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So you have heard about the benefits of dentistry in Mexico, you may have heard that Cancun is the top dental destination in Mexico, but where to start? which dental clinic and specialists you should even consider. Choosing the right dentist, dental team or clinic in Cancun may seem like an impossible process,  Luckily for you we have done a lot of the research, leg work and necessary checks so that you can easily review, connect too and book appointments with Cancun and Mexico's Accredited top dentists, but if you want to do your own investigating we hope the following advice is helpful. 

Traveling to Cancun Mexico for your dental work should not be a daunting idea, but if you do not have access to the right information, evidence backed facts,  clinical resumes, clinics history, testimonials it can be.


And that is why Dental Destinations Cancun have provided some aspects on narrowing down the right Cancun Dental clinic and dentist as candidates.

We help many International patients every year, but we also know that there are many people who choose a dental clinic or Cancun dentist for their dental work based off first impressions like a good review, or special price promotions and special offers.

We share information so you can be Safe, educated and Confident in your Cancun dentist decision and above all satisfied with your Cancun dental vacation experience.

Pay attention to The points listed which can be transferred to any dentist and when combining these with our other section(s) on interviewing your prospective Cancun dentist or are making last minute revisions on who and what to expect, we hope these are of use to you. If you have any questions doubts we would be happy to answer any for you, simply send us an email or call free phone.



Dental Destinations Cancun

If you are not in Cancun and able to go for chair side consultations or are wanting to wait and see what the standards are prior to even thinking about booking your flights, If you are contacting dental clinics personally we recommend you follow our section Questions to ask a Cancun dentist 

But start off your search with these topics in mind 

  • SPECIALIZING IN THE TYPE OF DENTISTRY YOU NEED - Check that the clinic or dentist is capable and Qualified to actually perform the specific dental treatments you need. A clinic that is great at general dentistry will not necessarily be the choice for Oral rehabilitations or Dental Implants.

  • SPECIALIZING IN DENTAL TOURISM / INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS - The Logistical differences for clinics and specialists treating International patients to locals is a completely different type of dentistry with an altogether different level of organizational and business, check if they are able to handle the needs of International patients. 

  • HOW MANY YEARS PRACTICING - How many years has this Cancun Dental clinic been practicing and operating in Cancun. Are they relatively new, moved from another city, established? these can help when making a decision on who to choose.

  • HOW BIG IS THE TEAM -How many dentists work at the clinic, how many support staff, how many dental units. Will you need to visit other clinics for different treatments or will other specialists need to be called in, can all be performed in one location. Are there different specialists available in one location.

  • TYPE AND LOCATION OF CLINIC - Where the clinic is located in relation to your desired stay or City in general, find out if there are any virtual tours, videos and photos. While many Cancun Dental clinics are in modern building settings or plazas, you need to focus on cleanliness, conditions of clinical environment and equipment. 

  • WHAT SUPPORT DO THEY OFFER - What type of patient support do they offer? Transportation, 24 hour contact, personal case managers or is it down to you to make arrangements.

  • REVIEWS - Find and read Reviews and feedback about the clinic or specialists. Check verified sources and always use your judgement. A five star review for a tooth whitening is great but if there are negative reviews for the type of treatment you need?

  • TESTIMONIALS Look for testimonials that are taken months after the treatments, or returning patients. Previous patients who have had Years elapsed from their visits better reflect the standard of work and after care, quality of follow ups, problem handling and so on.

  • BEFORE AND AFTER  PHOTOS Impressed by online phots of their before and afters smile makeover, ask your home dentist for their professional opinion on the afters – they will be able to view them in a unbiased clinical and professional manner and explain their thoughts. point out if the work is good, or if in fact there are issues not noted by the untrained eye like poor occlusion, open margins, poorly fabricated pieces and any incorrect or anatomically below par prosthesis.

  • TREATMENT COSTS Costs are the biggest factor in people traveling to Cancun for dental work, but understanding the difference between affordable and cheap dentistry plays a massive role in how to choose the right Cancun dentist for you. Weigh up the benefits and considerations to the costs of dentistry. 

  • DENTAL SPECIALISTS Check online for the name of the dental specialist you have read about or stands out, If your decision to use a Cancun dental clinic is based on the specialist confirm their availability, reputation and confirm they will be in charge of your treatments from initial planning to performing the procedures.

  • CANCUN DENTAL LABORATORY QUALITY Any professional and experienced dentist and clinic will not put their patients health and their name / reputation at risk to substandard laboratory work. Many can claim having the most modern equipment or in house clinic laboratory but the level of the technicians needs to meet the levels of the specialists and equipment for optimal and predictable results.

  • PATIENTS EXPECTATIONS PAST AND PRESENT Find a Dentist that Listens - Really listens to you and your needs and expectations, It is so important that you understand the outcomes of the work you are in need of. When you are looking for dental work in Cancun, some clinics will say anything to get you to choose them and could be promising unrealistic outcomes and unreasonable expectations.

  • TREATMENT TIMEFRAMES Smile makeover in 5 days! Ensuring you do not unnecessarily rush through work and end up sitting in a dental chair for 8+ hours everyday and late into the hours. Dental clinics need to be able to give you clear,  workable and responsible treatment timelines. 

  • COMPLICATIONS POST TREATMENTS - Remembering that you are traveling for dentistry to another country and understanding that the possibility of failed treatments can mean a return visit to the dentist in Mexico.

  • CANCUN DENTISTS GUARANTEES Always read the small print on guarantees and warrantees, understanding treatments and possible complications as well as future requirements will allow you to choose the best dental clinic in Cancun for The majority of clinics will have in place some kind of guarantee or warranty on their work, but this is usually based on the patient's acceptance and understanding they would need to return to that clinic to have the work redone or fixed.

  • CANCUN DENTAL CLINICS AND DENTISTS REPUTATIONS - A Simple Google search can pretty much tell you all you need to know.​ If you see similar patterns emerging that may indicate a positive or a negative trend for that clinic or doctor, use your judgement.

A good tip is to check how clinics handle negative reviews or testimonials, a Professional dental clinic in Cancun will not ignore or argue and will try to rectify a situation, while not always possible a mature and open handling will give you an idea of their professionalism.

If you would like Honest and Reliable help and assistance with connecting with our selection of some of the Top Cancun dentists and Information and assistance that will ensure you get the most out of your Dental Vacation, Send us a message and we will get to work for you! 

Dentistry in Cancun - Dental Destination


Dental Destinations Cancun set out to show people who were interested in levels of dentistry available in Cancun and the Standards provided by the dental clinics and specialists especially the ones that we connect you too.

We are more than happy to arrange a complimentary consultation for you to see what all the fuss is about, compare the clinic, specialists and the standards of treatment planning and explanations first hand.



Going for more than one dental consultation in Cancun is a great option, if you do, we recommend that you follow the below points. 

  • Have your own recent set of Xrays and CTScan in hand 

  • It is not necessary to tell the clinics that is what you are doing, 

  • Do not disclose the treatment plans and costs you have been given from another dentist  (This will allow you to compare unbiasedly what each have recommended for you and are there conservative or drastic differences) 

  • Do Not Feel pressured or under any obligation into starting any treatments there and then. (Important as it can be an emotional purchase, and seeing and comparing what else is available will help clarify your decision)

Dental Destinations Cancun
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