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We Promise Clarity with all of our information we provide. Dental Destinations Cancun are not Dentists, but we work with dentists and they will be the ones providing the treatment and medical information pertaining to your case. The dental treatment descriptions below are to give you an idea of what they entail and are taken from public sources. The costs shown are those that are agreed upon with the dental clinic. 

For example you may see other offers and promotions from other Cancun dental clinics with very low costs - Be aware that it is common for such "Big discounts" to fall short in what is included until you arrive and have committed to a plan.

The savings for certain dental procedures in Cancun Mexico can be substantial and possible because the cost of operating a clinic and overall financial overheads are a lot less in Mexico, Mexican dentists are not burdened with student debt, Costs of operating businesses here are less, Salaries and overhead costs are lower than those in the United States and Canada.


Financial savings are usually found when multiple treatments are needed, most people will not benefit from traveling specifically for 1 dental Crown or a Cleaning etc (Unless they are already on or have a vacation booked prior) 

  • * Agreement with Doctor in Charge is necessary and Conditions can apply.


If you do not see a treatment you are in need of then please just ask, With more than 9 Dental Specialists available we can have them find a solution for you.

Remember the Experience, Qualifications and Education of the dentist performing the work should prioritize over the cheapest prices.

Do Not Risk your health and appearance. 

Single Dental Implant

Hybrid Dentures

Ceramic Inlay / Onlay

Root Canal

Smile MakeOver

Porcelain Veneer


Sedation dentistry

Deep Clean

Sinus Elevation / Lift

Oral Rehabilitation

White Resin Filling

Dental Implant Bridge

Bone Grafting

Dental Extractions

Dental Cleaning

ZOOM Whitening

Dental Crown

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