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HYBRID DENTURES IN CANCUN - Over Implants particular for the ALLON4  and ALLON6  

Hybrid dentures are created to replace a whole row of teeth via an implant. They fuse to your jaw which means they don't move around. They are designed to also replace missing gum tissue.

Sometimes, a titanium or gold bar is put in to give it additional support. It's surgery which means they can only be removed by your dentist or an oral surgeon. You won't have to remove them to clean them or perform maintenance which is good, because you won't be able to.

Below are the three types of Hybrid dentures available each have their own benefits and downsides but with the dental specialists professional opinions here in Cancun will provide your case with the very best option.


1. Traditional Acrylic with Titanium Substructure

This restoration is fabricated using a titanium frame that is designed to merge with the implant interface and has a retentive design that accommodates the adherence of acrylic and denture teeth.

Feature & Benefits

  • Has resiliency that reduces impact forces so that it is not transferred to the implant.

  • Easily repaired should you sustain trauma, which is a great advantage.

  • It does stain over a period of time, but this can be readily cleaned and polished.

  • This prosthetic denture is made of cured acrylic base; teeth can be dislodged, however, they are easily repaired.

  • Acrylic is generally cheaper and lighter, but won't last as long as zirconia.

  • Acrylic teeth have the longest track record.

  • May wear and will chip, but they are easily repaired in a few days.

  • Wear faster than natural teeth, but will not wear opposing natural teeth.



2. SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis

A unique approach within the fixed hybrid category of restorations,  is a combination of milled CO/CR and Milled Monolithic Composite.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong, rigid metal bonded to resilient hybrid composite.

  • Highly polishable, can be repaired in the mouth.

  • Less likely to chip compared to acrylic options.

  • Lightweight compared to Zirconia.

  • Very durable, may not be quite as durable as full zirconia.

  • Kind to opposing teeth; wears at about the same rate as natural teeth.




3.  Hybrid (Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained Full Arch Prosthesis)

Is one of the most esthetic and durable restorations for the edentulous patient seeking an implant-retained solution. exhibit a flexural strength of up to 1200 MPa, allowing you to deliver a restoration that looks natural and that will endure even challenging occlusal loads.

Features and Benefits

  • This is the option with the greatest combination of strength and cosmetics.

  • Most patients feel this is the option that is the closest to the feel of their natural teeth.

  • It has been around for approximately 10 years.

  • As far as durability, zirconia will tend to be the most durable option and will be least likely to chip.

Description credit Burbank dentallab

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