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What happens if a Treatment Fails 

Important information that traveling dental patients Must take into consideration 


It is a sincere promise from the dental team here in Cancun that will attend your case and treat you, to always strive to do excellent work and perform procedures that are decided professionally and on clear and sound diagnoses to be the best course, offering Optimal solutions for your needs and Oral health. 


No one, especially the dentists wants a dental treatment not to be successful, but dentistry is not an exact science and even in the most skillful of hands and detailed treatment plans, not all turn out exactly as planned.

This is true whichever dental clinic and specialists you undergo treatments with, be it here in Mexico or the United States and so on, of course the more experienced and Qualified the specialist you choose  the less likely there are to problems post operatively, but where there is a risk, there has to be informed consent, This is why there is so much paper work and consent forms in every dentist, clinical environment and medical facility, no two cases are the same and Variables including patients health, materials, equipment, human element are ever present factors.

Established and researched protocols will be adhered to and performed by Qualified and experienced dental specialists throughout treatments here in Cancun, this is known as “Best Practice” so each patient has the highest chances of successful outcomes. 


But the Unexpected and unforeseen are just that, and can happen and this must be taken into consideration by the traveling Patient.

Problems can arise and treatments may not work, all dentists (as well as patients) have to face these very real situations. The Cancun dental specialists are constantly trying to provide affordable dental solutions as well as educating patients so that as much information prior is given and a patient is aware at all times of what is to be expected.


But when traveling to Cancun for dental work this is an extremely important part of the whole dental experience. 


Giving the patients  necessary Information prior as possible is being Professional, Giving the Information after can be seen as an excuse, although not intentionally.

Many patients who travel to Mexico for their dental work each year are usually in need of larger and more complex dental treatments that are financially impossible to attain back home. With these complex dental treatments, which inevitably have more facets to the procedures and rely on multiple conditions to come into play can increase the possibility of problems. 


The list of possible failures or issues can pertain to every dental treatment so to try to list all wouldn’t make sense. It is our recommendation that a patient knowing what treatments that they are in need of or have agreed to undertake here in Cancun (or anywhere) have at the very least, a basic understanding of possible outcomes both positive and negative,  and if they do not,  request the dental specialist in charge explain and  list them and what to do if they happen. 


The Patient has to take responsibility for understanding the work and possible complications just as much as the dentist has the duty to inform the patient.


Consent forms allow you to learn more about your treatment, ask questions, and talk to your doctor about your preferences for care, and what can be expected.  This process important


Again the point of traveling for dentistry to Cancun Mexico is to have great work performed by professionals and to save money which is exactly what you will get, but you are traveling to another country to receive dental work and a unplanned or unscheduled return maybe for some necessary. 

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