Your dentistry can pay for your Vacation

And still save you Money

Below is a chart to show some of the cost differences of dentistry in Cancun Mexico compared to the same treatments in the united States. Now this can be a contentious topic and costs vary from state to sate and specialist to specialist and we are not presenting as fact that every dentist charges the prices displayed. But these average costs are presented here are from various online publications, online research and in most part come from our own information received from treatment plans we are sent from patients who request Dental Destinations Cancun to provide a quote for quote cost breakdown for the dental work they have been recommended by their local dental healthcare provider.


You may find some dental treatments listed below cost less at your local dental provider, you may very well find that the costs listed below are much less than you have been quoted. These are guidelines to treatments and the possible savings that can be made when traveling to Cancun for dental work.


Now you will either have an idea of the cost of the dental work you need and with that you can compare quickly  what you would be charged by the dental clinic we connect you to if you decided to travel to Cancun.

When comparing costs to other Cancun dentists or dental clinics we recommend you have a look over our section Understanding dental costs in Cancun  This will allow you to see how treatments are presented and ultimately charged.

What may become evident is that not all dental treatments make financial sense to travel for, if you are in need of a cleaning or a couple of dental fillings the savings alone do not make traveling for them specifically  worthwhile. But on the other hand if you are on Vacation already and find yourself with a rainy day and nothing to do, why not take advantage and save some dollars on the basics and even a clinical evaluation could be time well invested.

The patients that save the most money and who traveling for dentistry to Cancun makes the most positive financial impact are those that need multiple procedures and often larger dental treatments like Dental Implants, Smile Make Overs and Oral Rehabilitations. But saying that if you needed 3 or more Root Canals in the United States traveling to have them completed in Cancun could possibly save you (according to the below chat) 2850 usd. 

What this Cancun dentist cost comparison chart aims to do is to be transparent in what you will be charged when Dental Destinations Cancun connects you to the Top dental Specialists in Mexico.

The most Important factor is to check that Traveling to Cancun for your dental work makes Financial Sense.

Dental Treatment Costs in Cancun

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