

  • Molar: la muela

  • Wisdom tooth: el diente de juicio

  • Gingivitis: El gingivitis

  • Inflammation: Inflamacion 

  • acute: agudo

  • to adjust: ajustar

  • to be admitted: ser recibido

  • a little: un poco

  • to alleviate: alleviar

  • a lot: mucho

  • as soon as possible: tan pronto como sea posible

At the dentist

  • Are you allergic to any medicines?: ¿Es alérgico a algún medicamento?

  • Where does it hurt? This tooth hurts: ¿Dónde le duele? Este diente me duele.

  • Dull / sharp pain: dolor leve / dolor punzante.

  • Does it hurt with pressure, sweets, or hot or cold food or drinks?: ¿Hay dolor cuándo hay presión, con dulces, con bebidas o comidas calientes o frías?

  • Open / close your mouth, please: Abra / cierre la boca, por favor.

  • The needle will cause a slight sting: La aguja le causará una picadura.

  • Signal me if you have pain: Dígame si le duele.

  • Bite down - Muerda

  •  Spit: - escupa.

  • Do not eat / drink / chew on this side / brush / rinse for X minutes/hours/tonight:  No coma / beba / mastique en este lado / se cepille / enjuage por X minutos/horas/esta noche.

  • You will need to return for another appointment: Tendrá que hacer otra cita para regresar

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