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Travel to Cancun for dentistry - Dental

Essential Cancun dental check list  

Dental Vacation Cancun Essentials 


The must have check list for those traveling to Cancun for their dental work and tips and extras that we have put together to help you make the most of your dental experience and vacation in Cancun.


You want to travel to Cancun for your dental work,  A great idea if you ask us (and we hope you do) So we want you to be Safe, Informed, Confident in your decision and above all satisfied with your Cancun dental vacation experience. Take our Advice, After 10 years we know what we are talking about. 


We all know the traveling essentials for any trip out of country are pretty standard, and we also know that it is standard that we may forget somethings (so double check the night before) and then again before you leave for the airport to be sure, you never know ;)

Travel to Cancun for dentistry - Dental

Prior to traveling to your dental destination experience in Cancun 

Keep up to date - Restrictions, Make sure you are aware of your country’s advisory and any restrictions, quarantine rules when traveling for dentistry to Cancun Mexico.  


Reputable Travel Agencies - Book Flights and hotels through reputable and well known agencies - due to the ever changing restrictions on travel due to COVID-19 it is best to be covered for refunds, date changes with no extra charges.


Take out Travel / Medical Insurance, This is self explanatory but for many travelers they do tend to overlook this basic necessity when visiting a foreign Country and especially for dental procedures.


Include your current dental Provider if possible. This can sometimes be a subject that a lot of patients do not like to bring up with their current healthcare provider, but we really believe (and have seen) that if the provider works with the clinic in Cancun (Or at least knows the treatments the patient is traveling for) it can be really beneficial for all parties most importantly you the patient. This is also a benefit in case there are any additional check ups needed by the patient.


Travel with a friends or family members - When possible, it is not nice to be away from home and going through any type of dentistry if you have no one to spend time with between appointments. Also if you are looking at complex surgeries it is always advisable to have someone who can help you and be a good source of support and company especially if sedation is chosen, or larger surgical procedures.


Declaring any and all Health issues - previous surgeries, specific lifestyles like recreational drug use, Physical problems past and present as well as any addictions, medication allergies or sensitivity to any materials like nickel, latex are paramount for the dental clinics to know prior to any visits.


Medications -  If you believe that you have a low tolerance for pain or discomfort and will require extremely strong pain medication, Bring your own (It is a myth that any pain medication and in particular Opiates are readily available in Mexico) and also have all the correct prescriptions and documentation when traveling with any medications as well as knowing the current laws of the country you will be traveling to.


Inform your bank - that you will be traveling to Cancun and making payments for a specific service, It is quite normal for the initial transaction to be declined by a banking institution (Do not panic) It only requires a call to confirm this is authorized by you the Payee.

Access to cash - (Although not vital when you have access to cards) It is easier to be able to have some cash available in case the need arises for buying medications and any extras This is easy in Cancun where US Dollars and Mexican Pesos are the standard currency. 

Confirm the types of payments the clinic accepts - It is very often that Personal cheques, and American Travelers Cheques are no longer accepted in many Mexican businesses as well as Discover Credit card is not widely accepted. 


Do not Travel with Large Quantities of Money 

(Just common sense) and anything over 10,000 usd needs to be declared by law on arrival to Mexico.


Vacation Duration - If the dates given for your treatments are say 5 days in Cancun we recommend that you book  a 7 day stay and so on 10 days book 12,  It is always better for you to have maybe a day or so extra to recuperate and if needed any adjustments to be done before traveling back home.​


Clinics Location - Look for Hotels and accommodations in close (meaning do not look at traveling for 1 hour to get to the clinic)  proximity to the clinic as this helps with traveling times and places less pressure on yourself if needing to return for multiple visits throughout the procedures.​


Useful Extras 


  • *Face masks and hand sanitizer - Having your own will makes sure you are never caught short 

  • Download the WHATSAPP application to your phone - This is a great tool for keeping in touch with the clinic coordinators 


  • Have a list of the clinics contact numbers, coordinators numbers and the clinics address that are provided before you travel

  • Print out of any and all medications you are currently taking, with dosage and frequency and medical reasons why.

  • Print copies of your Medical History and or doctors notes that have been deemed important to your planned dental treatments  

  • Pain medications, If you believe that you have a low tolerance for discomfort or pain we recommend bring your own - Check with the airline what you are allowed to bring and have a doctors prescription

Dental Destinations Cancun


as you arrive to Cancun your first experience may be of disorientation or a little fluster at the airport, Cancun’s airport can be an experience in itself

(prior to COVID-19) but there is still Hustle, bustle people, signs all trying to get someones attention.


We recommend stay calm, focused, polite to others who are just doing their jobs with a smile and a simple no thank you.  If we have provided transportation from the airport follow our instructions and your driver will be visible and waiting for you. 


So while most vacations you have taken have not entailed a trip or trips to the dentist you may not be feeling completely relaxed and in some cases anxious to what is going to happen over the next few days or appointments. We get it and it is perfectly understandable, but if Dental Destinations Cancun have booked your appointment we are going to be in contact and make your arrival a pleasant and efficient process.

You are finally Here in Cancun, steps when traveling for dentistry to Cancun


Once at destination we recommend 

Focus on the Dentistry, While you are on Vacation you want the dental work you are paying for to be successful and there is nothing more important than taking the medications as prescribed and following after care instructions like dietary requirements, No smoking. This is the same for any pre treatment requirements (fasting before sedations etc)

Flexibility - Most appointments will be set out and organized with meticulous detail (what we are known for) but in any case it is vital to be flexible during your vacation, sometimes impressions need to be retaken, adjustments needed, a time change to appointments and so on. It is not common but understanding that it is a possibility. 

