All-on-4 dental Implant in Cancun is not an invention, but rather a treatment technique that has evolved over time and has the following features:

  • four dental implants to support a full fixed bridge 

  • the use of angulated implants in the back to overcome bony deficiencies or anatomical structures 

  • immediate loading

The concept itself of the total rehabilitation of a full set of teeth supported by as few as four Implants. However, it was the angulation of the back implants that led to today's All-on-4, and has been trialed by numerous clinicians simultaneously in the United States, Sweden, Portugal, and South America in the 1990s. The technique evolved when in an attempt to avoid certain anatomical limitations typically seen in the back of the upper and lower jaws have, clinicians successfully avoided bone-deficient areas with the use of angulated implants. Anatomical limitations are more prevalent in patients with full dentures, and once the back implants are placed at an angle there is often only enough room left for two more implants in the front. This has led to the use of only four fixtures to support a full set of teeth.

The benefits of All-on-4 implants include:

  • Full-arch restoration

  • Shorter installation times than other implants

  • Prevents further bone loss

  • Decreases the need for a bone graft



Are you a Candidate for the ALL-ON-4 in Cancun Mexico


Fewer Implants, Less time and Money combined with a lot of publicity and marketing, the All On 4 has become a very popular and requested treatment option, but is it a good option for you? only In the appropriate circumstances.


This is something that is not mentioned a lot, with the great work and Technique of this Treatment many patients think that they are automatically a candidate for this dental procedure, But the reality is although it is a fantastic option for Thousands, It is not always necessarily the best for you. I know you have seen the information, videos, Talks and many dentists telling you it is, but it is up to you the patient to ask as many questions and ensure you are going to benefit from this treatment.


Reasons why Many Specialists prefer to place more than 4 Implants (Hence the name ALL-ON-6) 


  • If there are 6 Implants placed and there is an instance that an implant fails due to infection, non osseointergration then the arch is still in a good position having 5 Implants left. When an implant fails with 4 in place the arch is compromised and you will have a 0-on-3. Basically the specialists like to err on the side of caution for the successful outcome for the patient. 

  • 6 is often recommended in the upper maxilla as the bone is less dense than the lower adding more assurance on a long term successful outcome

  • Patients who have worn dentures for years have substantial bone loss but also lip and cheek support that makes it difficult to achieve a truly esthetic result with the 4 Implants. 

  • The Allon4 Technique requires removing bone

  • All-on-4 dental implants cannot be placed in the molar areas of the mouth where bite force is greatest.

  • If one of your angulated implants fails, it will destroy a lot of bone during its removal.


This is not to say you are not a viable Candidate for the ALL-ON-4  in Cancun but it is vitally important, especially if you are planning on traveling for such treatment that you are placing your case in the hands of abled and respected dental Specialists with the necessary knowledge and Experience to provide you with a breakdown of their recommendations and why.

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