Make yourself at home, Have Look around and see the clinics layout 

It is always a good idea and a great confidence builder in being able to see the actual dental clinic you are interested in having your dental work performed at in Cancun. Now there are many great clinics and many average clinics and what we would suggest is to make the clinical facilities part of your decision making (not the only reason) The Cancun dental clinic we connect your case with is modern, beautiful and with fantastic panoramic views of the Ocean, Protected Mangroves, and even a golf course.


While this is a fantastic extra, the truth is you will be spending most of your time in the dental chair looking up so remember to take that into account. 

Important aspects of choosing your dental clinic in Cancun is the Cleanliness, Standards of hygiene and of course Sterilization protocols. 

After taking this Virtual Tour (which was produced in the second week after being constructed) 

We hope this gives you a reliable and real account of the clinic and not jus static photos that can be edited to give a false sense of space and light or the most creative angels.

Our Cancun dentists clinic provides a light, well designed clinical space with large consultation rooms and operative units, all with added privacy yet open feel, with 2 floors dedicated to a patients comfort. The clinic also provides the following services to our clients free of charge

  • Free International Calls

  • Free WIFI

  • Valet Parking

  • Complimentary Coffee, Tea and Refreshments 

  • Pharmacy next door 

  • Children's toys 

  • Use of computer if needed

  • Waiting area for family members / companions

So use this Virtual tour to take a look at what is waiting for you and and when combining the Cancun dental Specialists Professional Resumes with Before and after photos and Real patient testimonials and a modern clinical facilities you will see why Dental Destinations Cancun dental professionals of choice is the leading name in Dental Vacations Cancun, Dental Tourism Mexico and dentistry.

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