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We know you are visiting Cancun and we know how much you have been looking forward to and deserve a vacation, but you must also remember that you will be undergoing dental work, now the amount, type and invasiveness of dental procedures will vary greatly patient to patient and so will the recommendations, but it is extremely important that when traveling to Cancun for dental work and to make the most out of your Mexican dental vacation trip, that you keep the dentistry part a priority to avoid any problems, and to make sure treatment are successful and maintain a safe and healthy and worthwhile experience.

So below are some pointers, or rather the do nots  that although seem very simple do nots, or self explanatory sometimes a quick reminder can always help.

Beach Party


Think you can party all night then have dental work, We have seen it many times, Cancun and All Inclusive hotels, bars and clubs - Tempting for sure. We are not saying don’t have fun, just keep it in moderation where necessary. Hangovers are never fun, so imagine a hangover and a visit to the dentist! Not to mention the health implications and if you are taking any medications or have been prescribed some by the dentist they may have an adverse effect, take into account decisions may need to be made on the day, having a clear head will ensure you make the right ones. Not to mention no one likes vodka breath at 9am especially the dentists.

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Not following the doctors pre and post op care instructions, Not following the dentists recommendations and professional advice can seriously risk your health and positive outcomes of your dental work so do not risk not following them. If you have been told by the dentists (and you will have) not to smoke in the case of Dental Implants and health in general, not taking antibiotics prescribed, not following a course of fasting (in the case of sedation dentistry), Not staying out of the sun post surgery, not sticking to the special planned diets recommended any issues that may arise because of not following them can have repercussions for the success of your dental work and health. Really the list is long and these recommendations and instructions given by your Cancun dentist are to give you the best possible chance of your dental work lasting and having the best results.

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Do not ask or try to Change your scheduled dental appointments at the last minute or be a No Show. Now obviously if there was an emergency you can, but it is important to remember when it comes to a Cancun Dental vacation one very important factor is timing, As most treatments are performed in less time with less appointments (multiple treatments per visit) along with the programming of the dental laboratory and the other patients who will be having work, and 9 times out of 10 the dentists having full schedules as well as things pre organized like transportation collections from hotels to the clinics, it is not possible in many cases to change the appointment times or schedules as this can alter the timelines of an already militarized operation, Now this does not mean the clinics cannot change the appointment times and dates (but they know what is needed and when it needs to be done) so allowing flexibility in your schedules is vital at the same time keeping blocked appointments in your diary. We alway recommend staying a couple of additional days longer than what is asked when booking (it can make all the difference)

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Do Not book lots of Excursions before you arrive We would recommend waiting until you have had your first clinical evaluation at the clinic and started the work before booking trips and excursions, this will allow you to know what days you will be at the clinic, how long and what activities the dentists recommend you avoid or what they say you can do (these all depend on the types of dental work that will be undertaken) for example if you have had implant surgery on a Monday you will not be able to go snorkeling on Thursday) so waiting until you have seen the dentists, have the treatments all laid out and appointments then you can go about booking an excursion that suits your recuperation. 

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We personally recommend not paying upfront for any dental work in Cancun until you are here -

There are a few exceptions  If the clinic needs to order a specific piece for work performed at another clinic that they do not routinely stock (example - Abutments for dental Implants) but make sure you have a written confirmation of the transaction If you are needing to Visit Cancun on 2 separate trips make sure your treatments are broken down and pay for the work you have received and what will be owed on your return trip. If your first visit to Cancun treatments cost 3000 usd in the week what we recommend as well as the clinic practice is charging 70-30 once the work has started they charge 70% of the 3000 usd (remember there maybe laboratory costs that need paying etc) then on your final appointment the rest of the money being 30% is charged. 

Insurance Agent


Don't agree before having a written copy Do not accept a treatment plan without seeing all costs associated and risks as well as any promised warranties and guarantees first. If you have sat with the dentists , chatted about your wants, needs and goals for your dental work and agreed upon a treatment plan explained by the dentists, always ask to see the complete treatments and costs broken down before starting, along with knowing what the clinic will give regarding clinical warranties, Prosthetic guarantees. Do not feel awkward in discussing such things at the start, because if you do not feel like you can then, Imagine how difficult it will be after and if you run into any complications in the future.

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