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After over a decade in the field of dental tourism facilitating over 3500 International patients or recently better known as Dental Tourists We here at Dental Destinations Cancun can provide the information, assistance or general guide on how to ensure your dental experience in Mexico is the best possible, and get the results and care you deserve as well as how to avoid common problems that can be encountered when searching for dental care in another country.

That’s over 4000 days of hands on learning, applying, and simplifying the process for prospect patients to have the necessary information and confidence that traveling for their dental work is the best decision for them.

Dental Destinations Cancun are the Dental Vacation specialists with more Experience than any other Cancun clinic or facilitator when it comes to International traveling patients. 

Our aim is always Quality over Quantity and we will listen to your dental goals we will pass you all the information you could possibly need to make the correct decision for yourself. 

Your case coordinators have more time in clinic, case studies, treatment process studies , conferences and patient experience roles than any other Cancun resource 100% .


They have followed Case studies, sat with specialists and procedures,  discussions, brand ambassadors, basically  we have made it our mission to provide a 360° point of contact and understanding of what the International patient will need to know, prepare for and undergo as well as what to expect post treatment. We are personal, polite, professional point of contact and dental facilitator and above all want you to succeed with your dental goals. 

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They Say it is best to get the attention of the Reader in the first Minute - So if you do not look any further on this site here is the bite sized Facts that we hope helps you





  • We have helped more international Patients Navigate dentistry in Cancun & Riviera Maya than anyone else with 13 Years hands on work. 

  • The Information ,Guidance, Assistance and Booking here is 100% Free of charge to you no upfront payments, deposits or down payments. We are here to help , No rushing, pushing or pressure if what we and the team of dental specialists can do to help you works fantastic, If not we respect your decision and time. NO SALES EVER 

  • The Cancun Dental Team we connect you to are the Top rated dental specialists.
    Not a sound bite or a hollow marketing hook - Their Experience, Reputations and Professional Resumes are genuinely recognised as the go to dental specialists 

  • Dental Treatments are on Average 58% Less than the United States and Canada - but slightly higher than other local dental providers - And there is a reason and we will happily show you.


You will be bombarded with the following search terms when looking for a dentist in Cancun.


We are the Best dentist in Cancun!

Top dental Clinic Mexico!

We are the leading Dental clinic Mexico!

More experience than another dentist in Cancun!

Most of these claims are wishful thinking, some are just good marketing words and some just exaggerated - But who can you believe? 

Start by doing some very serious research and due diligence and if you want some ideas on what questions to ask - Follow these links.


Easily recognised as the Top dental Implant and oral Rehabilitation Specialist in Cancun and Riviera Maya.


Dr Joaquin Berron DDS and his colleagues have been providing specialised dental treatments in Cancun for 3 decades and has provided generations of Cancun families with constant and continued dental care. 


To see why Dr Joaquin Berron is so highly sought after by both Local patients (traveling from all around Mexico just for his expertise) and the International patient you need to review his professional achievements and recommendations from his professional peers and patient reviews on his approach and performance of very complex Implant cases as well as Cosmetic smile makeovers. Dr Berron is also the top choice for other Cancun dentists to perform their own dental work. 

  • Former Professor and course coordinator of the Dental Implant and Esthetic Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics at the Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Dentistry, New Orleans.

  • Specializations include ALLON4- ALLON6 - Smile rehabilitations - Oral rehabilitations.

  • 3 decades of Experience - Clinic GCR Rated Top dental clinic Mexico 2 consecutive years

  • Rated as one of the Top dental Specialists Mexico

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Anyone who is interested to learn about the advantages and financial savings of dentistry in Cancun Mexico or have already booked a dental appointment in Cancun but may want help finding a reputable second opinion or may simply be looking for information about the process and how to make sure they are connected to verified and certified dental specialists to ensure they are able receive optimal and predictable recommendations and maintain the strict standards of dental care and professionalism they would expect from the dental clinics back home.




This information is gathered from thousands of hours of hands on patient coordination from the strongest and most experienced patient managers and coordination specialists in Mexico. Straight from the day to day working experiences in this important and detailed oriented dental service, we are not trying to convince you to travel to Cancun for your dental work, we are here to provide support which can help you decide if it is the best option for you and If it is a good fit for your dental needs.

