Virtual Cancun dentist appointment - Den


Fast track your Cancun dentist appointments with a Virtual Consultation, Although due to the worldwide travel restrictions and clinical closures over the Coronavirus many dental clinics and specialists have been providing Virtual Dental appointments and consultations as a way to keep patients up to date and assist prospective patients on answering their treatment questions and concerns. 


Dental Destinations Cancun and Dentaris have been providing such virtual appointments or as we have called them previously online consultations for over 6 years and is simply a Skype session or ZOOM if that is now your go to video chat provider for our patients to talk directly to the doctor(s) to go over any questions or additional information they might need, We even offer WhatsApp video calls.


Obviously nothing beats a chair side chat with our Cancun dental team and a clinical evaluation provides a clear understanding of the patients oral condition, but this virtual dental appointment is a fantastic way of speaking with the dentists in Cancun and how they respond to your questions, how they explain the treatments or procedures, the reasons why and how and a great introduction to them as  clinical professionals and as a person (Plus you can really see if language would be a barrier) we think.



Benefits of booking a Virtual Cancun dentist Consultation through Dental Destinations Cancun will not only allow you to make sure they speak English and know what they are talking about but also:  



  • Most initial dentist consultations are questions and answers regarding your dental needs, wants and goals, and discussing you case and options and this virtual appointment can do just that  (If you have sent xrays / treatment plans / scans)

  • Relaxed chat, no nerves that most patients get from being in a dental clinic, more relaxed and focused on your questions than what is going on around you or what equipment you are looking at. 

  • You get to meet your prospective dentist sooner, no need to wait to get to Cancun 

  • It may very well help you determine that this dentist or clinic is a better fit for you and your dental needs than an original dentist in Cancun choice you had.

  • Learn about treatments, options and breakdown of appointments 

  • Learn about the variables that many treatments can have and have a better understanding 

  • Get real first hand dental specialist knowledge that is free of charge and there to help


On a Virtual Cancun dentist consultation you have nothing to loose and everything to gain, so click the link below Set Your Appointment Today  fill out the form and make sure you remember to request a Virtual Dentist appointment and will will set up the appointment with the dentist and make sure time and dates match and follow up with you after to see where we can move on and get your actual physical appointment blocked here in Cancun.