If we told you that you could enjoy a well deserved Vacation to Cancun and get your much needed dental work completed at the same time, and pay less than the same work you were quoted to have completed at home even after factoring in the costs of flights, hotel, Spending money would you want to know how?

It is 2020 and a time where the decision to travel abroad for dental and Medical treatments should be viewed more as a smart and calculated decision made by savvy health and wealth conscious people

While the old attraction or say necessity of traveling for medical and dental procedures is still painted as a choice made purely on the basis that the costs are cheaper than in the United States and Canada  (Which the majority are) But the truth is that there are so many options available now to get more affordable dental care in other Countries and especially Mexico that people do not want to break the bank on dental work if they do not have to, as long as they are presented with facts, credentials and a solid brand and reputation. The Question is Why should they?


The continued popularity of a Dental Vacation to Cancun has provided Thousands of people with the with access to treatments that they did not think they would be able to get at home.

Research and due diligence by someone interested in traveling for dental treatments is still vitally important and we here at Dental Destinations Cancun cannot emphasize that enough, and we are not saying all dental clinics and dental specialists are equal, because they are not, and that is true the world over. 


Dental Vacations to Cancun and Dental Tourism as a whole can be such worthwhile option (and has been for tens of thousands of people) and will most likely be best for you, yes you! the person who is reading this now, you are taking the first step in finding what we can do for you, so take two minutes to really think about how important and how much of a difference fixing your smile is to you and what a difference it will have on your quality of life. ​

Dental Tourists as they have become affectionately known have transformed the Medical landscape of Mexico, Cancun and other larger resort towns. 

With the positive moves made by hospitals and clinics investing much time and resources in to promoting and informing  people that are in need, Cancun has become the Capital of Affordable Professional dental clinics.

It really can be such a worthwhile and Positive experience to Combine a vacation and a visit to the Dentist. It may sound a miss matched idea but with American and Canadians seeking out more Cost effective and affordable options to meet their health needs Mexico and Cancun in Particular is the number one Destination for High Quality and Affordable dental treatments.

But with any decision to Travel for dental procedures and make an investment in your dental work and especially where the health and the well being of is principally at stake.  Research, knowledge and a basic understanding of your needs is a key, You would not buy a car without checking the blue book and having a trusted mechanic check it over and making sure all documents are in order, you would not buy a house without having the appropriate searches conducted and correct title paperwork. These services are placed into the hands of Professionals who want to help you succeed and make the best choices, and that is what Dental Tourism Facilitators as Dental Destinations Cancun want and will  do for people searching for Affordable, Safe and certified dental procedures in different countries, more specifically Mexico.  

As with any Customer Service / information provider Previous users and customers are the most trusted and valued resources to help show what is available and allow a visual representation of experiences and outcomes to future customers and patients.

If you think that traveling for your Health and dental work maybe a beneficial investment for yourself and family please fill out a contact form or call and we will start to assist you straight away.


We cannot promise that the weather will be perfect, - But the sun shines on average for 250 days a year in Cancun, in the summer is around 28°C with average highs of 34°C 

We cannot promise that the sea will be crystal clear and the beach sandy white, But Cancun & Riviera Maya have over 150 miles of  beaches to check for yourself and some Award winners to choose from!

We cannot promise that you will Interested by the Culture, Museums,  Ruins, Cenotes , Eco Reserves, Marine life - But we are certain you will be Amazed!

We cannot even promise you will love the local cuisine, - Although UNESCO did designate Traditional Mexican Cuisine a Cultural treasure 




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