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Your diet after Dental Implant Surgery Cancun

What to eat after dental Implant Surgery in Cancun

Implant dentistry in Cancun Mexico and your Diet 

With the majority of dentistry a patients diet does not need to be affected too much, Unless that diet is an unhealthy and high in sugars in which changing slightly can have a positive effect on your health. Coming to Cancun for Dental implant treatments can be a different story for the diet plan, All Inclusive hotels, The never ending Buffets, Beer and Margaritas and Cold drinks on tap 24 hours a day! A Dream come true for many tourists traveling to Cancun and Riviera Maya each week. But what if you are Traveling to Cancun for Dental Implant Surgery will it make sense to pay for the All Inclusive option, will you be prepared to cut back and follow the dental specialists advice.  Obviously the type of Implant surgery you will undergo will determine how your aftercare regimes will be, and for the majority of Single Implant, Dental Implant bridges do not really effect the patients diet for long. Simple steps that need to be followed post surgery are, but with smaller surgical sites and less invasive dental Implant surgery the limitations are less and not as long. Some dental Implant and Oral rehabilitations in Cancun Mexico will require a complete dietary change and for a longer period, Many require a patient post surgery have only a liquid diet for 2 weeks to a month  and then on to a soft diet and gradually progressing to a normal balanced diet when you feel comfortable. This is a stage that many patients do not fully take into consideration or comprehend prior to looking at undergoing dental Implant surgery in Cancun, It is likely that many clinics will not present this challenging and important post surgical guidelines until you are here in Mexico.  We want each of our patients who are traveling to Cancun for Dental Implant treatments to be fully aware and understand that in certain treatment plans the patients diet will be severely limited post surgery, the fact is that the recuperation after Complex and Complete Oral Rehabilitations come with associated after care instructions, It may seem difficult but the outcome will be worth it, and if a patient is prepared and understands what is needed they can mentally and physically prepare for the following healing phase and increase the percentage of a successful Dental Implant treatment. Recently we had helped a former Body Builder and active gym goer visit for a Complete oral rehabilitation and because their diet and exercise regimes were so important to them, The information we provided in conjunction with the the dental specialists allowed them to prepare their change in lifestyle and routines as well as mentally prepare (Temporarily), and allowed them to adapt. The Key is to plan ahead  Here are some options if you are thinking or planning to under go Dental Implant Treatments in Cancun, Mexico that require extensive surgery. It is important to keep the body receiving protein, minerals, and vitamins to gain strength and this will aid and boost the dental implant integration and healing process and speed up the healing process. There are options for such meals / drinks like sure that provide in liquid for what the body needs.  Breakfast Options You can start your morning off with fruit juice without pulp and, cream of wheat or rice, especially if you thin it down with extra milk. Milk and liquid nutritional supplements, such as Boost or Ensure, You can add variety throughout your seven-day diet by rotating different types of juices and shakes You can also have fruit smoothies made with yogurt and pureed skinless and seedless fruits, or some kefir, which is a type of drinkable yogurt. to add calories, include honey or maple syrup to sweeten your smoothie and rice.

Lunch and Dinner A pureed soup is a good choice for lunch and dinner. You can make your own or use an already prepared soup. If you puree it yourself, you may need to strain it to catch any chunks. Consider adding yogurt, avocado or silken tofu to add more nutrients. You can increase your protein intake by adding skim milk powder or protein powder to the liquids or using a meal replacement drink. Serve your soup with tea with lemon and honey, milk or a glass of vegetable juice. Strained baby foods without lumps can also be eaten on some liquid diets, although you may need to thin them with water, milk or broth.

Desserts and Snacks Plain ice cream, frozen yogurt. Sorbets, gelato, fruit mousse, puddings and custards, smoothies, Jamba juice, malts or shakes.  These must be eaten with a spoon or a glass or cup.  It is very important not to use a straw during the first 24 hours after surgery.

Then for a Soft diet once the specialist has advised. Once things have healed up a bit, though, you'll probably be ready to graduate to "soft" foods.

All of the things on a liquid diet can be enjoyed on a soft diet, In addition, you can add:

  • Eggs.  Soft scrambled eggs are a great way to boost protein intake

  • Cooked cereal. Hot cereal is a good way to start  getting more fibre, go for smoother oat bran or wheatena.

  • Fresh cheeses. Try topping soft cheeses such as cottage cheese, quark, or ricotta cheese with stewed fruit. (Stewed rhubarb and fresh ricotta make a particularly good combination.)

