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Choosing the right dentist in Cancun may seem a relatively simple task or an extremely difficult one, all depending on which way you look at it, Luckily for you we have done all the research, leg work and necessary checks so that you can easily review, connect to and book appointments with Cancun and Mexico's Accredited top dentists. 

But if you want to do your own checks and look around we have complied a Cancun dentist check list of some of the most important questions you should ask dental clinics and dentists in Cancun Mexico when putting together the best dental specialists for your case, bank balance and peace of mind. 

Traveling to Cancun Mexico for your dental work can seem a daunting idea if you do not have access to the right information, evidence backed clinical resumes, history , testimonials and real time support, and that is why we here at Dental Destinations Cancun help so many International patients each and every year, but we also know that there are many people who choose a dental clinic or Cancun dentist for their dental work based off first impressions like one good review, or special price promotions or special offers.


Dental Destinations Cancun want to help you know how to choose your Cancun dentist using our ten plus years of first hand onsite experience through working and learning what it takes to provide the standards of dentistry and service that all patients deserve.


We aim to make sure you have the information to be Safe, Informed, Confident in your decision and above all satisfied with your Cancun dental vacation experience.

So we have  put together some details on what to look out for and what to pay attention to. Thes points can be transfered to any dentist  so if you are simply at the beginning of your dental vacation research or are making last minute revision on what to expect we hope these are of use to you. If you have any questions doubts we would be happy to answer any for you, simply send us an email or call free phone.


on choosing a dental clinic in Cancun, and advice to make sure you know what Questions to ask, what to look out for,  and what to avoid to make your dental Vacation to Cancun a success.

If you are unsure of which dental clinic and specialists you want to trust your dental work with solely from Calls and email contact, The very Best Decision is to go for more than one consultation / clinical appointment, go for Multiple with different clinics. Invest 1 day in Cancun going to dental appointments (We would recommend you have your own recent set of Xrays / CT Scans in hand).


Dental Destinations Cancun are so confident and sure of the Standards provided by the dental clinic in Cancun we connect you too as well as the dental Experience and care offered by the clinic specialists and support staff, we are more than happy for people to simply come for a consultation to compare the clinics, specialists and the standard of treatment planning and explanations we will even provide transport to take you to your next appointment.



If you go for more than one dental consultation in Cancun 

  • It is not necessary to tell the clinics, 

  • Do not disclose the treatment plans and costs you have been given from another dentist  (This will allow you to compare unbiasedly what each have recommended for you and are there conservative or drastic differences) 

  • Do Not Feel pressured or under any obligation into starting any treatments there and then. (Important as it can be an emotional purchase, and seeing and comparing what else is available will help clarify your decision)

  • Have your own recent set of Xrays / CT Scans in hand


Dental Destinations Cancun are Simply trying to help connect people to a Great dental clinic and dental specialists in Cancun Mexico, where they don’t have to remortgage their houses to get the work done, and be Happy they did decide to travel and had a Positive dental Experience.

CANCUN DENTIST REVIEWS -Reviews and positive feedback

Are a great resource for narrowing down a dental clinic in Cancun you want to visit, but it is always prudent to take into account the type of treatments and procedures the reviews are based on, a great 5 star review from a patient who has received a dental cleaning in Cancun is good, but does that mean the clinic is able to complete a dental implant? A complicated root canal therapy or a full mouth rehabilitation?


Look for testimonials that are taken months after the treatments, or ask to be put in contact with previous patients who have had months / Year elapsed from their visits so you can get a real feel for the standard of work and after care, quality of follow ups, problem handling and so on.


If you are interested in a Cancun dental clinic and are impressed by their before and after galleries, ask your dentist for their professional opinion on the afters – they will be able to view them in a unbiased clinical and professional manner and point out if the work is good, or if in fact there are issues not noted by the untrained eye like poor occlusion, open margins, poorly fabricated pieces and any incorrect or anatomically below par prosthesis.


When traveling for dental work it is recommended (and part of our protocols) that you invest in having as much corroborating information about your case as possible such as treatment plans, X-rays, CT Scans and so forth. It is much better to prepare correctly and have your case presented as fully as possible so the clinic can present you with a much more accurate breakdown of treatments, timelines and costs. Many clinics will just give you the cost of a treatment but not go into the possibilities of other secondary treatments that can arise or risks involved. You do not have to be a dentist but getting yourself informed and aware of what needs to be done will eliminate many unwanted surprises and additional expense.


