The Secret to looking younger with dentistry and a Vacation

The Secret to looking younger with the help of Dentistry (Well Smiling)

Has this happened to you, because it certainly has to us, early alarm call missed for the 3rd time on snooze, rushing around to get ready, kids under foot, school run, what to have for breakfast, got two minutes to get showered with the skills and precision of James Bond while multi tasking as if you had as many arms as an Octopus. Then it happens, you catch a glimpse in the mirror, through the hand streaked steam marks there is a face you do not recognize! And then the realization hits, yes that is you!

Don't feel bad it happens to the best of us, A busy and hectic work schedule, home life, social commitments, children and sometimes just an “off” day visits even the most “perfect” people.

This ugh feeling is not helped by flicking through magazines, channel hopping and the daily social media updates we see on FB and Instagram of perfect looking breakfast bowls, Artistic rooms, pristine family photos, beautiful getaway pics with a mountain of fresh faced and seemingly spritely people going on about their daily business without a care in the world and not a tired face in sight .