  • Pureed vegetables. Use the same technique as you used for soups, but use a little less stock, to create a slightly stiffer puree that can be eaten with a fork or spoon. Try pureed butternut squash, carrots, celery root or turnips, and creamed spinach or Swiss chard.

  • Soups. As a step up from fully pureed soups, try split pea or cream of mushroom soup.

  • Soft and/or minced meat. Although steak and barbequed chicken aren't on the menu yet, softer options--such as poached fish--should be fine. Finely minced or shredded meat--such as ham or tuna salad--would also be OK.  (Just leave out the celery for now.)

  • Soft fruit. Canteloupe or honeydew melon, bananas, mango or very ripe pears are also good options for a soft diet.

  • Instant breakfast, Ensure, Boost Slim Fast.

  • Oatmeal, Cream of Rice or Wheat, omelets or eggs. pancakes

  • jam on soft bread (not chewy or without crust

  • Apple sauce

  • Low acid fruit juices such as pear, apple or vegetable

  • Egg, Tuna or chicken salad

  • Soup Broths

  • Rich cream soups or soft vegetable soups pureed or without large pieces that are hard to eat.

  • Mushrooms

  • Avocados

  • Any vegetable (except corn) or potatoes-well cooked, pureed, scalloped or casserole

  • Mashed potatoes or Mashed sweet potatoes

  • Enchiladas, Grits or polenta

  • Pureed or well-ground meats or chicken

  • Bread-less Sloppy Joes or tortilla-less burritos

  • Hamburger or Tuna Helper

  • Well cooked pasta, macaroni and cheese

  • Well-cooked stewed or braised chicken or meat.

  • Boneless Fish

  • Tofu

  • Refried or well cooked beans

  • rice pudding, cheesecake, plain chocolate (allow to melt on the tongue), ripe banana

  • Juice Bars

It is also important to know your own health requirements and allergies and some options will work and others not, But if in doubt seek a qualified Nutritionist and discuss your options with the dental Implant specialist (Which we have access to as part of the Dental Implant aftercare for our clients). General Post Dental Implant surgical Instructions  Do not spit. Use a tissue to wipe your mouth as needed, or swallow your saliva. Do not use a drinking straw. Drink straight from the cup. Do not smoke. Keep fingers and tongue away from the surgical area. No Spicy food No chewing on the area of the implant surgery No food with small seeds Take Medications as directed by the dentist, Antibiotics: Continue until the course has finished, do not quit halfway. Pain Medicine: not always necessary but pain medication can be prescribed in a scheduled fashion (every 4–6 hours) for the first 24 hours and as needed thereafter. More detailed and additional instructions will be provided by the dental Specialists specific to your case and dental Implant surgery.

There are other important restrictions and recommendations that we would tell patients to follow when undergoing such dental Implant treatments in Cancun to aid in their recuperation and help keep a  positive well being both physical and mental. Stay out of the sun, even on cloudy days Cancun has a high humidity and the sun can cause you to become dehydrated quicker without knowing it, Stay in the shade, wear a hat and keep your fluid intake up and always carry a bottle of water with you. No physical exercise as you need to give your body time to recuperate and heal, relax and take it easy, this will aid all aspects of your post dental implant surgery. When having new prosthesis placed during your dental implant procedures like ALLON4 and ALLON6 , Fixed bridges your speech will be affected, this can worry many people but with some simple exercises like reading outlaid and understanding that the tongue is a muscle and requires time to adjust to the new dental pieces, so paying attention to your speech habits will help speed it up. Swelling in Implant treatments is common, but what most patients are not prepared for is that the majority of swelling begins to show 48 hours after surgery.  And a very Important side note - is to know that the dental team and Dental Destinations Cancun are there for you, We see these dental implant treatments performed every day and although we know that each patient is different and recovery Varys from patient to patient, we do not forget that this will be your first time and we are at hand before , during and after the surgery to provide advice, information, and reassurance to give you peace of mind. We don’t care if you have a hundred questions, we know there is no such thing as a silly question for patients who are undergoing dental Implant surgical procedures in Cancun, we will take all your questions, concerns and doubts and make sure you are informed about how treatments evolve and healing periods progress. 

Dental Destinations Cancun have been helping and assisting American and Canadian patients connect and travel to Cancun & Riviera Maya for their dental work for over 10 Years. If you want to know more about the options available to you and how you could save up to 60% on your dental work with the GCR Top Rated dental clinic Mexico Contact usWhat we do for you


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