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Choosing a place to eat in Cancun, or a specific restaurant can be a bigger challenge for some of our patients than which shade of white they want their new smiles! 

Food and the dining experiences is one of Cancun's biggest highlights and sheer choice on offer and the variety of culinary styles and dining experiences are impressive for even the most devoted foodie.

Here we will list some of the most well known and popular Cancun restaurants in the hotel zone as well as some of the downtown choices known for great food, ambience and service.


As we have mentioned we are Dental Facilitators and not food critics, we have no financial incentives in posting about these Cancun restaurants, but purely for informative purposes and to show another reason why Cancun is the number one dental destination choice for American and Canadians. The names and places we publish are all readily available to you online.

After living in Cancun for so long our team have personally eaten at many of these restaurants and many we will not have listed, so if you want some personal first hand insights our coordinators are happy to give you their favorites that you may want to enjoy between your dental appointments.

When traveling to Cancun for your dental treatments we must remind you that for your personal care and the success of your dental work that you please discuss with your Cancun dentist which food or special dietary instructions you have to follow.

Many of our dental patients choose to either celebrate their new smiles and teeth with a great meal, or those finishing their oral rehabilitations want to enjoy food they have missed eating for sometime. 

Cancun restaurant - Dental Vacation - De


Our food is the result of 1000 years of tradition in the Romagnola cuisine.

We are honored to have received the OSPITALITA ITALIANA Award for three years in a row. This award is granted by the Honorable Italian Government. It appoints us as one of the few ambassadors of authentic Italian food and tradition in Mexico.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Informal but elegant atmosphere, that with soft music invites you to enjoy good food with the best service. For our menu we have selected the best meat, fish, seafood and lobster (Maine), imported from different parts of the world and carefully prepared with highest quality standards and cooked in our exclusive Charcoal Grill

where to eat in Cancun during your denta


traditional Mexican dishes that are transformed, reinvented with innovative techniques and bold flavors. In Porfirio's kitchen, there is only room for the best quality ingredients, just what the most demanding palates expect.
Porfirio's hosts a select collection of Tequilas and Mezcals, around 100 labels that can be recommended by our tequiliers to create surprising and captivating pairings with the dishes of our menu.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Enjoy exquisite Thai and Indian cuisine in one place.

It is in the art of correctly mixing the varied ingredients that the magic of Indian food is born, while Thai cuisine exalts the senses...

The restaurant has palapas set with tables, rooms or beds, the perfect place for a magical evening in a relaxed outdoor environment.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


 La Habichuela. A classic since 1977, known for it´s incomparable service and quality.

La Habichuela is one of those places you must visit, when in Cancun. The Restaurant reveals a unique style that after 40 years has become a classic. It is a tribute to Mayan Culture that could be considered a Museum. 

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Live the Brazilian Experience with the authentic art of churrasco, let us pamper you with the most exquisite gastronomic selection of typical dishes from Brazil, with the traditional Rodizio meat concept expertly seasoned and carved tableside by Rodizio Gauchos, or meat servers with the best selection of cuts among which the Picanha, Prime Rib, Sirloin, Baby Beef, Lamb, Pig roasted and Tomahawk from a variety of more than 20 options

Where to eat in Cancun durning your dent


We began as a fishmarket/restaurant on the second floor of a grocery store, selling fresh fish and offering to prepare it on the premises

Soon 10 tables were not enough and customers gladly waited up to an hour for their table while enjoying fresh Caribbean breezes and ocean view.

The restaurant’s continued success warranted the hiring of a true chef and Mar-Bella Fish Market Raw Bar and Grill® became a full-fledged restaurant, known as one of the best in the region.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Queremos que al venir a Puerto Santo te lleves más allá de una hora de comer, esperamos que vivas la magia de estar junto al mar, de comer productos exclusivos, del mar a tu mesa y veas la variedad gastronómica que tenemos para ofrecerte, desde los productos hasta las formas de preparación.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Pequeño menú de cenas, con variedad de especialidades diarias. Todo artesanal, con tendencia al uso de productos orgánicos, locales y sustentables.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Although many people consider Hanaichi the best Japanese restaurant in Cancun, it is a bit of a local secret due to the fact that the restaurant doesn't have much of a presence on the Internet even though it has been open since 2002. The sushi is authentic and fresh. It is operated by the Japanese owners and gets great reviews from Japanese tourists. There is a sushi bar downstairs and an intimate dining area upstairs.

Where to eat in Cancun during your denta


Te damos la bienvenida a La Vicenta, el mejor lugar para disfrutar de exquisitos cortes de carne a la parrilla, bebidas y promociones que darán a tus reuniones entre familiares y amigos el ambiente parrillero que estás buscando. 

Cancun has so many good restaurants and places to eat, we definitely recommend you try to get out at least once during your dental vacation, during this time that businesses are reopening supporting local Cancun restaurants is a great thing to do not only for the local economy but for your tastebuds. *Due to COVID-19 some restaurants will require prior booking, some will have restricted hours or not be open. check direct is best to ensure you get the reservation you want.  

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