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 Better Informed​     Better Prepared​    Connected to Certified Dental Specialists   Real Professional Support 

Dental Destinations Cancun is recognized as the Number One resource for all your dental Vacation needs for Cancun & Riviera Maya. With over 10 Years first hand experience having helped over 1500 people and counting from over 14 Countries, Dental Destinations Cancun can guide, assist and pass on all the Information you will need to maximize the whole dental Vacation journey. With our Impeccable Reputation for Professionalism, Friendliness and Honesty we are the best option for you finding your new dentist in Cancun.


We provide an uninterrupted chain of Information, from your case details to the dental specialists treatment options, costs and timelines. Everyone is up to date on your case and needs and with this organization you can be assured that all aspects of your dental Experience in Cancun Mexico will be taken care of, all you will need to do is relax in Paradise between appointments and let us handle everything. 










The most Experienced onsite and in-house dental vacation specialist team dedicated to Dental Tourism Mexico working for you. We have won more customer service awards and facilitated more patients than any Cancun site.


The Top Independently GCR rated dental clinic Mexico attending your case. This clinic has been Accredited and Rated as the Leading  dental clinic for 2 consecutive years. 


A dental team of no less than 9 dental specialists with a minimum of 15 years experience including 3 Professors comprising of former LSU Professor, Scientific advisors to Implant makers, Authors and International Keynote speakers.


Clear and transparent Treatment plans, Treatment costs and Timelines presented prior to travel (Provision of supporting case information)

Which on average are 50 to 60% Less than the U.S. and Canada


Ever thought you would look forward to going to the Dentist?  Well with our help and that of the Cancun dentists we count on so highly, your next dental visit could be the most important and positive decision you have ever made.


Dental Vacations and Dental Tourism to Mexico have allowed Tens of Thousands of American and Canadians get their much needed and wanted dental work finally realized saving them thousands of dollars and making a positive impact to their lives, through affordable dental treatments performed by leading dental specialists in Cancun who are part of a team that  have been recognized as the top dental clinic in Mexico, your oral health, appearance and bank balance are in the very best hands. 

Mexico for dentistry? Yes Mexico for dentistry, let us show you what is available to you and your family here in Cancun.  We promise once you have checked what is actually provided by the dentists in Cancun and many Mexican clinics, you will be Amazed and wonder why you are only learning about these affordable dental solutions now. 

Cancun and Mexico in general has been the choice getaway for Millions of American and Canadians each year, and within the past decade Mexico and specifically it’s popular tourist destinations have built up an unrivaled reputation as the go to destination for affordable dental work. 

Cancun has worked hard to be known as the dental and medical tourism hub in Mexico, and with the infrastructure of Mexico's favorite vacation destination it is now Mexico's favorite dental destination.


Areas of Experience, Expertise and Care

What we provide each person who is seeking Dental Excellence in Mexico while on Vacation 


Years of Dental Vacations

We have over 10 years working experience helping patients connect to best Cancun dentists and get their dental work while on Vacation in Cancun. No one has our service or reputation record.


These are personalized patients who have been assisted with their dental vacations to Cancun. We have helped many more people get the information and indirectly helped thousands more.


Customer service recognitions

The Team at Dental Destinations Cancun have been presented with many customer service awards and recognitions for the work and patients experience during their dental Vacation.


Average Savings per patient

This is the average cost saving patients make with a dental vacation to Cancun. The reality is the more treatments you need the more savings made. Some treatment procedures provide more than 60% in comparison to the United States. 


Satisfaction Rate 

We base our patients satisfaction of their overall dental vacation experience. From dental visits, logistical arrangements, Cancun as a destination, time and most importantly their dental results. We are proud of our patients satisfaction rate and are open to ideas and constructive criticism. 


Referral Rate

This is a number we love! this is the majority of our new patients per year that are direct referrals from former patients and shows just how much our assistance and guide are recommended by the patients. This is the best part of the work we provide.

What it costs you for our help, Information and assistance

Thats correct, Nothing, Nada, we do not charge you anything for help and assistance and booking service.

No upfront requests for deposits, hidden charges or added extras ever. You pay directly to the dental clinic for the work received. Remember we are here to help make your dental vacation experience better informed, prepared, and more affordable.


This is a short run down of what there is available to you, We treat each patient as an Individual, each case as unique and all doubts, queries and concerns with understanding and attention. We have worked with so many different people, cases , needs and goals we will provide our professional experience to you from day one.

A Dental Vacation to Cancun is a novel concept and increasingly popular term to explain the idea behind getting dental work while on Vacation, and with Cancun Mexico being the ideal Vacation destination for American and Canadians due to its proximity to the United States and Canada , infrastructure, air connectivity and its cost-benefit advantage. 

"The Secret to our success is not really a secret - We Listen, we help find a solution and we work with the best dentists in Mexico."

Antony - Founder Dental Destinations Cancun

2019 - 2020 clinic treated International Patients

- 826 Dental Crowns Performed and placed by the dental team 

- 621 Dental Implants Placed 

- 26 All-on-4 / All-on-6 Surgeries performed

- 18 I.V. supported dental Sedation surgeries 

- 32 Cosmetic dental Smile Makeovers performed

- 156 Dental cleanings

- 226 Online consultations 

Cancun Dental Specialists of the Highest Professional calibre's

The Dental team we have been exclusively Affiliated with in Cancun have more than 180 years combined dental knowledge and experience between them. Specialities include Prosthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontist, General.

