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Your dentistry can pay for your Cancun Vacation

And still save you Money

This is why you are here, this is the principal reason why 95% of all the people we help start to look at the options of traveling to Mexico Cancun for their dental work - The Costs.


​And we cannot blame you, when we see the treatment plans and associated costs patients send to us that they have been given back in the United States and Canada for their dental work we are always astounded at the amounts.

​We all know that money does not grow on trees! which is unfortunate, but with the ever changing and unpredictable economy we are all having to search for the best savings and value for money, everyone wants their hard earned dollars go further. That is why Combining your vacation time with your dental treatments in Cancun works for many.


A Qualified and capable dentist and dental clinic will understand their professional worth and what they bring to the patients dental health and the level and quality of service overall.

  • Dental Specialists Qualifications & Experience - More experience, Qualifications and specializations the more they will charge.

  • Clinic Locations, Installations - newer buildings, installations cost more to operate

  • Equipment & Materials used and invested in 

  • The type of Team members Employed - Good staff are hard to find 

  • Treatment Warrantees and Guarantees - You get what you pay for 


We do not recommend you take the cheapest costs for dentistry that you have seen online regarding Mexico as the standard cost of dentistry for the entire Country or specific destination.
We will are able to show you a table of costs of the most popularly requested and performed dental treatments here in Cancun through Dental Destinations Cancun but as individual treatment and procedure costs but not on specific global treatment plans. 


We Reiterate this throughout the website and communication

If you do not have any current case information like Xrays / Treatment plans or Scans it is recommended you visit your local dentist invest in a clinical evaluation and dental imaging so you can provide this to receive accurate recommendations, costs and treatment timelines. 

If you have a trip planned to Cancun and are interested in the dental options available for your case - Let Us BOOK you a FREE Consultation.

If you have no desire or ability to go for a local dental consultation or have no trip to Cancun Mexico planned we recommend reading the section Costs of Dentistry Cancun to get an idea of the commonly performed treatments in Cancun, But this does not provide timelines, the need for additional procedures or possibility of return visits.

The nature of dentistry and the decision to travel is largely based on the financial and logistical reasons We do not provide responses for those questions or requests. Why, well because we have seen time and time again treatments mis sold or misrepresented or purely misinformed just so a clinic or company can make an appointment for their monthly sales targets.

There is nothing more devastating for a dental tourist to make the decision to travel for dental work based on given ballpark  "treatment costs" without case evidence and background to arrive and be told the treatments cannot be performed or can be but requires multiple other secondary procedures and additional visits not planned for which they haven't budgeted for or cannot afford or logistically impossible to make various unplanned return visits.

And dental specialists agree, Transparent Treatment cost per unit or procedure helps a prospective patient understand better what to expect, but to provide an accurate and patient focused plan which allows better planning and budgeting estimations without case information can lead to significant changes, and disappointment for most unprepared dental tourists.

And we care to much about the patients Experience not to work correctly and to ensure we provide professional and accurate information for better decision making.

Office man

We all love a great deal, but try to approach traveling to Cancun for dentistry with facts first and then emotion, We promise this will really help when choosing the right Cancun dentist for your treatments.

Please note the information given may not represent your real oral conditions, hence by no means should be taken as final. 

The final treatment plan and quote will only be delivered after an in-person evaluation and an informed discussion with an attending doctor. With Accurate estimations given prior when receiving Necessary Imaging and scans / Plans prior.

What we continue to try to do is show prospect patients the difference between cheap dentistry and Affordable dentistry and it is huge, and to not always go for or have their decisions swayed by the lowest cost. This is a very big reason that you may have read in the past about negative experiences of patients who had dental work done in Mexico. The reasons are most commonly that they either went for the lowest costs or did not research enough about the dental specialist and clinic. We are here to help you avoid both of those problems and be fully informed and understand what it takes to travel to Cancun Mexico receive great dental care and save money.

Below is a list of the costs of dentistry in Cancun (Exclusively to users of Dental Destinations Cancun) this chart shows the costs of commonly performed and facilitated dental treatments and then the average costs of those same treatments in the United States (States vary and specialist to specialist) with this information you can immediately see the savings per treatment if you travel to Cancun for them. 


We are not presenting as fact that every dentist charges the prices displayed. But these average costs are presented here are gathered from various online publications, online research and in most part come from our own information received from treatment plans we are sent from patients 


You may find some dental treatments listed below cost the same at your local dental provider, you may very well find that the costs listed below are much less than you have been quoted. These are guidelines to treatments and the possible savings that can be made when traveling to Cancun for dental work.


Dental Treatment Prices in Cancun Breakdown and comparisson

It is important to understand that dentistry that seems too cheap even in a market that is aimed at affordability may not be able to provide the standards or quality which maintain the benefits that make traveling for dentistry a worthwhile investment.

Along with the costs of dentistry in Cancun it is important to take into account the Level of the dental specialists education, experience, reputations and history as well as the other parts that go into providing value for money with dentistry in Cancun. 

What we provide you is peace of mind and as stress free of a dental experience as possible.

It is not uncommon for people contacting us to Mention that another dental clinic or local dentist offers the same treatments for less, with this we can only say that is their choice and after reading about the Cancun Dental specialists we connect you to, the skillsets, International professional resumes and our concierge level assistance, if saving a couple of hundred dollars is what it takes to go somewhere else we will respectfully wish you all the best.


