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What can we say, In todays climate trust is a very hard commodity to come by and even more difficult to keep, but after 10 Years dedicated to the patients dental Vacation Experiences here in Cancun we have worked hard for our reputation and providing Benefits for patients, We Pride ourselves on our empathy and learning and understanding about your situation and reasons for traveling.

We are a friendly and Knowledgable point of contact, online and onsite, that will help gather the necessary information about your dental goals and specific case and we present that to our trusted Qualified dental specialists, you will have their professional experiences, history, Credentials to review. They will then provide their specialist recommendation(s) for your case, and with those we put together in tandem the treatment timelines, the costs per treatment, how long you need to be here, when you would need to return, what happens on each appointment, we arrange calls with the specialists, appointment bookings, contact with previous patients who have received similar treatments, as well as useful local information, we even provide complimentary transportation from Airport pick ups and clinical appointments as well as help filling out insurance paperwork, personal recommendations on how to experience this amazing Vacation destination during your stay along with follow ups after you have returned home. We are patient Advocates and we want you to succeed and have the best possible dental experience here in Cancun.

providing this type of service to patients looking to travel to Cancun Mexico for their dental work, we have (or like to think we have) done so with Professionalism, care and Respect. 

From working and assisting dental clinics learn the importance of creating transparent and honest pricing, building and implementing patient protocols, providing guidance on the best practices and how to correctly deal with traveling patients.

You may have already read some of our sections on this website aimed at helping you get the most out of your dental vacation to Cancun, We have Information on what to expect from visiting a Cancun dentist and getting the dental work in Cancun.


We have provided some great question ideas for you to ask when researching who will be the right dental clinic in Cancun for your case, as well as what you should expect from good dental Tourism Clinics in Mexico. So if you do not use our services or the clinics we know, you already have some useful information (we hope).

Dental Destinations Cancun are so confident and sure of the Standards provided by the dental clinic we connect you too as well as the dental Experience and care offered by the clinic specialists and support staff, we are more than happy for people to simply come for a consultation to compare the clinics, specialists and the standard of treatment planning and explanations we will even provide transport to take you to your next appointment.


And if that does not show  you we are genuine, look through our previous work with American, Canadians as well as International tourists visiting Cancun for Vacations, See what they have wrote about their experiences with us.

We focus on the Information, marketing and promotion of Affordable dental Solutions in Cancun Mexico, making it possible for people to be aware of this option and what a dental Vacation is and how dental Tourism works, and how it is available to them. We are not the dentists, So we do not give you medical advice, we simply make sure the dental specialists have the right information gathered from you to provide you with professional recommendations and treatment options.


You are in control of any and all decisions about your dental needs and who you want to perform them. We Simply provide information and assistance to an alternative option here in Cancun Mexico.

Founder fo Dental Destinations Cancun Antony De Sousa has spent the past 10 years leading the way on how people search, research, book and experience their dental treatments in Cancun & Riviera Maya Mexico. Having facilitated more Dental treatments for International patients  than any other onsite Cancun facilitator there is not much he doesn’t know about the needs and wants of the dental Vacationer. Recognized with numerous customer service awards and sought out by clinics wanting to improve their International patient departments as well as strategic marketing The popularity of Dental Destinations Cancun is down to the fact it aims to give people interested in traveling for dental procedures real time relevant information and support so they can make well informed and evidence based decisions on if it is the right decision for them and if so who they want to perform their dental work and all the necessary logistical arrangements.

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A really big hello from Dental Destinations Cancun and the Team!  


I want to just say a hello and thanks so much for clicking on to our website, My name is Antony and I am the founder Dental Destinations Cancun. I am Originally from U.K. but I have been fortunate to Call Cancun home for the past 11 years and love everything this amazing City and Country has to offer and I want to share this with you. 

Now I know that the thought of traveling for dental work may seem an odd decision, but I have watched it evolve and progress over the years and have seen first hand seen what an amazing impact it can have on peoples lives when handled correctly and professionally. It is really a very common and well documented choice for tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians each year, And if you have got this far you must be at least a little curious.


I have been helping patients just like you get real information and assistance about traveling for dental work to Cancun for 10 Years, no I am not a dentist and that is why I think what we do here at DDC is so successful, Our approach is patient centric, we understand hesitations and doubts about traveling for dental work, we know what is important to people looking to travel for dentistry and we will help you decide if it is the right decision for you.

When I am not working to get you the best information and connection to fantastic dental specialists I love to spend time with my family, play golf, Paddle board and cook, being in Mexico the culinary options are spectacular. Cancun and the Riviera maya boasts such wonderful cultural experiences as well as activities we can be spoiled for choice, but it is the simple things that really make this place paradise to live,  there is nothing better than visiting the beach or a local Cenote, eat some fresh caught fish in a little local restaurant overlooking the sea and spending it with family and friends.

Now enough about me, tell me about yourself and what I can do to help you get the dentistry you need and at the same time introduce you to this vibrant , eclectic, beautiful and diverse dental destination.

Some of the very special people I have had the privilege to meet and assist with their Dental Journeys to Cancun.

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