We publish advice on this website with helpful guides and recommendations so everyone who is considering traveling to Mexico and Cancun for dental work can better understand the process and the best way to find Qualified, Certified and Specialized Cancun Dental Specialists as well as personalised one -to-one dental coordinators for larger more complex and complicated dental treatments for example ' ALLON4 , ALLON6 , Full mouth rehabilitations and Cosmetic smile makeovers which need additional planning and support.



If you are looking for a Reputable, Respected and Highly rated set of dental specialists in Cancun and International coordination teams to help change, transform or fix your Smile in Mexico then we want you to keep reading.


  • Dental Destinations Cancun has over 13 Years Experience in the Dental Tourism Mexico and Dental Vacations Cancun sector. 

  • The Cancun dentistry teams and clinics have more than 3 decades operating with distinction providing some of Mexico’s most recognized specialists to International Patients.

  • Able to provide all dental specialities under one clinic location - from Oral rehabilitations, Cosmetic dentistry, General, Periodontal , Endodontics.


We won't waste your time with unhelpful or unrealistic promises, We want to help you decide if traveling to Cancun Mexico for your dental work makes sense for you health wise,  financially and time wise - While dentistry in Mexico is a valid and real benefit for Thousands of patients each year for some it is not, and we will help you calculate if it is.



Ever thought you would enjoy to going to the Dentist?  Well with our help and that of some select Cancun Dental Specialists we count on so highly, your next dental visit could be the most important and positive decision you have ever made.

Having helped Thousands of people from over 14 Countries understand the benefits of combining their Vacation time with getting their dental work completed here in Cancun.

Dental Destinations Cancun will guide, assist and pass on all the Information you will need to really get the most out of  traveling for dentistry to Cancun. With our Reputation for Professionalism, Friendliness and Honesty we work hard to be the best option for you to connect to your new dentist in Cancun.


We provide an uninterrupted chain of Information, from your case details to the Cancun dental clinics and specialists. Providing professional resumes and clinical experiences and history, present treatment options, dental costs and treatment timelines. Everyone from the dental specialists coordination team and most importantly you are up to date and briefed on your case, requirements, special needs and expectations. 


With this organization you can be assured that all aspects of your dental Experience in Cancun Mexico will be taken care of and to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that we are specialized in bringing to our clients. All you will need to do is relax in Cancun enjoy your vacation between appointments and let us and the dentists handle everything. 


Dental Destinations Cancun are not suggesting all dental Clinics are up to the task, nor that Dental Tourism or a Dental Vacation to Cancun is for everyone.


But like professions or service sectors anywhere there will always be the good the great and the average. Cancun has many real and genuinely proficient, capable and Excellent dental options available with thousands of documented successes, Let us show you who we know has the reputation, experience and proven and necessary dental skillsets to provide dentistry that is not only more affordable but retains Quality and Care on an International level.

Cancun is Mexico's favourite vacation destination and it is now Mexico's favourite dental destination.

To ensure we are able to provide maximum benefits to each prospective patient and fluid communication, we give priority to those who have travel dates already booked, patients who have up to date case information for example recent Xrays, treatment plans. 

We offer communication via phone calls, WhatsApp , Emails and Video Calls.


If you would like and we agree to take your case on, we will provide some of or all of the following virtual concierge services below.  

  • One to One Personalised Coordination 

  • Preferential Appointment dates 

  • We gather the necessary Information for the Specialists 

  • No guessing or Estimations - Real Information that you can use to make a well informed decision

  • Near Immediate Answers to your Questions

  • Native English Spoken

  • Lower Cost Dental Treatments - Exclusive price points

  • Insurance Paperwork advice & Assistance

  • Personalised point of Contact 

  • Coordination of calls, Emails and Online Consultations with the Specialists

  • Treatment Presentations & Descriptions with Costs and procedure information.

  • Treatment Timeline breakdowns, know how many return visits if any are needed and what will be performed on each trip.

