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Cancun dental Vacation resource worth knowing.

Not well known.


After over a decade ( 13+ Years)  in the field of dental tourism facilitating over 3500 International patients or recently better known as Dental Tourists We here at Dental Destinations Cancun can provide the information, assistance or general guide on how to ensure your dental experience in Mexico is the best possible, and get the results and care you deserve as well as how to avoid common problems that can be encountered when searching for dental care in another country.

That’s over 4500 days of hands on learning, applying, and simplifying the process for prospect patients to have the necessary information and confidence that traveling for their dental work is the best decision for them.

Dental Destinations Cancun are the Dental Vacation specialists with more Experience than any other Cancun clinic or facilitator when it comes to International traveling patients. 

Our aim is always Quality over Quantity and we will listen to your dental goals we will pass you all the information you could possibly need to make the correct decision for yourself. 

Your case coordinators have more time in clinic, case studies, treatment process studies , conferences and patient experience roles than any other Cancun resource 100% .


They have followed Case studies, sat with specialists and procedures,  discussions, brand ambassadors, basically  we have made it our mission to provide a 360° point of contact and understanding of what the International patient will need to know, prepare for and undergo as well as what to expect post treatment. We are personal, polite, professional point of contact and dental facilitator and above all want you to succeed with your dental goals. 

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  • We have helped more international Patients Navigate dentistry in Cancun & Riviera Maya than anyone else with 13 Years hands on patient coordination. 

  • The Information ,Guidance, Assistance and Booking here is 100% Free of charge to you. 


  • Open, Honest and Transparent Information - impeccable reputation

  • Connections to the Top rated dental clinic in Cancun. Their Experience, Reputations and Professional Resumes are genuinely recognised as the go to dental specialists in Cancun. 

  • Dental Treatments are on Average 58% Less than the United States and Canada.

You are in control of any and all decisions about your dental needs and who you want to perform them. We Simply provide information and assistance to an alternative more affordable option here in Cancun Mexico.

"Antony’s insights and experience in the development and promotion of Dental Tourism Mexico as well as his focus on the International patients journey, safety, access to real information and the transparent presentation of options available is well documented and recognised throughout the industry. That is why patients have trusted him since 2009 to facilitate their dental work and clinics request his intuitive and adaptive approach to building their clinics and International patients departments.

A Message from Antony the founder of DentalDestinations Cancun 

A really big hello and a big welcome from us all here at Dental Destinations Cancun,


My name is Antony and I founded Dental Destinations Cancun to make a difference and positive change for people who have decided to travel to Mexico for dental work and educate those who just wanted to learn more about this alternative option to the grossly overpriced options in other countries, but is often  misunderstood.

I am Originally from U.K. but I have been fortunate to Call Mexico home for the past 14 years I love this Country and what it has to offer and I want to share this enthusiasm with you. 


I have seen and been apart of this industry and its evolution and progress over the past 13 years, and have had first hand experiences of what can be achieved when all parts of the dental Journey to Mexico process come together professionally. 

Our approach is 100% patient centric, we are patient Ambassadors, we understand hesitations and doubts about traveling for dental work, we know what is important to people looking to travel for dentistry and we want to make sure they are aware of what is best for their needs with facts and relevant information and advice which we hope will help you decide if it is the right decision for you. 

What I do promise is that if you are interested to learn the REAL and HONEST facts and more about Traveling to Mexico for your dental needs we will provide transparent information, advice and tips that you can use to better navigate and prepare for this now popular decision, and if you like provide some concierge type coordination if you want some extra support before , during and after if required.

I Hope to see you very soon and Introduce you to this Perfect Dental Destination 

All the Very Best, keep Smiling 


Cancun Dental Facilitation - Dental Tourism - Dental Vacations Cancun

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In a text book description Dental Destinations Cancun is a Dental Tourism Facilitator which is that we offer a service to prospective International dental patients to help them navigate the world of dentistry, specifically in Mexico and more specifically Cancun & Riviera Maya. To find the best quality dental care for their needs in these locations, while at the same time helping them to make significant savings in not only costs but time and certain Logistical services. 

What is Available online

"The Secret to our success is not really a secret - We Listen, we help find and present solutions while answering all your questions and we work with the best dentists in Mexico."

Antony - Founder Dental Destinations Cancun

Now online you will probably come across many other sites and facilitators who in one way or the other offer such services, many combine and promote other medical treatments and procedures under the title medical tourism. 


What do the majority of these have in common is that pretty much none of them have met the specialists or been to the clinical facilities let alone the country they are representing and have little to no understanding of what the treatments actually entail, for the most part they are website directories that prefer volume over validation. Obviously we are not saying all of them, but it is a very common practice.


Other types of online facilitators will often be a patient turned promoter because they had a good experience but these recommendations are made based on personal emotions not necessarily on facts, statistics, information, specialists experiences or clinical abilities.