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Be Safe, Informed, Confident in your decision and above all satisfied with your Cancun dental vacation experience. Take our Advice, After 10 years we know what we are talking about. 

So we have  put together a small guide or some "Top Tips"  on what to do prior to traveling to Cancun for your dental work and once you are here!  

Passport, Money, Tickets...Check!  No not these ones (although they are extremely important and we are all guilty of needing to double check our bags on the way to the airport that we have everything) So as important as those essential traveling items are we have put together some tips on what we know will help your dental vacation to Cancun run smoothly.

The majority of these top tips are common sense based, but it never hurts to have a check list to keep them up to date or as a reminder, Traveling to Cancun Mexico for dental work with Dental Destinations Cancun will remove the stress, add Peace of mind and ensure you have the best dental experience possible.

We do go over certain similar subjects throughout the website, but the key points are always the same, traveling to Mexico for dental treatments can be a fantastic option, but only when you have the right information, support. 


Travel with a friends or family members when possible, it is not nice to be away from home and going through any type of dentistry if you have no one to spend time with between appointments. Also if you are looking at complex surgeries it is always advisable to have someone who can help you and be a good source of support and company especially if sedation is chosen, large surgical procedures.


Try to Include your current dental Provider if possible. This can sometimes be a subject that a lot of patients do not like to bring up with their current healthcare provider, but we really believe (and have seen) that if the provider works with the clinic in Cancun (Or at least knows the treatments the patient is traveling for) it can be really beneficial for all parties most importantly you the patient. This is also a benefit in case there are any additional check ups needed by the patient, stitch removals etc etc.



Take out Travel / Medical Insurance, This is self explanatory but for many travelers they do tend to overlook this basic necessity when visiting a foreign Country and especially for dental procedures.


Declaring any and all Health issues, previous surgeries, specific lifestyles like recreational drug use, Physical problems past and present as well as any addictions, medication allergies or sensitivity to any materials like nickel, latex are paramount for the dental clinics to know prior to any visits.


Medications, If you believe that you have a low tolerance for pain or discomfort and will require extremely strong pain medication, Bring your own (It is a myth that any pain medication and in particular Opiates are readily available in Mexico) and also have all the correct prescriptions and documentation when traveling with any medications as well as knowing the current laws of the country you will be traveling to .



Focus on the Dentistry, While you are on Vacation you want the dental work you are paying for to be successful and there is nothing more important than taking the medications as prescribed and following after care instructions like dietary requirements, No smoking. This is the same for any pre treatment requirements (fasting before sedations etc)

Be Aware that Treatment plans can change, Prior and during procedures, This is not to say they will, and any prior preparation you do before traveling like providing

X-rays, scans treatment plans etc will significantly lower the chances of this happening, but certain cases after a clinical evaluation may alter slightly in the favor of a more successful treatment Outcome.



Inform your bank that you will be traveling to Cancun and making payments for a specific service, It is quite normal for the initial transaction to be declined by a banking institution (Do not panic) It only requires a call to confirm this is authorized by you the Payee.

Have access to cash (Although not vital when you have access to cards) It is easier to be able to have some cash available in case the need arises for buying medications and any extras This is easy in Cancun where US Dollars and Mexican Pesos are the standard currency. Be aware that when spending Dollars in Mexico your change will always be returned in the denomination of Mexican Pesos.

Confirm the types of payments the clinic accepts , It is very often that Personal cheques, and American Travelers Cheques are no longer accepted in many Mexican businesses due to a change in the Federal laws.


Also we do not recommend Traveling with Large Quantities of Money (Just common sense)

If you are not 100% Confident about the dentist, the treatment options, the location, or end up with unexpected costs (Or additional fees) STOP! You are in control and at no point ever should you feel unsure, concerned or uncomfortable with any aspect of your treatment experience.


You will understand that you are in a different City in a different Country, but Common sense is the same the world over. It is very easy to say that places are safe and not to worry, but the fact is even the most safest places still can have issues, so limit your chances of problems and act as you would back home, responsibly , respect the places, customs, people and yourself and enjoy what this Amazing Paradise and surrounding areas have to offer.



If the dates given for your treatments are say 5 days book 7 days, It is always better for you to have maybe a day or so extra to recuperate and if needed any adjustments to be done before traveling back home.​

Look for Hotels and accommodations in close proximity to the clinic as this helps with traveling times and places less pressure on yourself if needing to return for multiple visits throughout the procedures.​

Time Share, There are many hotels that still offer Timeshare presentations or Vacation ownership tours, and for some people they already have timeshares or are interested which is great, But if you are not sure or are not interested Ask, don't waste your precious time.​

Excursions and Tours, So Many to see and do! But make sure you have the times and dates of appointments arranged with the clinics so there is no confusion or day tours missed due to unforeseen occurrences.

Following this short Guide of top tips before , during and after your dental work in Cancun will certainly help things run much more smoothly and allow you to spend more time Relaxing and focused on your dental appointments and the Amazing end results, So sit back and smile. 

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