  • *Complimentary Transportation Arranged From Airport Arrival and Departure and Clinical Appointment when staying in Cancun - dependent on Treatment type

  • Local first hand Knowledge, Hotel recommendations, Tour and other activity information

  • 24 Hour Contact number

  • Continued communication and Follow ups post treatments with updates from dental specialists

  • Or Simply a Connection to Qualified, Certified dental Specialist profiles.

  • The Information gathering and arrangements of your case - are performed by Dental Destinations Cancun -  being your point of contact and advocate during your research stage, booking stage and virtual concierge. We offer no medical advice - and should only be taken from a registered dental professional. 

A Qualified and capable dentist and dental clinic will understand their professional worth and what they bring to the patients dental health and the level and quality of service overall.

  • Dental Specialists Qualifications & Experience - More experience, Qualifications and specializations the more they will charge.

  • Clinic Locations, Installations - newer buildings, installations cost more to operate

  • Equipment & Materials used and invested in

  • The type of Team members Employed - Good staff are hard to find 

  • Treatment Warrantees and Guarantees - You get what you pay for 


We do not recommend you take the cheapest costs for dentistry that you have seen online regarding Mexico as the standard cost of dentistry for the entire Country or specific destination.
We will are able to show you a table of costs of the most popularly requested and performed dental treatments here in Cancun through Dental Destinations Cancun but as individual treatment and procedure costs but not on specific global treatment plans. 

Understanding Costs of dentistry in Cancun 


We Reiterate this throughout the website and communication we do not however give "Ballpark figures or Estimations"

If you do not have any current case information like Xrays / Treatment plans or Scans it is recommended you visit your local dentist invest in a clinical evaluation and dental imaging so you can provide this to receive accurate recommendations, costs and treatment timelines. 

If you have a trip planned to Cancun and are interested in the dental options available for your case - Let Us BOOK you a FREE Consultation.

If you have no desire or ability to go for a local dental consultation or have no trip to Cancun Mexico planned we recommend reading the section Costs of Dentistry Cancun to get an idea of the commonly performed treatments in Cancun, But this does not provide timelines, the need for additional procedures or possibility of return visits.

The nature of dentistry and the decision to travel is largely based on the financial and logistical reasons We do not provide responses for those questions or requests. Why, well because we have seen time and time again treatments mis sold or misrepresented or purely misinformed just so a clinic or company can make an appointment for their monthly sales targets.

There is nothing more devastating for a dental tourist to make the decision to travel for dental work based on given ballpark  "treatment costs" without case evidence and background to arrive and be told the treatments cannot be performed or can be but requires multiple other secondary procedures and additional visits not planned for which they haven't budgeted for or cannot afford or logistically impossible to make various unplanned return visits.

And dental specialists agree, Transparent Treatment cost per unit or procedure helps a prospective patient understand better what to expect, but to provide an accurate and patient focused plan which allows better planning and budgeting estimations without case information can lead to significant changes, and disappointment for most unprepared dental tourists.

And we care to much about the patients Experience not to work correctly and to ensure we provide professional and accurate information for better decision making.

Please note the information given by the dental specialists on case revisions may not represent your real oral conditions, hence by no means should be taken as final. 

The final treatment plan and quote will only be delivered after an in-person evaluation and an informed discussion with an attending doctor. 


In a Meeting

What we provide those seeking Dental Care in Cancun Mexico 


Years of Dental Vacations

We have been involved with dental vacations for over 10 years working, gaining valuable experience that has benefitted patients better connect to best Cancun dentists and undergo dentistry with the necessary information to provide costs, treatment presentations, treatment timelines, logistical help. No one has our service or reputation record.


Average Savings per patient

This is the average cost saving patients make with a dental vacation to Cancun. The reality is the more treatments you need the more savings made. Some treatment procedures provide more than 60% in comparison to the United States. 


These are International patients who have contacted us directly and have been assisted with their research about dental vacations to Cancun booked and travelled to Mexico with our concierge level service. We have helped countless more get the information and indirectly visit Cancun for their dental work.


