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Cancun dental Implant Specialists


Introducing the Dental Team who are dedicated to bring you the best dental experience you have ever had, through their hard work, education, specialist dental skills and warm and friendly professional attitudes.


The Fact is simple and the difference is known as Dentaris who have actually been Awarded the Top Dental clinic in Mexico, not once but twice has provided dental care for generations of residents and families of Cancun  as the tourist visitors.


Our Cancun dental specialists strive to exceed patients expectations with extensive experience built up over decades, They have proven clinical Results, a reputation built upon respect both from thousands of satisfied patients and their professional peers, highly respected doctors who's more than capable hands work to improve and in certain cases rebuild not only smiles but the function of the mouth their standards will always be exemplary.

The Dental Specialists Promise to each patient  

We Promise to work in an open and completely honest manner, the treatments we observe and diagnose will be selected because they are what we truly believe will be the very best for you to enjoy a long lasting, beautiful and functioning smile, We promise to follow these core values:

Expertise - To provide each patient with the correct specialist for their case

Ethics - We will listen, Commitment to ethical practices and conscientious care to each patient

Empathy - To treat each patient as if they were our own family, patient centered care from start to finish Equipment -

To use only the the very best quality of materials and technologies for each case

Exceeding Expectations - Our patients satisfaction is paramount to all our staff There will be no pressure to go ahead with any treatments you are not totally comfortable with.

And we will not stop until you have the best outcome possible attained for your case, Your health is our priority 


  • Former Professor and course Coordinator of the Dental Implant and Esthetic Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics  at the Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Dentistry, New Orleans.



  • The leading Authority on Periodontal treatments in Mexico, with an Impressive and highly acclaimed professional curriculum and reputation, published author, Scientific advisor, fellow of the ICOI, Founder and chairman of the Implantology department of Mexico’s most prestigious University.



  • Professor Dental Anatomy teaching at the renowned UIC University, focused in prevention, prosthetic, operative dentistry, implant surgery and implant rehabilitation.



  • 35 Years Specializing in Esthetic dentistry. Nationally known meticulous in her work and that of her patients dental needs caring for  generations of the same families in Cancun and from all over Mexico 



  • One of the brightest new dentists of her generation. Finished top of her class at one of Mexico’s most famous Universities, and was the only dentist from there to be accepted into the very prestigious University of North Carolina’s Advanced Prosthodontics class of 2019.

Dr Joaquin Berron DDS and his colleagues have been providing specialised dental treatments in Cancun for 3 decades and has provided generations of Cancun families with constant and continued dental care. 


To see why Dr Joaquin Berron is so highly sought after by both Local patients (traveling from all around Mexico just for his expertise) and the International patient you need to review his professional achievements and recommendations from his professional peers and patient reviews on his approach and performance of very complex Implant cases as well as Cosmetic smile makeovers. Dr Berron is also the top choice for other Cancun dentists to perform their own dental work. 


Dr Berron DDS Dental Tourism Mexico - Dental Destinations Cancun -2.png

27 Years Experience

Dr Joaquin Berron DDS

Former course Coordinator of the Dental Implant and Esthetic Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics  at the Louisiana State University (LSU)

Cancun dentist .JPG

15 Years Experience 

Dr Ana Duran DDS

Specialized in Prosthetic dentistry, highly skilled with over 10 years working in the dental tourism field, Speaks English, Spanish and French.


30 Years Experience 

Dr Martha Lazo

Specialist in Prosthetic dentistry with over 30 years Experience and head clinician Playa del Carmen 



35 Years Experience 

Dr Leonardo Sierra 

Professor, Scientific advisor, Author, Founder of Implant department UNAM, Keynote speaker and Fellow.


10 Years Experience

Dr Renata Camino

Dr Renata finished top of her class at University and was accepted into the very prestigious University of North Carolina’s Advanced Prosthodontics class of 2019.


35 Years Experience

Dr Eduardo Salcido

 3o + years experience in Orthodontics the life changing treatments he has performed on Generations of families here in Cancun.


28 Years Experience 

Dr Mario Bertran DDS

Former Teaching Professor of dental anatomy and integral odontology teaching at the univesidad intercontinental, Mexico city. 

NO LONGER OPERATING FOR DENTARIS - But we can connect former patients directly with Dr Bertran DDS.


32 Years Experience

Dr Hilda Navarro

Extensive Experience and Skill in Cosmetic dentistry. Dr Navarro is a meticulous and dedicated dental specialist.


10 Years Experience

Dr Paola Morra

Dedicated root Canal Specialist who performs Pain free treatments that are designed to give your teeth the best chance of survival

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