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Do you need a Dentist in an emergency while in Cancun

Do not let tooth pain ruin your Vacation:

Dental Emergency Cancun
Emergency dentist Cancun

It can happen and often does, While away enjoying a well deserved Vacation you happen to feel a twinge of pain while drinking a cold beverage at the pool, or eating in the restaurant and chip a tooth. Now what do you do? You are away from your local dentist in another country and need this dental issue rectified as soon as possible, What do you do?

First off while Hotel concierges are a great source of local information, be aware that these are in the business of promoting places that often return their " personal “ recommendations with discounts, commissions or other incentives. If possible call your dentist back home and ask their advice

  • Go online, Google, Yahoo all have the necessary details that will allow you to find some well located and professional clinics listed.

  • Call to check and call more than one, Find out that there will be no language barrier, if possible speak to the dentist or patient coordinator.

  • Find out the doctors speciality, Are they a general dentist or are they specialized in any other particular procedures.

  • Learn about the costs associated with an emergency appointment prior to arrival.

  • Will they provide transportation or will you need to make your own way there?

  • Check the payment options taken by the clinic and if you have Holiday Insurance ask if they will be able to help you gain some of it back by providing X-rays, receipts treatment plans etc.

  • Do not feel pressured into any treatment, take your time pain can be a pushing factor but feel comfortable that you are receiving the best treatment options for your case.

  • If you have a fear or phobia let them know , This goes for allergies and any medications that do not agree with you.

  • Check if there will be any follow up appointments and if so how many and at what cost.

With these simple tips you may be confident in saving the Vacation that you so rightly deserve and making sure you are taken care of by Real professionals and that the dental work done is the best option for you.

If you find yourself reading this as you are in need of a Dentist in Cancun, Mexico in an emergency situation or even if you would like to know more prior to travel then please feel free to contact us here at Dental Destinations Cancun


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