There is not a more experienced set of Cancun dentists corroborating and performing all dental specialities to more International and national patients as we connect you too.

Cancun Dental Resume Snippets 

- Former Professor and course director of the Implant and aesthetic Fellowship LSU 

- Professor, Scientific advisor, Author, Keynote speaker and Mexico's leading Periodontal authority

- Leading Cosmetic dentist with over 35 years dedicated to improving and rejuvenating Smiles

- Recent graduate and Alumni chosen from only 1 University in Mexico to North Carolina University

- Professor Dental Anatomy, Teaching professor (taught most dentists in Cancun & Riviera Maya) 

- Orthodontic specialist over 38 years experience and pediatric dental specialist

Professional Recognition's and Honors Include

All the dental team here in Cancun who can be part of your dental Vacation experience here in Cancun have all been honored, awarded and recognized in their professional fields and we will happily provide certifications and professional qualifications on request.

Along with Customer survey awards, Patient satisfaction and Testimonials.

The Dental Clinic has also been Awarded the Title by the GCR (Global Clinic Rating) as the Top Dental Clinic Mexico for 2 consecutive years. This Award is given through the following requisites 

Official GCR Accreditation, has been personally visited, evaluated by our expert team and the GCR Score is a correct representation of the expected quality you'd receive there

GCR Advisory Board

An international group of medical & data analyst experts who determine, fine-tune and maintain the requirements needs to meet each level of the GCR Score on quarterly basis based on the newest research in the field. The GCR Advisory Board members are dedicated to evaluating the certification requirements of clinics and inspiring them to excel in providing care of the highest quality and value.


The GCR Advisory Board members have diverse experience in healthcare, medical tourism, business, and data analysis including clinical experience in the health care fields that The GCR serves.

  • How long has the clinic been serving the public at it's current location?

  • The level and number of certifications, accreditations, awards that the clinic has gained.

  • Number of years of postgraduate practical experience of each doctor.

  • The number of languages spoken fluently by the clinic team.

  • The level and number of degrees, certifications, accreditations, awards for each doctor.

  • The number of medical specialists available.

  • Whether the specialists available work full-time or part time for the clinic.

  • The guarantee they give behind the medical treatments that these experts perform.

  • The success rates of the treatment carried out at the particular clinic.

Begin Your  Dental Vacation Journey to Happiness

Dental Destinations Cancun made it possible for me to have the confidence and Information I needed to travel to Mexico and receive the Life changing dentistry I had put off for years due to fear and Financial reasons. I truly owe them and the Amazingly talented  dental team my sincere thanks

-Susan Reynolds-


This Cancun dental clinic is ultra modern, comprising of all new Units designed for space so no overcrowding, individual dental areas offer privacy yet designed to allow an openness so there will be no feeling of claustrophobia. Panoramic views of Sea, Golf course and Protected Mangrove habitat, Huge windows provide each dental unit with natural Light giving each patient a relaxing and centering space, with a calm and purposeful environment. Built over two floors and with the largest dental operating units in the city, this Cancun dental clinic feels like it was built just for you.  


The Dental Laboratory exclusively used by our Cancun dentists with a professional partnership for over 15 years ensures your dental pieces are nothing short of perfect. The technicians and Ceramists  the clinics dental specialists and laboratory techs collaborate together fusing art and science  for all of their patients in Cancun. This dental laboratory in Cancun is exclusively used because of the Exceptional talents of the owner and Master Ceramist Francisco Xavier Gallardo Lizama who boasts over 25 years as a prominent talented and well respected Ceramist.

Gallardo has attended and passed some of the worlds most important and prominent laboratory's and Influential courses lead and presented by world renowned dental ceramists experts.
Jurgen Seger, Alex Aronin, Nondas Vlachopoulos, Robert Zubak, Agust Bruguera and Dieter Grubel to name a few. 

In a Meeting


Dental Destinations Cancun are the Dental Vacation specialists with more Experience than any other Cancun clinic or facilitator when it comes to International traveling patients. 

Our aim is always Quality over Quantity and we will listen to your dental goals we will pass you all the information you could possibly need to make a decision and through our patient Ambassadors for Excellence in Quality Affordable dentistry in Cancun & Riviera Maya we continue to be the number one choice for dental tourists.


When we arrange your appointments for dental work in Cancun and you travel for a Dental Vacation we really want to make sure your dental experience from the moment you land in Cancun is just as  punctual and professional as it is online. So we provide and arrange complimentary collection from the airport and on day of departure as well  for each scheduled clinical appointment. Private licensed  and insured chauffeurs ready to meet and greet you. 

*Prior arrangement, based on receiving official flight and hotel confirmations. Certain zone restrictions and dependent on receiving dental treatments with our affiliated dentists.

Due to current COVID-19 majority of complimentary transportation services are not operating at this time. 


We Invite you to check out our new Informative website providing valuable information about the ALLON4 and ALLON6 Dental Implant treatments here in Cancun, as these are very complex and technique sensitive procedures we have dedicated a website for those patients who are specifically researching traveling to Cancun for them.

We Cover

  • What are the ALLON4 and ALLON6 

  • Who is a candidate for the ALLON4 and ALLON6 

  • What are the differences

  • Who should perform these technique sensitive treatments

  • Treatment timelines

  • Costs and how they are charged

  • What to expect before and after surgery 

And other important information, just click the logo below 

We are set and ready to help get your dental work and dental Vacation to Cancun underway

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