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TOP Cancun dental Laboratory

The Laboratory stage of any Dental procedure here in Cancun is as important as the treatment provided. The manner in which the doctor works and the strict levels of care and precision taken in the preperation of the teeth, the placment of the implants and location of the prosthetic pieces need to be backed up with the knowledge and confidence that the laboratory work being placed, is of the very best quality and craftsmanship.

Dentaris has a hugely successful and professional working relationship of over 15 years with the finest set of dental technicians and Master Ceramists in Quintana Roo.

The Dental Laboratory, Technicians and Ceramists with which the clinics collaborate with for all of our patients in Cancun are picked because of the Exceptional artistry and technical skill. All of this is offered Francisco Xavier Gallardo Lizama who boasts over 25 years as a prominent and well respected Ceramist.

Gallardo has attended and passed some of the worlds most important and prominent laboratory's and Influential courses lead and presented by world renowned dental ceramists experts.

Jurgen Seger, Alex Aronin, Nondas Vlachopoulos, Robert Zubak, Agust Bruguera and Dieter Grubel to name a few. 

Showcasing his unique craftsmanship and abilities with work only given by the hands of a True Artist. A Personalized and one off Smile will be yours to treasure for life with the help from this professional partnership. It is well known that this profession is an art form and the technicians and Ceramists are really the unsung heroes of the dental world, ask any dentist if you don't believe us.


When you think that each restoration is completely unique and the idea and work of a dental laboratory is to simulate the function and appearance of the patients own teeth. A great dental technician seeks perfection in their work recreating both imperfections and perfections of the patients own natural teeth.

The promise of our partnered Laboratory is to use only the very finest materials approved by all the leading dental associations but also to keep evolving the manner in which the most professional and perfect dental pieces are offered to the patients of Dentaris, materials most used by Laboratory Gallardo are:


  • E-MAX





The reason for the Importance of fluid Fusion between dentist, laboratory and Ceramist is that it is a symbiotic relationship, and requires both sides to work to the optimal technical levels and understanding to have a harmonious and esthetic finish and just as looks are important to a dental piece so is a long lasting prosthetic solution for the patient. 

We passionately believe that we need to let our patients know about the real quality that is available to them and too many times we find that prospect patients are unaware of the variations across the dental market, We will try to help and educate each patient about the importance high quality laboratory can make to the final clinical result.

There are often cases where only a single tooth needs to be replaced, and even the most subtle of changes can lead to an unskilled laboratory making the tooth look out of place. Each patient has an idea of the type of smile they are looking for and a good dentists will take into account the patients desires.


Not everyone wants the same white teeth as they see on the Television, people often want a natural looking Smile, some want smiles that are to be admired but not to be so much as pointed out. An Artistic eye and a steady well trained hand can make all the difference and while you are in our Cancun dental clinic, we want to make sure that each and every patient has the opportunity to be given the best looking and functioning prosthetic dental pieces to compliment the hard and precise work given by the doctors of Dentaris.

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