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Dental Destinations Cancun - Dental Vaca
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Dental Vacations Cancun FAQ

Here we answer some of the most common questions we get asked about a dental Vacation to Cancun, Need other questions answered that you don't see here, send us a message and we will happily answer. 

  • How Much does dental work cost in Cancun?
    This is one of the most common questions we are asked every day, and our answer is What do you need? It varies greatly as each patients needs are completely unique to the individual. We do provide a Chart on some of the costs of the most commonly performed dental treatments here in Cancun in our "Costs of dentistry Section" But these are baselines so a prospective patient has an idea of what to expect and to better compare to their home town dental costs. But without corroborating case information, xrays / scan or recent treatment plans which allow us to provide much more accurate costs these are all base costs so it is best to provide your case information for revision by a specialist or book a clinical Consultation here in Cancun to have a better more detailed quote of costs. The Average savings of dentistry compared to the U.S. and Canada is 58%
  • How do I get a plan of the work needed
    We ask all patients to send as much corroborating information about their dental needs to us. This can include recent Xrays, scans, treatment plans. While we try to provide as much information to you to provide accurate costs, treatment recommendations from the dental specialists, without any such information and a common question we get asked like "how much to fix my teeth" without any supporting information we can only provide treatment cost list. Book an appointment with your local dental centre and have a full clinical evaluation and consultation, ask for X-rays and a scan to be taken and request all the information you are presented with about your case. This initial Investment is just that, an Investment the benefits of this step in your dental journey is that you will have a up to date report on your Oral health and Immediate and future dental needs. With this information you can then forward the images and X-rays / scans and treatment plans to us and we can have the dental team give a complete breakdown of treatments, costs, timelines and what to expect. Do not accept treatment plans from dental clinics from only photos or old xrays
  • Do you help with Flights and hotels?
    We do not help with flights as this is a detail best left to the individual, you know the best airport for you, the distance to travel and they type of service you require. We can help with hotel recommendations and do have certain preferential rates with local hotels. Again Cancun has over 250 hotels catering to different needs and desires, All Inclusive, Bed and breakfast, Beachside, Lagoon side, downtown. Most Reputable online travel agents and booking agents offer great deals on Flights and hotels. We recommend booking through reuptable Travel portals and always check with the refund and cancellation / date change clauses. We do have some recommendations and options dependent upon your needs but we are focused on the dental side and facilitation.
  • Do you provide transportation
    If we have pre arranged and pre approved confirmation of your flights arrival and departure yes we can provide complimentary transportation but only based on the treatments undergoing cost 3000 USD * and staying within the Cancun zone. If not we can happily arrange but a cost payable at the clinic on first appointment will be 70 USD each way. For clinical appointments we will make arrangements with our driver to collect and return to your hotel for each set appointment - Within the Cancun Zone
  • How long should I book in advance?
    We ask that if you are wanting an appointment with the specialists you give us as much "heads up" notice about your planned travel dates as possible. This just allows us to block the specialists schedules and ensure your case is in the system and all necessary logistics are set in place. But if you found a great deal on a flight and hotel and need an appointment in a couple of days time - Let us know so we can work our magic and get it set and blocked.
  • How can I pay?
    You pay directly to the clinic, The clinic accepts all major credit cards and debit cards (Inform your bank before you leave) the clinic does not accept travellers cheques, Discover card or personal cheques. Payments are usually broken down each trip first appointment 70% and Final 30% on last appointment. They do not charge for work that has not been performed on that trip (In case you need to return for a second stage) it will be charged on that trip. Cash payments in USD or MXN pesos is accepted
  • I have found the same treatments cheaper at another Cancun dentist?
    We know other clinics offer cheaper dental treatments and if your determining factor on choosing a dentist in Cancun is the finding the cheapest, we won't be the right option for you. A Qualified and capable dentist and dental clinic will understand their professional worth and what they bring to the patients dental health and the level and quality of service overall. ​ Dental Specialists Qualifications & Experience - More experience, Qualifications and specializations the more they will charge. Clinic Locations, Installations - newer buildings, installations cost more to operate Equipment & Materials used and invested in The type of Team members Employed - Good staff are hard to find Treatment Warrantees and Guarantees - You get what you pay for Costs of Dentistry in Cancun can vary greatly, the one thing they have in Common is that they are a lot less than those in the United States and Canada. While you will want to make your dollar go further on your dental Vacation in Cancun Mexico is a good idea to be aware of certain variations from clinics to clinics Example the list above. Our Advice and Experience is stay away from Cheap dentistry
  • Which specialist will be performing the dental work?
    This depends on your case and treatment needs, But we will present the specialist for your case before hand.
  • Will there be any communication barrier
    Absolutely not, the specialists and International patient support team all speak Fluent English,Spanish and even some specialists speak French
  • How long should I stay in Cancun
    This depends on the treatments needed but 5 to 7 days is common and more for Oral Rehabilitations. Always look at arriving on a Sunday to have your first appointment on the Monday.
  • Why should I trust Dental Destinations Cancun
    We have helped over 3500 International patients receive dentistry in Cancun - What can we say, In todays climate trust is a very hard commodity to come by and even more difficult to keep, but after 13+ Years dedicated to the patients dental Vacation Experiences here in Cancun and Riviera Maya we have worked hard for our reputation and providing Benefits for patients, We Pride ourselves on our empathy, Professionalism and understanding about your situation and reasons for traveling. But the decision will be 100% on you.
  • What if I need something out of clinic hours?
    You will always have communication with our team and doctors 24 hours while undergoing work. We will be available to you when you need usually via WhatsApp or call.
  • What should I consider?
    It is a sincere promise from the dental team here in Cancun that will attend your case and treat you, to always strive to do excellent work and perform procedures that are decided professionally and on clear and sound diagnoses to be the best course, offering Optimal solutions for your needs and Oral health. No one, especially the dentists wants a dental treatment not to be successful, but dentistry is not an exact science and even in the most skillful of hands and detailed treatment plans, not all turn out exactly as planned.
  • Sanitization and sterilization (Covid-19)?
    Introducing the next line of defense and peace of mind for our dental patients in Cancun Our dental Specialists are the only dental Clinic in Cancun to count upon the latest air filtration technology based on research by NASA to add another level of sanitization to their clinical surroundings. ​ ReSPR technology does what no normal purification system can to continuously control fine air particles, airborne bacteria, VOCs and surface pathogens – safely
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