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Canadians dental Struggles are a lot less in Cancun Mexico.

Canadians dental Struggles

In fact, six million people a year avoid visiting the dentist because of the cost and those with the worst dental problems are most likely to go without care, according to the findings of a blue-ribbon panel.


PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTER — The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Sep. 12, 2014 6:48PM EDT

Because dental care is not included in the Canada Health Act, the vast majority of dental services in this country are paid for by private insurance or out-of-pocket. Taxpayers cover some 70 per cent of health care costs to the tune of about $148 billion. Only about 6 per cent of dental care costs, about $800 million, are paid for with public funds. According to 2011 data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information: 59 per cent of private dental care expenditures, about $6.6 billion, were paid for by insurance. the remaining 41 per cent, some $4.6 billion, was paid by patients out-of-pocket.


(Source) Andrea Janus, Published Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:00AM EDT

With this information many Canadians are looking further a field at more affordable options to address their dental needs and combating the high costs and lack of insurance at home by heading South to Mexico.

(a favorite destination for many Canadian “Snowbirds”)

Dental Destinations Cancun helps hundreds of Canadians each year explore the options of Affordable dentistry in Cancun & Riviera Maya available to them while providing Open, honest and transparent information, advice along with onsite assistance to enable access to Quality and Certified Dental Specialists able to provide expert dentistry with significant savings.

Dental Destinations Cancun will provide you information about the experience and the work history of the most Respected and Established dentists and surgeons available in Cancun. If you need on-line consultation we will facilitate such consultations without the need for initial travel. We will guide you to different dental specialist for different consultations and procedures. We will help you with treatment estimations, timeline of procedures and how many visits are necessary.

Services typically sought by Canadian travelers include elective procedures as well as complex specialized dental surgeries such as sinus elevations, full Oral Rehabilitations However, virtually every type of dental speciality services are available.

We can also assist with hotel bookings with preferential rates, transportation assistance and on site personal concierge with substantial local knowledge and experience within the dental travel, medical Tourism field. All communication will be with native and fluent English speaking staff unless specifically otherwise requested.

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