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Dental Tourism Mexico, why should you trust a set price on dentistry without a proper examination?

To put it simply you shouldn´t!

After coordinating dental treatments in Mexico for over 14 years, we often encounter questions like, "How much will it cost to fix my smile?" or "I need dental implants, how much?" Some even inquire about complex procedures without recent dental visits, expecting a quick quote for treatments like the ALLON4.

Our approach is thorough and designed through thousnads of patient interactions and honing and handling preciesly expectations. We gather as much patient information as possible, including X-rays, scans, and medical history. Then, our specialists provide a detailed initial assessment, emphasizing the necessity of an in-clinic evaluation for precise treatment costs and timelines.

Many patients reply that they do not have time to get the information requested, or just want a cost, "ballpark figure" and some then loose interest or think we are being deliberately vague (which could not be further from the truth) - and many responses used to end with - Clinic A has quoted me this much or Clinic B has a set price for treatment X without me sending anything.

We just know the variables and problems that can be encountered without sufficient information from not only the patients perspective but that of a professional dental specialist.

Yet, some patients still seek quick answers and compare prices from different clinics without understanding the importance of individualized care and even accept the treatment and costs given without sending any corroborating case information to be reviewed and assesed first by a specialist.

We often use the analogy of trusting a mechanic to diagnose and fix a car without seeing it, to illustrate why it's questionable to trust a set price on dentistry without a proper examination. By comparing the two situations, it becomes easier for prospective patients to understand the point being made about the importance of individual assessment and tailored care and make it more relatable. Imagine calling a random mechanic about work needed for your car and without knowing the make, year, history of problems of the car, and before they even pop open the hood, they confidently declare, "That'll only be $1000, please."

You'd likely be scratching your head, wondering how they could possibly know what's wrong without and information or even looking. Now, transpose that scenario to the dentist's office you are interested in in Mexico. You contact a clinic about what you may need or think you need but have not sent any of your case information and before you've even sipped your cup of coffee you have a quote and a promise of the cost of procedures and a plan for best dentistry in Cancun! It is more common than you think and is not a safe approach.

Consider trusting a mechanic who quotes a repair cost without inspecting your car. It's like receiving a dental quote without sharing case details.

While some clinics offer tempting set prices, dental care isn't one-size-fits-all. Variables exist, and each patient is unique. Reputable clinics prioritize thorough assessments before proposing treatments, ensuring realistic outcomes and costs.

When you see Promotions and offers for Treatments like ALLON4 ONLY 5000 USD PER ARCH Think Carefully and act Cautiously

Beware of enticing promotions like "ALLON4 ONLY $5000 PER ARCH." Such offers may not include additional treatments or increased visit requirements. Seek detailed information to understand potential costs and outcomes fully.

So, when considering dental treatment abroad, demand transparency and a comprehensive evaluation, don't settle for anything less than personalized dental care for your Oral health and smile's sake.

The Amount of Patients cases we have heard where they had travelled to Cancun for the work promised by a clinic with costs and a timeframes, who found out on their clinical evaluations and imaging find themselves unable to do the work they believed, find the costs out of their intended budget or their time in destination not sufficient or involve increased return trips.

Remember a clinic that seems to ask a lot questions or requests more details about your case than other clinics (are not being difficult or Vague) they are performing their professional due diligence and understand the importance in providing you with the correct information and offer realistic treatments, outcomes, costs and options. So do not be disheartened or frustrated as you may just want a simple quick answer of how much will xxxx treatment cost, invest in the time and recommendations of a professional dental specialist and their coordination teams to allow you to make a well informed decision about the benefits of traveling to Mexico for your dental care and if it is right for you.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Dental Tourism Mexico and how using a Reputable and Respected dental facilitator like Dental Destinations Cancun can provide valuable insight, support and guide then one simple click can put you on the right track.


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