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What is Important to a Cancun Dental Tourist

Out of 39 Dental Tourists to Cancun Mexico - we asked prior to traveling for dentistry what they rated as the most important factor on deciding on the dental clinic and dentist in Cancun to undergo their dental work

We have followed for many years what were dental tourists biggest deciding factors in choosing to travel to Cancun Mexico for their dental work, and continually it has been financial motivations and the significant savings that can be made when undergoing dental treatments in Cancun compared to the same treatments they would receive back home. We have explained why dentistry in Mexico is more affordable in a previous post which you can read here.

What we decided to do was to find out if the factors that dental tourists placed most importance on prior to traveling to Cancun for their dental work were the same factors while actually undergoing dental work in Cancun and after returning home.

And what we found out from asking a small select and varied demographic of dental tourists including a variety of ages, genders and type of dental treatments allowed us to gain a valuable insight in the dental tourists reasons and what they found to be most important.

As each case and dental patient have different needs and wants we chose to ask what out of the following was for them the most important deciding factor - Prior to undergoing dental work in Cancun.

  • Specialist Experience (years practicing, specializations, credentials and qualifications)

  • Lowest Costs (paying less was their objective, even comparing clinics in destination)

  • Communication (The importance in being able to communicate with the specialists and staff)

  • Trust in Specialists ( Trust in Their ability, recommendations and to execute the treatments correctly )

  • Online reputation (based on positive online reputation of the clinic or marketed promotions feedback )

What we found on the initial poll was not a surprise, and understanding that using only 5 options when there are in fact many more that go into choosing a Cancun dentist, we didn't wanted to overcomplicate as a quick overview.

The Lowest cost was the leading factor but as we know this is attached with the importance of the dental specialists experience and trusting the doctor performing the treatments.

But what we found out after following up with the same dental tourists after actually undergoing dental treatments in Cancun and we wanted to know what they would now place the most importance on in their Cancun dentist decision making knowing what they know now and what they would recommend to first time dental tourists looking for dental work in Cancun.

Their answers differed considerably and we found that the importance of the lowest costs significantly dropped and was replaced by the specialists experience and trust of the dental specialist being equal.

This is not to say Costs of dentistry in Cancun are still not the biggest reason why dental tourists choose to travel to Mexico for their dentistry, and people will always use online reviews to help them decide on where to look or contact, but it does give a good indication that while looking to save money is the goal, the confidence in who is performing the work and their experience once in the chair out weighed the initial cost saving factor and having trust in their ability and options of an experienced dental specialist will give you the best chance of having a successful dental vacation to Cancun with predictable and positive results with dental work in Mexico.

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