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In Dentistry it is all about the Details

In Dentistry it is all about the Details

Dental Destinations Cancun make your dental Vacations and arrangements nothing short of Amazing.

Online and Onsite Coordination, Yes thats right we are here in Cancun not just behind a screen we are on hand before, during and after your visits.

Know what information the Specialists need to Provide you with the best Treatment options and outcomes, No guessing or estimations – Real Information.

Coordinate calls, Emails and Online Consultations with Punctual communication with Native English speakers.

Treatment Presentations and Descriptions.

Treatment Costs and procedure information

Treatment Timeline breakdowns, know how many return visits if any are needed and what will be performed on each trip.

Complimentary Transportation Arranged From Airport Arrival and Departure to each and every Clinical Appointment.

Local first hand Knowledge, Hotel Information and Local activities.

24 Hour Contact number.

We are the Number One Resource for all things related to Dental Vacations and dental work in Cancun & Riviera Maya with more Patients facilitated and assisted than any other company.

You will receive PDF attachments with Personalized and complete Information on the treatments recommended, The Costs, Stages and Times needed in Cancun Mexico.

Mr S.Mile Treatment Plan and Information


We use our extensive experience and strict values to providing people with accurate and helpful information about the benefits of dental tourism and how best go about connecting to the right specialist for their needs.

you are able to weigh up the options presented along with the financial costs, be better informed about what is available and able to perform your own due diligence and research which gives you the proper tools and information to be more in control over the decisions and choices you take with no obligation. If you want coordination like this for your case – Give us a Call.

USA/Canada Toll Free 1-800-323-1208

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