Satisfaction Rate 

We base our patients satisfaction of their overall dental vacation experience. From dental visits, logistical arrangements, Cancun as a destination, time and most importantly their dental results. We are proud of our patients satisfaction rate and are open to ideas and constructive criticism. 


Customer service recognitions

The Team at Dental Destinations Cancun have been presented with many customer service awards over the years and have helped clinics receive the same recognitions. We help provide the Ultimate patient experience.


Referral Rate

This is a number we love! this is the majority of our new patients per year that are direct referrals from former patients and shows just how much our assistance and guide are recommended by the patients. This is the best part of the work we provide.

We are also Expanding our Dental Tourism Mexico Network to other States in Mexico - 


  • International standards, techniques ,  Dental Equipment and Technology

  • 30 years operating in Cancun & Riviera Maya with distinction

  • English, Spanish and French speaking dental Specialists

  • 2 Locations Cancun & Playa Del Carmen - We Exclusively coordinate for the Cancun location.

  • Quality care from 10 Dental Specialists 

  • Exhaustive Sanitization and sterilization protocols

  • Latest Respr Air filtration technology - Combating COVID-19 

  • Substantial savings - Average 53%+ 

  • No waiting times with Dental Destinations Cancun 

  • GCR Accredited and Awarded Top dental Clinic Mexico 2 Consecutive years 

Cancun Dentist, Dentaris, Dental Implant and Cosmetic dentistry Cancun Mexico, Top dental


This Cancun dental clinic is ultra modern, comprising of all new Units designed for space so no overcrowding, individual dental areas offer privacy yet designed to allow an openness so there will be no feeling of claustrophobia. Panoramic views of Sea, Golf course and Protected Mangrove habitat, Huge windows provide each dental unit with natural Light giving each patient a relaxing and centering space, with a calm and purposeful environment. Built over two floors and with the largest dental operating units in the city, this Cancun dental clinic feels like it was built just for you.  


The Dental Laboratory exclusively used by our Cancun dentists with a professional partnership for over 15 years ensures your dental pieces are nothing short of perfect. The technicians and Ceramists  the clinics dental specialists and laboratory techs collaborate together fusing art and science  for all of their patients in Cancun. This dental laboratory in Cancun is exclusively used because of the Exceptional talents of the owner and Master Ceramist Francisco Xavier Gallardo Lizama who boasts over 25 years as a prominent talented and well respected Ceramist.

Gallardo has attended and passed some of the worlds most important and prominent laboratory's and Influential courses lead and presented by world renowned dental ceramists experts.
Jurgen Seger, Alex Aronin, Nondas Vlachopoulos, Robert Zubak, Agust Bruguera and Dieter Grubel to name a few. 

Dental Destinations Cancun


When we arrange your appointments for dental work in Cancun and you travel for a Dental Vacation we really want to make sure your dental experience from the moment you land in Cancun is just as  punctual and professional as it is online. So we provide and arrange complimentary collection from the airport and on day of departure as well  for each scheduled clinical appointment. Private licensed  and insured chauffeurs ready to meet and greet you. 

*Prior arrangement, based on receiving official flight and hotel confirmations. Certain zone restrictions and dependent on receiving dental treatments with our affiliated dentists.

Due to current COVID-19 majority of complimentary transportation services are not operating at this time. 

It is Understood that each patient / Traveller is responsible for understanding their country of Origin or departure and destination's Entrance requirements and or any restrictions , visa's or immigration laws. Dental Destinations Cancun are not sponsors or offer assistance for entering Mexico.

Want to talk dentistry in Cancun? or book an appointment,

we are all ears and will reply within 6 to 12 hours 

We are grateful for the amount of people interested in dentistry options in Cancun Mexico, 

To meet the Quality of service we provide we would like to remind you that if you have no corroborating information regarding your case I.E. Recent treatment plans / Xrays or Scans this will limit the type of information and assistance that Dental Destinations Cancun and the dental specialists can provide.


If you have dates booked to travel to Cancun we would recommend booking an appointment usually on the day after arrival so we can be assured that the dental team will have sufficient availability to see you.  

For Quick responses WhatsApp only 9981580976

The filling out of this form represents that you have read and understand the Privacy and Disclaimer sections of this website

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