If your decision to use a Cancun dental Specialist clinic is based on the belief that the dentist presented to you when researching would be working on you and your dental treatments, and you present to the clinic and you are introduced to another dentist, then you have the option/ right to cancel the planned treatments and ask why the original dentist is not performing the work.

Request for the original dentist to perform your work, or seek an alternate dental clinic and specialist to work on your case.

At no point should you ever feel pressured or uncomfortable about the dental specialist who is to perform your work. It is your health, appearance and at your discretion who treats you.


Any professional and experienced dentist and clinic will not put their patients health and their name / reputation at risk to substandard laboratory work. So, if you are comfortable with the dentist and trust their ethics and would like to know more about the partnered laboratory they work with or have, ask to see examples, qualifications, certificates, even the different equipment and machines their Laboratory use. There is a big difference between cheap and affordable and the Importance of a Qualified and skilled dental Laboratory cannot be underestimated.


Find a Dentist that Listens - Really listens to you and your needs and expectations, It is so important that you understand the outcomes of the work you are in need of. When you are looking for dental work in Cancun, some clinics will say anything to get you to choose them and could be promising unrealistic outcomes and unreasonable expectations For example, a full mouth of new dental crowns and returning home in only 7 days smiling away, are a lot of the time not realistic and can leave dental tourists somewhat disappointed or even worse left in a situation where they are in pain or have problems.

Approach the reality of ensuring you do not unnecessarily rush through work and end up sitting in a dental chair for 8+ hours everyday. Plan longer than you are told to, ask to have a schedule of your appointments, ask what to expect each appointment, and for a estimation for time spent for each visit. A dentist who takes the time to listen, explain and show you what are the outcomes of your dental work will be, are worth their weight in gold, and will save you time money and disappointment.

There are many treatments that can be completed within much shorter waiting periods than those offered by your home town dentist, but certain treatments will have to be approached and performed in similar time constraint manners.


Being aware that the clinic you are choosing is in another country and understanding that the possibility of failed treatments can mean a return visit to the dentist. The likelihood of a tourism clinic paying to fix any common issues or problems (which have been explained prior) or an already noted complication you may have back in your home country will be low to none.

Avoid such confusion and angst by asking the clinic before embarking on a treatment plan what actions are they willing to do if a problem arises, what would you need to do, and what specialist would you have to visit. The majority of clinics will have in place some kind of guarantee or warranty on their work, but this is usually based on the patient's acceptance and understanding they would need to return to that clinic to have the work redone or fixed.


We suggest that if a clinic is offering 10 Year guarantees and upwards that you have this put in writing, due diligence is a great idea and checks into the history and background of the dental clinic can be invaluable i.e. how long have they been in business, are there any online mentions of not receiving Guarantees from previous patients. That is not to say newer clinics are not capable or wanting to honor such guarantees, but dental clinics like any business (and it is a competitive business) unfortunately come and go, owners change hands, relocate, change names or, worst case scenario, close for good.

If a clinic is offering a 10 year guarantee on their work and has only been operating for 1 or even 2 years and the dentist has only been graduated for 5 years, it is best taken into account in your decision making that the 10 year offer may not be a viable recourse years down the line. If this is a big part of your decision on choosing a dental clinic, we suggest look for established clinics with many years of operating as this suggests a continued commitment to patients which adds validity to such offers.


It is common that when you research clinics, You will read how they are the NumberOne, They are the Best etc etc. It can get repetitive, Most Clinics do it to some extent as this is what clinics think a patient wants to hear.

The internet is a great place to be anonymous and if there seems to be thousands of glowing reviews (Check they are verified) if there are lots of negative reviews, again check they are verified. Also check if a clinic or doctors sites have review tabs activated (They should) remember 1 bad review of a clinic does not mean they are no good, the same as how 10 good reviews does not automatically make a clinic the best option. If you see similar patterns emerging that may indicate a positive or a negative trend for that clinic or doctor, use your judgement.

A good tip is to check how clinics handle negative reviews or testimonials, a Professional dental clinic in Cancun will not ignore or argue and will try to rectify a situation, while not always possible a mature and open handling will give you an idea of how professional they are.

If you would like Honest and Reliable help and assistance with connecting to the Top Cancun dentists and Information and assistance that will ensure you get the most out of your Dental Vacation, Send us a message and we will get to work for you! 

We are set and ready to help get your dental work and dental Vacation to Cancun underway

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