A Clinic's costs are determined and calculated and a good dentist will not wish to haggle over costs, a great clinic will add value for you the patient.  

A Qualified and capable dentist and dental clinic will understand their professional worth and what they bring to the patients dental health and the level and quality of service overall.

  • Dental Specialists Qualifications & Experience - More experience, Qualifications and specializations the more they will charge.

  • Clinic Locations, Installations - newer buildings, installations cost more to operate

  • Equipment used and invested in - Up to date medical equipment are expensive

  • Materials used within the clinic and procedures - Quality dental materials and often imported FDA approved as well as recognized brands cost

  • The type of Team members Employed - Good staff are hard to find 

  • Treatment Warrantees and Guarantees - You get what you pay for 


  • Know what information you need to provide so the Specialists can give you the best Treatment options and Recommendations

  • No guessing or Estimations - Real Information that you can use to make a well informed decision

  • Near Immediate Answers to your Questions

  • Native English Spoken

  • Lower Cost Dental Treatments

  • Insurance Paperwork advice & Assistance

  • Point of Contact before , during and after treatments

  • Coordinate calls, Emails and Online Consultations with the Specialists

  • Receive Treatment Presentations and Descriptions with Costs and procedure information.

  • Receive Treatment Timeline breakdowns, know how many return visits if any are needed and what will be performed on each trip.

  • *Complimentary Transportation Arranged From Airport Arrival and Departure  and Clinical Appointment when staying in Cancun - dependent on Treatment type

  • Local first hand Knowledge,Hotel recommendations, Tour and other activity information

  • 24 Hour Contact number

  • Follow up once returned home and updates from dental specialist

Cancun dental Implant Specialists

Costs of dentistry in Cancun can be reviewed in a breakdown table to help you understand the prices individually. But If you are requiring detailed treatment costs, plans and timelines you will need to provide

Current X-Rays , Scans or treatment plans.

 No Exceptions - This is to protect you from misinformed costs and timelines that can effect your final budget and trips.



There is nothing worse than finding something that you want online, research and decide to purchase or book and you then find that it comes with extra costs, hidden charges administration fees, delivery charges, or basically not what you were promised or expected.

And dentistry is no different, Marketing and promotions allow the very best perceptions about costs, services and guarantees but often leave out important information or clauses until you have either made arrangements or are in the clinic.

Costs of Dentistry in Cancun Mexico can vary greatly, the one thing they have in Common is that they are a lot less than those in the United States and Canada. While you will want to make your dollar go further on your dental Vacation in Cancun Mexico is a good idea to be aware of certain dental cost  hidden variations from clinics to clinics. 

The Ability to compare what dentists charge for specific dental treatment treatments when looking to travel is a wonderful tool to allow prospect patients the chance to narrow down their search as well as have a better understanding of the "Going rate" of a particular treatment in a Particular clinic or destination.

Now when contacting Dental Destinations Cancun you will always be made aware of the costs of the dental work you are interested in as the above chart shows, or the work you need after the specialists have evaluated your case, This allows you to decide if the dental clinic we connect you too is the right dental clinic for your needs and if it fits your budget.

Dental Destinations Cancun has always placed the Importance of the Value of treatments and the Dental Specialists Experiences and Qualifications who are performing the work, over the lowest costs. This seems counterproductive due to costs being the largest deciding factor when traveling for dental work, we certainly understand how the decision making process can be influenced by dollar amounts alone, But is everything as it seems?.
FACT: We are all looking for the best deal and getting the most for our money:
If you really compare the costs of treatments from dental clinic to clinic in Cancun and Riviera Maya that provide services for dental Tourists, there is very little real differences in prices, But there can be bigger gaps in the the Experience of dentists, (And this is the same the world over).
And with some Magic marketing and treatment bundling, Highlighted costs and big Bold Fonts it may seem some are “Much more” Affordable than Others.
Marketing and Presentation can make all the difference in getting the patients attention.
But are the costs you see advertised  really as good a deal as they seem? do you take them at face value or would your decisions be the same if you were able to read between the lines and they were broken down with more realistic descriptions. 

We have a full section on how to choose the right dentist or clinic in Cancun

Read the Small Print of Clinics that offer Promotions or Great deals on Oral Implant Rehabilitations.


The idea that a dentist can tell you how much a dental treatment will cost without seeing any history or case files for Larger more Complex Dental Treatments offered in Cancun is unprofessional and misleading. Many Oral rehabilitations can be Complicated to price, especially Implant Rehabilitations like the ALLON4 And ALLON6 without a Patients full History, Recent Imaging, Recent dental evaluations and supporting information as each case (although techniques are similar) patient to patient conditions vary and this is where additional treatments maybe needed.


and with such can increase the cost, and visits needed. Or even if a Treatment is listed as "ONLY XXXX USD" You need to know what exactly is included in that cost and what if any will be charged additionally, This is to protect yourself and allow you to budget correctly.

There always needs to be a balance maintained between Cost and Quality -

We want to help the people who are interested in Traveling for dental Work learn how to navigate and avoid unnecessary complications and unexpected surprises when trying to choose which Cancun dental clinic is right for them.

The relationship between International patients and our affiliated dental Clinics is a mutually beneficial one, The patient understands the dentistry will cost less than back home but Quality and standards will be maintained and thus receive great dental work, the dentist gains a new patient and after providing good work and service they will be recommended and receive further patients or referrals. A win win for all involved if done correctly

Costs of dentistry in Cancun are such more than dollars and pesos.

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