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A dental Vacation is a simple concept of a combination of going on Vacation, while undergoing dental work on pre scheduled appointments. See simple! 


The benefits to this combination are counted mainly in the financial savings a patient can make on their dental work which contributes to the overall savings even when factoring in the Vacation part (Cancun / Mexico) has more variety and choices for budgeted vacations than most.


Due to its proximity to the United States and Canada , infrastructure, air connectivity and its cost-benefit advantage.


Making Cancun Mexico the ideal dental vacation destination, dental clinics and dentists soon seen the opportunities of this beneficial combination and started to focus their efforts on providing dental services to the International patient, in the majority they provide more affordable dental treatments than their colleagues based in the united States and Canada for numerous reasons which we have mentioned in previous blog posts —


The financial costs of dentistry in the United States and Canada are in a word, astronomical, when comparing the national average household income. We are not here to judge it is just a Reality, we just know that for the majority, even those with dental Insurance plans, a respectably paid job, or even a comfortable savings pot and or pensions, the costs associated with dentistry are ones that people can ill afford.

And who can blame a person to not want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for dental procedures when there are tried and tested alternatives at a fraction of the cost.

Mexico is not some backwater country that certain media sources would imply or have portrayed, when it comes to health care and private medical and dental clinics, On the contrary Mexico is just as advanced and offers private medical and dental services recognized on an international level. 

Cancun Mexico is the ideal dental destination due to its proximity to the United States and Canada , infrastructure, air connectivity and its cost-benefit advantage.

You could enjoy a well deserved Vacation to Cancun Mexico and get your much needed dental work completed at the same time, pay less than the same work you were quoted to have completed at home even after factoring in the costs of flights, hotel, Spending money wouldn't you want to know a little more on how?

It is 2020 and a time where the decision to travel abroad (when normal service resumes, and it will) for dental and Medical treatments are to be viewed more as a smart and calculated decision and investment made by health and wealth conscious people.  


Statistics continually show the problems on a Country wide scale and with uncertain times especially now with a worldwide pandemic affecting all, the future for most is uncertain and people  do not want to or cannot financially cripple themselves through such procedures. 

Out of the Top 15 highest paid occupations in the United States, Dentistry and branches of dentistry take up 5 positions (Investopedia . Com) 


Of course you have to research a medical / clinical establishment and the specialists prior to going or undergo any treatments, their qualifications, their background, the clinical facilities and work performed and previous patients. All which are readily available to be provided by any reputable dental clinic wanting to have you as a new patient the same as you would do back home  (anywhere around the world) This is where we Dental Destinations Cancun shine for you!

Mexico provides a solution for people who cannot afford dental work in the Country in which they reside, so if traveling to receive the work you need, from reputable dental professionals paying less and enjoying a Vacation destination at the same time, why not see if it works for you? 


Do invest in research and follow due diligence, but also open up your mind and mouth to the real possibility that you  do not have suffer such a financial burden for the dental work you need.


Dental Destinations Cancun have been helping and assisting American and Canadian patients connect and travel to Cancun & Riviera Maya for their dental work for over 10 Years. If you want to know more about the options available to you and how you could save up to 50% on your dental work with the GCR Top Rated dental clinic Mexico

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We cannot promise that the weather will be perfect, - But the sun shines on average for 250 days a year in Cancun, in the summer is around 28°C with average highs of 34°C 

We cannot promise that the sea will be crystal clear and the beach sandy white, But Cancun & Riviera Maya have over 150 miles of  beaches to check for yourself and some Award winners to choose from!

We cannot promise that you will Interested by the Culture, Museums,  Ruins, Cenotes , Eco Reserves, Marine life - But we are certain you will be Amazed!

We cannot even promise you will love the local cuisine, - Although UNESCO did designate Traditional Mexican Cuisine a Cultural treasure 




We are set and ready to help get your dental work and dental Vacation to Cancun underway

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