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When researching for a dental clinic in Cancun, It will be a surprise to see that all of them are the best dentist in Cancun,  best in Mexico, But other than self promotion what do they have that proves they are the best dentist in Mexico?


And here we are telling you that the clinic we connect you with is also not only the best in Cancun, but the best rated in Mexico. So who should you believe and does it make a difference? Let us show you!


The Global Clinic Rating - 

As the only international, independent, cross-border, industry-standard benchmark for healthcare clinic standards and patient satisfaction, the GCR has been developed to serve both healthcare patients and clinic owners to evaluate the apparent standard of any particular medical clinic, anywhere in the world. The GCR Advisory Board members have diverse experience in healthcare, medical tourism, business, and data analysis including clinical experience in the health care fields that The GCR serves.



Our connection to a verified and Accredited Top rated Cancun Dental clinic has been awarded the title of TOP DENTAL CLINIC MEXICO

for 2 consecutive years and has held the top position for the past 5.

The Dental clinics current score is:


Dental Clinic Ranking

City rank: 1st dental clinic in Cancún 
Country rank: 1st dental clinic in Mexico

GCR Accreditation -  Our Cancun dental clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.

What also makes a Dental clinic in Cancun successful we can tell you it is more than shiny new equipment and a big perfectly located site (which we have for you) but it goes much more deeper than that. The Cancun Dental clinic needs to have the syncronicty, and fluid work between all departments that allows a clinic to operate professionally, punctually and above all delivers upon its promises to a patient. A well designed and professional dental clinic will have specific departments all working behind the scenes and in front of the patients in a coordinated and focused 


No point in having a beautiful looking reception area if the receptionist does not have any records of your appointment, the dentists cannot work correctly if they are rushed with backlogs of patients. Dental Laboratory cannot create and fabricate dental pieces if they do not have the impressions and patient information. Units cannot be re used if the cleaning team have not sanitized the area after each patient, surgical equipment is blocked and ready specific to each case,  Transportation won’t be on time or there at all if it is not coordinated correctly.

This is what makes a Top Cancun Dental clinic successful and run smoothly - The coordination of all teams doing their roles independently but with the same objective.


Dental Destinations Cancun and the dental clinic pride themselves on their organization skills and execution of each role, these are the key areas to a successful and recognized TOP DENTAL CLINIC CANCUN.  


With us you receive a personalized service, We have your appointments planned and set so as there are no cross overs with other cases, your lab work is prioritized and tracked, the transportation is pre arranged and will be waiting on each clinical appointment. Your whole experience at the dentist in Cancun with Dental Destinations Cancun is aimed at having everything arranged and organized for you so you can focus on your Rehabilitation and recuperation and relaxing on your Vacation.

Well we believe that if you have the chance to have your dental work performed by a dental clinic in Cancun that has not only the highest clinical standards and technical abilities combining that with a history as the longest established dental clinic and professionals operating in Cancun for over 3 decades continually, why would you not?

​And of course there are the Ultra Modern Installations meet good old fashioned Service standards and commitment to your needs. All new Units designed for space so no overcrowding, individual dental areas offer privacy yet designed to allow an openness so there will be no feeling of claustrophobia. Panoramic views, Natural Light with a calm and purposeful environment full of smiling faces and focused professionals all working to ensure you are at ease at all times and comfortable during your treatments. 

Dentist in Cancun & Riviera Maya we take every stage seriously and that includes the clinical facilities, we know that a clinic’s location, installations and ambiance is a very important factor for a patient. That is why here in Cancun the dental clinic has literally been built from new in 2016, all to maximize a feeling of confidence, calm and security to promote a feeling of trust and a design that allows all types of dental treatments to be performed with privacy and total comfort.

  • Air conditioning (all treatment rooms)

  • On Site Laboratory for specific treatments

  • Panoramic views of Mangroves, Golf course and Sea view

  • Disabled patient access

  • Free International calls

  • Free Wi-Fi (all areas)

  • Free Coffee and refreshments

  • Children play accessories 

  • Doctors Virtual Surgery and private Consultation room 

  • music can be played during treatment

  • Parking free Valet

  • Pharmacy located Next door

Located on the Exclusive Avenida Bonampak at the Entrance to the Most Exclusive Zone, Puerta Cancun and marks the beginning of the Famous Cancun Hotel Zone and the Entrance to the Bustling Centro de Cancun, the dental clinic is spacious as well as keeping an Exclusive boutique vibe.

Although we do provide free transportation to and from each appointment the location of this Cancun dental clinic with buses that run every 2 minutes and no shortage of Taxis the Location is nothing short of Perfect for Dental Tourists, Close to some of the best and most economic and Exclusive local hotels.

There really is something for everyone when visiting Cancun with Dental Destinations Cancun, and of course with the assurance of the Highest standards of Quality Affordable dentistry in Cancun being the ideal Dental Vacation Destination.



Eclectic dining experiences from Italian Fusion restaurants, French fusion Mexican award-winning dining, Local Speciality Sea food, Modern Tapas choices, Organic Market and only 5 minute ride to the Principal Ferry port that runs crossings to the Spectacular Island Isla Mujeres.

A short walk and you arrive at the Exclusive Puerto Cancun Marina Town shopping and food district, The Stunning 18 hole Golf Course which is visible from the dental chair. local smaller plazas that host numerous themed bars and restaurants that fill up each evening with a mix of Locals and Tourists, A little further on and with Parque Las Palapas which in the evening hosts street food vendors of all types offering traditional food where you can eat like a local and not spend very much while gently strolling at your own leisure and watching this little hidden gem in the heart of the City blossom in the warm night air.

Take this Virtual tour to take a look at what is waiting for you and and when combining the Cancun dental Specialists Professional Resumes with Before and after photos and Real patient testimonials and a modern clinical facilities you will see why Dental Destinations Cancun has the choice to connect you to the Top dental clinic Cancun and why you should trust your dental needs to a certified Cancun Dental specialist which is why we both are the leading choice for International patients seeking Affordable Quality Dentistry in Cancun while on Vacation.


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