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Does your dentist do this for you?

Updated: Mar 6

On your last trip to the dentist did they….

Send a driver to Pick you up?

Welcomed you with Refreshments?

Let you use their wifi free of charge?

Let you use their phone to make international calls?

Let you use their computers to check Facebook?

Gave you a guided tour of the clinic and showed you the installations, introduced you to the staff?

Charged you what they quoted with no hidden fees or extra charges?

Had their driver take you back and on the way stop off at a pharmacy so you could get your medicine?

Called you later on to check how you are feeling?

No! didn’t think so,

If you would like all of these services as well as paying up to 60% less for dental treatments, performed by Certified and Qualified dental specialists who have been ranked as the Number one dental clinic in Cancun –

Send us an email info@dentaldestinationscancun.com

We make the difference between a ok dental visit, and an Excellent Dental Experience.



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