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If you are researching dental clinics and specialists in Cancun we recommend that you add these questions as part of your clinic interviewing process, this will help you have Information that you can refer back to if you chose a specific one, based on their promises and answers.  

Clinics will want to ask you lots of questions as well so while you have a responsibility to provide accurate information about your case and needs, being better prepared with the below questions will let you know how well prepared and knowledgeable the people and clinic you will be dealing with are.


Although many of these questions to be answered correctly and professionally will require you to provide corresponding information about your dental case, certain questions do not,.

Dental Destinations Cancun always strongly recommend that you invest in and visit a local dental healthcare provider for a clinical evaluation so you will have a reasonable and educated idea on the type of dental work you are in need of, and with the consultation you will have the necessary imaging that you can share with Cancun Dental clinics you are interested to learn more about. 

During this process take your time, and remember the dental clinic wants you to be their patient and a reputable Cancun dentist will take the time to show you that they are the right choice for you, your dental treatments and should above all else have your Health and care at the core of their communication, recommendations and treatments. 

Important Reminder: Only Certified Qualified dental specialists should be providing Medical Information.

Medical Consultation


  • Which specialist will be performing the dental work / surgery

Many Clinics will promote a specific specialist with a very well presented CV, but it is common that they will not be the specialists performing your dental work.

  • What is the Dental Specialists Experience, Years of practicing, specific specialist training (Ask to see Certifications, diplomas, degrees, any advanced dental education)

Ask to see copies of the dental specialists degrees, diplomas as a 2 day course of a specific treatment is not the same as a speciality or numerous courses over many years.

  • Will the Specialist be able to understand me, will there be any communication barrier?

  • Are there any additional treatments that may be needed and could increase the cost quoted? 

  • Will I need to take medications / Pain management medication after?*

  • Do I need to bring anything specific with me on my appointments?

  • Which dental clinic or facility will the treatments be performed?

  • Will I have transportation included for all clinical appointments?

  • What happens if I have an emergency and the clinic is closed?

  • What happens if I am not happy with the dental work received?

  • Do you have any previous patients I can contact?

  • Will the treatment plan require more than 1 visit to Cancun? if so how many*

  • What happens if a treatment fails?

Guarantees and warrantees can seem clear, but always check the small print and exclusions that can impact such offers such as you must return to that specific clinic for regular check ups.

  • What happens if I decide not to go ahead with the treatments once I am there?

  • Do you have the necessary equipment and technology to perform my treatments?*

  • What are your sterilization protocols and now with COVID-19 ?

At this particular time it is essential that clinics are not only following standard health, sanitization and sterilization protocols but have implemented specially new and more rigorous steps and protocols to protect staff and patients. Many may show a badge or COVID shield - ask what they stand for and how they help improve clinical sanitization conditions. Better still ask to see videos and photos.

  • Can my companion accompany me during the appointment and or surgery? 

  • Will my diet be affected after, if so what will be the diet plan or options and will I need to take any extra precautions?*

  • Any restrictions after the treatments / Surgery?* 

  • Does the clinic accept dental insurance?

  • What Payments do the clinic accept?

  • What initial payment is expected 50 - 50 , 70 - 30, 100% on the first appointment and treatment acceptance? 

  • Who will follow up with me after treatment, who can I contact if I have any questions or doubts?

*Treatment specific and after case revision, but you can always ask broad questions to a dental treatment or procedure.

Some clinics may answer your questions just to close a booking / appointment. Keep a record of correspondence to refer back to if needed or you are not receiving what was told.


During the Interview stage of your new Cancun dentist and dental clinic be this either by email, telephone or even in clinic visit , pay attention to the little details.


After your questions have been answered satisfactorily ask to have them in writing and are sent in an email. (Print off and take with you) 



Positives,  Certain signs when in contact with a clinic or patient management team that show a real interest and understanding of traveling for dental work


PUNCTUAL - Polite, friendly open responses given in a timely punctual manner (Not automated responses)

INFORMATIVE - Information that is relevant to you and your questions,

COMMUNICATION - Easily understood emails and calls non scripted, personalized attention that aims to answer your questions.

REALISTIC - Specialists provide realistic treatment options and descriptions with real Benefits and considerations of each treatment recommendation.

UNDERSTANDING - Understanding this is new to you, understanding your concerns and goals and wanting to be part of your success 

PATIENCE - Having a clinic and dentist be patient with your needs, questions, apprehensions is a sign they care about you as a person not just a patient.


Red flags can present themselves at different times in many different ways and can go unnoticed until it is too late, from initial contact or even once you have booked, travelled and are at the dental clinic. Keep an eye out for some of the below signs that could indicate the Cancun Dental clinic may not be the right fit for you. 


HARD SELL - Never feel pressured into booking an appointment or starting a treatment if not 100% Comfortable

UP FRONT PAYMENTS - If there is a request for payment before you have started treatments, it is not recommended,  Wait until you are at the clinic.  

UNSOLICITED FOLLOW UPS after declining their services  - If you have given a reply of a thank you, but no thank you, a clinic or patient department that continues to try to get you to change your mind (more than once) should be a red flag.  

PRESSURE TO COMMIT - Feeling pushed or rushed into making a decision or book is not a good sign. a respectable clinic will allow you to choose what dates and time work for you best.

TALKS NEGATIVE ABOUT OTHER CLINICS / DOCTORS - Unprofessional attitudes and behaviors towards other clinics and dentists begets unprofessional behavior.

UNEXPLAINED CHARGES OR TREATMENT COSTS - The treatment(s) that have been agreed upon suddenly have increased in cost on visiting the clinic should make you rethink (unless a genuine medical explanation can be given)

FEELING LIKE YOU CANNOT ASK MANY QUESTIONS - If you feel you cannot ask as many questions as you may want at any point during your contact with the clinic or feel you are bothering the specialist,  then what will you feel like if you found yourself with complications. you should reevaluate the rapport and open dialogue you have and decide if this is a dental clinic you can count on after the treatments.  

UNEXPECTED CHANGES - The specialist performing your work is changed before or on your arrival without prior notification and agreement.

TRUST - Multiple Negative online reviews - If the reasons given are always based on the patient being in the wrong or similar deflective responses, be careful. 

NAME - If the the clinic has had multiple name changes in a short space of time ask why? and if unsure research the previous names.

BEING ASKED TO SIGN NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS - If you are asked to sign a NDA before you have started your dental work read very throughly. If it mentions that you are not allowed to write negative reviews about the clinic or your experience - ask why? 

These are some positives and negatives we hope you may find useful, and if you want to reach out to us here at Dental Destinations Cancun to assist and answer any questions you may have about dentistry in Cancun we are always available to help as best we can and show you what great Cancun dentists and dental clinics look like and how they operate.


Remember you are in control at all times of who you want and what you want to go ahead with in regards to your dental health.

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