Contact-ability - Make sure you have a working Cel phone (text or whatsapp)

Able to receive emails and give the clinic your hotel and room number. It is not uncommon that an extra appointment or testing maybe required so ease of communication will allow changes to be organized and arranged quickly.

Follow Specialists Pre and post operative instructions You have traveled far, you are investing money and undergoing medical treatments even surgical procedures. pay attention and follow all of the dental specialists advice, dietary instructions and medication courses prescribed. 

Be Aware that Treatment plans can change, Prior and during procedures, This is not to say they will, and any prior preparation you do before traveling like providing

X-rays, scans treatment plans etc will significantly lower the chances of this happening, but certain cases after a clinical evaluation may alter slightly in the favor of a more successful treatment Outcome.


If you are not 100% Confident about the dentist, the treatment options, the location, or end up with unexpected costs (Or additional fees) STOP! You are in control and at no point ever should you feel unsure, concerned or uncomfortable with any aspect of your dental treatment experience.

Vacation Safety - You are in a different City in a different Country in vacation mode most of the time, but Common sense is the same the world over. It is very easy to say that places are safe, but the fact is even the best reputable destinations require awareness, so limit your chances of problems and act as you would back home, responsibly , respectfully with the places, customs, people in your interactions. Do not wander off alone, tell people where you are going, enjoy what this Amazing Paradise and surrounding areas have to offer but be responsible.


Time Share, There are many hotels that still offer Timeshare presentations or Vacation ownership tours, for some people they are interested which is great, But if you are not sure or are not interested, don't waste your precious time.​

Excursions and Tours, So much to see and so Many to do! But make sure you have the times and dates of appointments arranged with the clinics so there is no confusion or day tours missed due to unforeseen occurrences.

Dental Destinations Cancun - Cancun dent

Downtime during your dental appointments in Cancun 


Some other tips we think can help when visiting Cancun for your dental Vacation. 


  • Don’t drink the water - Cancun has a fantastic water treatment reputation, but we are always reminding people and recommend that you should only drink bottled water , Hotels and bars all use ice made from bottled purified water or have deliveries as such so safe

  • Sun cream and Sun protection - have it, use it even on cloudy days Cancun’s heat and sun will hit you hard if not prepared. Buy bio degradable types to protect the environment 

  • Keep hydrated - Humidity is high and temperatures likewise so be mindful of drinking enough fluids (water) between the all inclusive options

  • Don't exchange money at the hotel  - do it ahead of time or at your bank 

  • Be prepared to tip (a lot) not necessarily the amount but frequency, it is a staple part of Cancun life and most people really do live off their tips 

  • Insect repellant - most hotels provide this, but if you are traveling for airbnb or a modest hostel - Bring your own as Mosquitos call Cancun home as well 

  • Mexico’s electrical system is 110 volts AC (60 cycles), as in the United States. Older hotels sometimes have only two-pronged outlets, so bring a plug adapter if you have a three-pronged plug.

  • Transportation - Buses are more economical and run the length and breadth of Cancun pretty much 24hours a day ( an experience in itself) the hotel zone is a one way system so it is easy to navigate 

  • Tours - If you book tours or excursions stick to online or in hotel reputable sellers

  • Beach safety - Pay attention to the beach signs and swimming conditions Mexico has a flag system to alert swimmers on water conditions: green signifies the water is safe for swimming; yellow means use caution; red conveys dangerous conditions; and black means do not swim. Stick to them 

A Positive attitude we think is Essential to bring with you on your Dental Vacation to Cancun, you may be nervous you may not like the dentist but you will certainly have something to smile about at the end of your trip

Cancun Dental Vacation Non essential Essentials 

These are some things we have added to a check list that we believe are Essential non essentials, add anything you think you may need to enhance your vacation.

  • Chapstick , After dental work or surgery your lips may benefit from some soothing chapstick care. 

  • Ear plugs, you may find your hotel is a little lively on the night you need to sleep the most 

  • Sun Hat - If you are undergoing dental surgery, in some cases it is advised to stay out of direct sun - so a nice hat will serve you well

  • Download some relaxing music . Favorite podcasts to play during your dental appointments to relax and distract you if you feel nervous 

  • Stomach settling medicine - having it ready is better than looking for it when you need it. This can be because of over indulging in the all inclusive, effects of medications,  the dental surgery, change of weather, not everyone needs them but again - better to have and not need. 

  • A book or kindle, some dental treatments need you to relax and recuperate after, so keep yourself occupied while taking a read on the balcony 

  • Keep your entry visa safe / customs form (FMM) to fill out. Hold on to the small slip of paper that comes with the form — it’s your ticket to leave Mexico!

  • Cash - Have some cash in both denominations, In Cancun we accept both USD and of course Mexican pesos - when using USD your change will always be returned in Mxn  

  • Advising your bank that you will be using your cards in Cancun Mexico prior is a great idea as well.

  • Copies of important documents - , you know to bring your passport. But it’s a good idea to bring a copy of the front page of your passport as well.  

  • A Positive attitude we think is Essential to bring with you on your Dental Vacation to Cancun, you may be nervous you may not but you will certainly have something to smile about at the end of your dental Vacation to Cancun

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