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It can seem a complicated process looking for a dentist in Cancun Mexico, especially when you want to know they are Experienced, qualified, capable and will offer you the best materials, equipment and results.


It may even seem impossible to be able to travel to Cancun Mexico confident that your dentistry will be in the very best Specialist hands with Professionals and have all your questions answered, know the costs you will be paying and what will take place on each appointment as well as the time you would be in the clinic.


But great news for you is that we here at Dental Destinations Cancun have spent over 10 years doing just this for thousands of American and Canadians, we have done the leg work, and will help you each step of the way, below is a list of what we recommend you do and what you need to make sure that your decision to travel to Mexico and get your dentistry in Cancun is prepared correctly.


You certainly do not want to arrive to a clinic that is not up to the standards you expect, or to be attended by unknown specialists or less experienced dentists and even more so be presented with treatment plans that are unexpected or have additional costs added raising your total more than you can or want to pay.



Prior to to traveling to Cancun for dentistry we suggest that you visit your local dental provider to have a thorough clinical evaluation and necessary imaging taken.

This allows you to have a understanding of what you are in need of and what your current Oral condition is and if on being presented with differing treatment presentations you will know to ask questions and the reasoning behind them.  



For Dental Implant treatments a 3D Tomogoraphy of CBDT / CT Scan is the very best tool to allow the specialists to provide accurate surgical recommendations and if any additional treatments would be needed like Bone Grafts, Sinus elevations Extractions and so on (All these can mean additional trips, and most times increased costs) and being able to provide these case notes prior to deciding on which Cancun dental clinic and specialist you want to perform these will limit any unnecessary shocks and allow you to better budget.



If you do not have any information regarding your dental case this severely limits what information you will be given including costs, timelines and if any return visits would be needed.

We will always try our hardest to provide you with advice and estimations with the guidance of our Cancun Dental teams but the more details you have about your dental needs the better for all.

If you already have a trip booked and are vacationing in Cancun we can happily arrange a FREE Consultation so the specialists can see you clinically and you can have a better understanding of the type of dental work and treatments you need with professional recommendations and descriptions with costs. 


This first interview stage is vital for both prospect patient and us, and gives you the chance to tell us what you need and how we can help. We will gather some information by email communication and a *brief call that will allow us to provide a more personalized and detailed service. As mentioned above we will require as much information about your case as possible for detailed plans, the more the better including Xrays, CT Scans, Treatment plans, photos. If you do not have this we will find another way we can still be of assistance to you. We will also provide the specialists resumes, before and afters to case specific to your inquiry, Previous patient testimonials, videos and anything else you may need.

*A chat over the telephone is an essential part of our protocols and process once we get some necessary information via email.

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With the information we have gathered and any corroborating case notes we will present this to one or more members of the team of dental specialists (all with a minimum of 20 years experience in different specialities. There will be a review of your case and then a treatment plan will be put together where viable, there maybe a request to arrange a telephone call / Zoom chat with you (and you can request also) or to ask for more information including health issues, medications taken. This is where we can continue to gather more information or put any questions you have to the specialists as well as allowing us to put together treatment timelines and treatment costs.

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With the Specialists review and treatment plan we will be able to then put together by email and call a treatment timeline, Treatment cost breakdown and appointment lists. With this you will be able to see what is recommended, what will be performed, when how many appointments and if any second trips are necessary (Implants) what you will need to do to prepare and what will be expected to follow after. This along with detailed treatment cost breakdowns, each trip cost and what the total would be and any specific prosthetic / Surgical guarantees are for your case. If you just need costs or general information we will give similar cases and cost estimation.

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With your treatment plan at hand you are able to review and check if this is something you are still interested to go ahead with. We will continue with a follow up to see if you have any further questions, you are actively encouraged to check back with us and if want to ask the doctor a specific Medically or aesthetically related question to your case  (we do not answer anything medically related but will have them do so). You will let us know what dates you would be interested in traveling to receive the work, we will confirm the specialists availability, the laboratory space for your case and any other clinical logistical needs. while doing so we are able to provide some additional support.

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We will be in communication throughout your planning, preparation, arrival and departure. You will have a 24/7 WhatsApp number, email contact and sometimes onsite visits. With your dates booked we are happy to help with local guidance and certain *hotel recommendations, some with preferential rates for our patients. We are well versed in the local areas of Cancun & Riviera Maya and attractions. We will also arrange *complimentary transportation from Airport pick up to take you to your hotel and pick up from hotel to every clinical appointment at the clinic and returned free of charge. We will follow up after you have returned home continue with the patient care, continue to have access to the specialists and if any return trips are needed do the same again happily.

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*Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, certain hotels are not able to provide preferential rates due to their lower than usual costs due to travel restrictions but we can check. Also certain Transportation services will not be available and full transportation services will depend on the treatments receiving. We understand that 2020 has been a year of uncertainty and significant changes for all and we here at Dental Destinations Cancun have also had to find our bearings and evaluate how we can continue to assist our clients with no charge and maintain the levels of service and care we have provided for International Patients for over 10 years. We would recommend using a Reputable Travel agent or online booking company which can provide flights + Hotel package deals and ensure you are covered for any unexpected cancellations or changes. 

We are Proud to continue to be able to assist you in the Best Dental Experience in Cancun. 




We are grateful for the amount of people interested in dentistry options in Cancun Mexico, 

To meet the Quality of service we provide we would like to remind you that if you have no corroborating information regarding your case I.E. Recent treatment plans / Xrays or Scans this will limit the type of information and assistance that Dental Destinations Cancun and the dental specialists can provide.


If you have dates booked to travel to Cancun we would recommend booking an appointment usually on the day after arrival so we can be assured that the dental team will have sufficient availability to see you.  

For Quick responses WhatsApp only 9981580976

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