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Dental Vacations maintaining a balance of costs and Quality

It is important to understand that dentistry that seems too cheap even in a market that is aimed at affordability may not be able to provide the standards or quality which maintain the benefits that make traveling for dentistry a worthwhile investment.

We don’t recommend people take the cheapest cost for dentistry they have seen in Mexico as the standard cost of dentistry for the entire Country or specific destination,

We are often contacted about the cost of treatments in Tijuana while we facilitate dental work in Cancun.

Those costs are for a particular dentist or dental clinic and like any other country similar businesses will have different costs, the idea is to understand and find out why. This is not just suggesting why one maybe more expensive than another on the contrary looking at why one is much cheaper is just as important.

Many dental clinics in Cancun understand that price is the principal reason people look to travel for dentistry, and what many International patients see as the standard for Mexican dental Clinics is of “Cheaper” dentistry, Many will come to realize that these clinics can provide much more than just lower costs.

In fact it is common to see Mexican dental Clinics providing full dental services including complex Oral rehabilitations and surgeries in Modern clinical surroundings and advanced laboratory equipment. There is a large percentage of practicing dentists in Cancun Mexico that are not only Qualified and specialized but also have continued to travel, train, teach and work for professional and educational advancement that provides valuable experience and practical applications in professional careers.

The importance is to understand that dentistry can be provided more affordably and is a combination of factors which are country specific including

  • Mexican dentists who graduate do so without debt - no student loans , no repayments no additional financial strain before they have started their careers

  • The costs of operating businesses in Mexico are lower that is a fact - lower rents, lower taxes

  • Employment, national average wage is considerably less as well as statutory payments and insurances (Mexico has a very good public healthcare system)

  • Dentistry is a very popular profession and choice for students to choose so their are many options available (Mexico has one of the best health sciences programs in the Americas)

But there are still normal operating costs that are faced by clinics which need to be paid and to make sure the clinics make a profit to remain open.

What determines the costs of dental treatments and procedures in Cancun, Mexico well there are many facets to this and are universal, A Qualified and capable dentist and dental clinic will understand their professional worth and what they bring to the patients dental health and the level and quality of service overall.

  • Dental Specialists Qualifications & Experience - More experience, Qualifications and specializations the more they will charge.

  • Clinic Locations, Installations - newer buildings, installations cost more to operate

  • Equipment used and invested in - Up to date medical equipment are expensive

  • Materials used within the clinic and procedures - Quality dental materials and often imported FDA approved as well as recognized brands cost

  • The type of Team members Employed - Good staff are hard to find

  • Treatment Warrantees and Guarantees - You get what you pay for

Now more than anytime, we will start to see costs rising post Coronavirus or after the lifting of restrictions (not immediately) but for the obvious results of medical practices and hospitals having to postpone / cancel non essential treatments and procedures.

Why? Well the fact is although Mexican dentists are more affordable to the International patient market (American and Canadian) there still is a need to maintain balance, we all know the difference between cheap and affordable and it can be a big difference.

Dental materials, equipment, laboratory work, Specialist dentists, support teams, assistants of a certain standard still cost money, and to maintain a balance between quality in all aspects of a dental clinic from the materials used in a surgery and dental pieces, to the level of experience provided by the dental specialists providing treatments, the maintenance of a clinic and equality of working conditions for staff as well as the type of equipment used and offered, all of these things are calculated in detail and per treatment to ensure a fair charge and in keeping with necessary standards of Value for money / Quality, while maintaining the benefit of affordability.

There always needs to be a balance maintained between Cost and Quality -

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It's all about balance

The relationship between International patients and Mexican dental Clinics is a mutually beneficial one, The patient understands the dentistry will cost less than back home but Quality and standards will be maintained and thus receive great dental work, the dentist gains a new patient and after providing good work and service they will be recommended and receive further patients or referrals.

A win win for all involved if done correctly

Dentistry is a medical service and a healthcare speciality, it is not possible to be treated like that of a distribution or retail service, where we see sales and promotions and seasonal blow outs, but that is a way of reducing old stock to make way for new merchandise, or used to bring people into purchase newer items, Dentistry is not and should not be treated as such.

Telling a reputable dental clinic that another local dentist offers the same treatments for less is not necessary, as all clinics openly promote the costs of their dental work and all clinics are aware of what others charge. A Clinics costs are determined and calculated and the majority of established and respected dentists will not haggle over costs, a good clinic will add value for the patient.

We all love a great deal, but try to approach traveling to Cancun for dentistry with facts first and then emotion, We promise this will really help when choosing the right Cancun dentist for your treatments.

Dental Destinations Cancun have been helping and assisting American and Canadian patients connect and travel to Cancun & Riviera Maya for their dental work for over 10 Years. If you want to know more about the options available to you and how you could save up to 50% on your dental work with the GCR Top Rated dental clinic Mexico.


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