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Root Canal Treatment – Cancun

Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected. The inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes: deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth. In addition, an injury to a tooth may cause pulp damage even if the tooth has no visible chips or cracks. If pulp inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess.

The endodontist removes the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, then fills and seals the space. Afterwards, you will return to your dentist, who will place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

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The Cost of a Root Canal in Cancun through Dental Destinations Cancun is 250 usd ,

The Cost of a Re Treatment Root Canal is 375 usd.

A Root Canal treatment can usually be completed in one visit, but there is always a possibility depending on the condition that the root canal specialist will request a second.

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