How many dental treatments can you get in Cancun for the price of the New IPhone

Not really something most of us would think about needing to compare but certainly is a relevant, relatable and easily understood part of our modern lives, but after speaking with some friends in the United States over Christmas one mentioned that they had some pain in a tooth, when discussing their options to get it seen too, they commented on the expense of getting there dental work completed and the reluctance to go and see their local dentist.

But in the same conversation they mentioned that they had brought the brand new iPhone which they were happily talking about the benefits of, which got us thinking, how many of us are guilty of this belief that Investments in our Oral health (or health in general) is an expense (that can be put off) but our phones or similar disposable luxuries are a necessity. .

We understand costs are all relevant to our personal situations and the fact the average cost of a Root Canal in the United States is 1200 usd so when spending an amount on a Cel Phone where the difference in price is negligible is an easier choice for most.

But learning that dental treatments in Mexico Cancun are substantially more affordable allowing more treatments to be performed for less may help promote the Importance of Good Oral care and Affordable Quality dentistry accessible for many more people.

Health is an Investment not an Expense

So as we enter 2021 we want to show you some of the dental treatments and actually how many of them you could get here in Cancun with our facilitation assistance for the same cost or even less than the latest iPhone.

Obviously we are exaggerating on the amount needed per treatment (you will not be needing 14 dental cleanings at one go ) but this is an exercise to show you just this which hopefully will give you a better understanding of the financial savings that can be made when traveling to Cancun for your dental work and putting into perspective the Investment that having good oral care and regular visits to the dentist can have for your health, appearance and bank balance.

Below is a chart and you can see that for the price of a new IPhone you could literally have 5 Root Canal treatments and still have 149 USD in change.

The Average cost of a Root Canal treatment in the United States is currently 1200 USD