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Cancun and the Riviera Maya have some of the most diverse, unique and exciting trips and excursions you could hope to take part in. With the amount of options available it would be impossible to do them all in 10 vacations. So we are putting together a list of some of the most popular activities available in Cancun and Riviera Maya (and we are sure we will miss some of your favorites) if so let us know and we will happily share them.

From Cultural and important historical sites to Adrenalin filled activities, or more relaxed and leisurely tours on private catamaran boats sailing on the tropical waves to some of the most Important and impressive Ecological parks and family oriented days out. If you want to do something memorable during your dental vacation to Cancun and with the go ahead from your Cancun dentist you will be spoiled for choice.

As we have mentioned we are Dental Facilitators and not a tour agency, we have no financial incentives in posting about what activities there are to do in Cancun but purely for informative purposes and to show another reason why Cancun is the number one dental destination choice for American and Canadians. The information and tours we publish are all readily available to you online.

After living in Cancun for so long our team have personally done the majority of these in some form or another so if you want some personal first hand insights our coordinators are happy to give you theirs.

When traveling to Cancun for your dental treatments we must remind you that for your personal care and the success of your dental treatments please discuss with your Cancun dentist which activities and tours they will allow or recommend are safe specific to your case. For example after an Implant surgery you will not be going scuba diving. So double check before your pinned appointments what restrictions you may have, but maybe if your traveling with family they can still enjoy.

There are many Independent or smaller tours that offer more private groups and can range from Snorkel Tours, Catamaran boat trips, Private fishing charters, Cenotes to swim and visit.

There are also some great tourist day trips you can do on your own, like visiting Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen.


When booking tours or trips we Recommend booking through reputable Tour providers and many hotels have representatives who can assist you in bookings and specific tour information

Things to do in Cancun during your denta


Feel a bit closer to heaven in a place considered one of the greatest and most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Xel-Há Mexico offers one of the best holiday experiences right in the heart of the Riviera Maya. snorkeling, food and drinks while you are able to observe multicolor fish and a great diversity of marine species that inhabit the fresh waters of its rivers, cenotes and a natural inlet. Here you will discover that there are also parts of heaven on Earth at your fingertips.

Things to do in cancun during your denta


Xoximilco pays tribute to the traditions, culture, and folklore of one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in our country: Xochimilco. Come to honor this place of Mexico that fills us with pride!

From the second you arrive, Mexico’s essence presents before you with a Mexican carnival with games, snacks and a musical surprise to start an evening full of emotions.

It’s on board a colorful Mexican gondola, that will take you on a ride through the charming natural scenarios of Xoximilco, where the celebrations, dancing, singing, the toasts and fun games take place

Things to do in Cancun during your denta


Chichen Itza which means “at the mouth of the well of Itza “, is the 2nd most visited archeological site of Mexico today. The Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen-Itza which known as “El Castillo” (the castle), is one of the new seven wonders of the world elected in 07.07.2007. It is exactly 24 m. high considering the upper platform. Apart from the Kukulkan Pyramid, in Chichen Itza there many other archaeological sites to visit, all carrying traces from Mayan Culture in many ways.

Things to do in Cancun during your denta


The greatest attraction at the Tulum Ruins is its location. Built on a bluff facing the rising sun, this ruin site is the only Maya settlement located on the beaches of the Caribbean. The views continue to be described as spectacular as millions of people visit this Maya ruin in the Riviera Maya.

Things to do in Cancun during your denta


At the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, a picturesque beautiful island 30 minutes by boat from Cancun, emerges Garrafon Natural Reef Park: a destinated area for the ecology and biodiversity of the ecosystem. Garrafon is a gorgeous natural park highlighted by reefs, cliffs and beautiful ocean landscapes, where you will enjoy water activities, like kayaking and snorkeling

Things to do in Cancun during your denta


Cenotes Riviera Maya: The Riviera Maya region makes up the long coastline of the state of Quintana Roo, the easternmost part of the Yucatan peninsula. From Bacalar & Chetumal in the south to Cancun in the north, most of the best cenotes in Riviera Maya stretch from south of Tulum to just north of Playa Del Carmen. With most cenotes being a little inland from the coast.

Things to do in Cancun during your denta


No matter where your Mexico vacation takes you, swimming with whale sharks in the Caribbean Sea is a can’t-miss activity for the whole family. These large ocean dwellers are gentle swimming companions who feed on plankton and have unique spot patterns that allow them to be identified. June - September

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