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about us

If we told you that you could enjoy a well deserved Vacation to Cancun and get your much needed dental work completed at the same time, and pay less than the same work you were quoted to have completed at home even after factoring in the costs of flights, hotel, Spending money would you want to know how?
We want to help inform and present the real modern side of dentistry here in Mexico and change peoples perceptions of the Quality Dental Care and service provided, We have done the leg work, performed research to help you, so you have a head start in choosing the right specialist for your needs.

Our Team has 10 Years Experience and have helped 1200 patients from 15 Countries

With our help you can receive great dentistry performed by the GCR Top rated Dental Clinic in Mexico 2016 and 2017 Paying up to 60% less than the United States and Canada, Assured of the best Quality and Standards with logistical arrangements taken care of by us here in Cancun. Specialist in charge of each case is Former LSU Professor and Course Director Implant Fellowship department prosthodontics with 25 years private practice, along with a team of 8 Specialists and over 15 support staff and 2 amazing vacation locations.

Our simple objective is helping you, our clients get informed, assisted, advised and connected with the best, brightest and most experienced dental specialists in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Dental Destinations Cancun's Completely free service enables you to.

Online and Onsite Coordination, Yes thats right we are here in Cancun not just behind a screen we are on hand before, during and after your visits.

Know what information the Specialists need to Provide you with the best Treatment options and outcomes, No guessing or estimations - Real Information.

  • Coordinate calls, Emails and Online Consultations with Punctual communication with Native English speakers.
  • Treatment Presentations and Descriptions.
  • Treatment Costs and procedure information
  • Treatment Timeline breakdowns, know how many return visits if any are needed and what will be performed on each trip.
  • Complimentary Transportation Arranged From Airport Arrival and Departure to each and every Clinical Appointment when staying in Cancun - certain Riviera Maya areas have restrictions
  • Local first hand Knowledge, Hotel Information and Local activities.
  • 24 Hour Contact number.

We are the Number One Resource for all things related to Dental Vacations and dental work in Cancun & Riviera Maya with more Patients facilitated and assisted than any other company.

Dental Destinations Cancun understands that sometimes people need support in unfamiliar surroundings and during new endeavors and we want you to be confident in your decisions and to be there to help you along the journey.

Having worked in dental tourism in Mexico for such a long time we have seen the difficulties that can be encountered by unprepared and misinformed patients, we want to make sure that never happens to our clients.

A Professional and Personal Approach to Affordable Dentistry in Cancun & Riviera Maya

Established and Trusted Coordination specialists

Patient Support-first approach

We use our extensive experience and strict values to providing people with accurate and helpful information about the benefits of dental tourism and how best go about connecting to the right specialist for their needs. We want our clients to really understand Dental Destinations Cancun wants to help them succeed in their dental journey and are not trying to sell them on the idea of a dental vacation if it is not right for their needs (this is why the service we provide is completely free of charge to you the client) you are able to weigh up the options presented along with the financial costs, be better informed about what is available and able to perform your own due diligence and research which gives you the proper tools and information to be more in control over the decisions and choices you take with no obligation.

We will show you the clinics, the specialists, dental treatments, previous patients satisfaction testimonials and results including the clinical evidence and standards, which you would expect from international levels and in most cases better. Doctors who have continued their already comprehensive education and specialities with professional training in United States, Europe, Israel, Canada, including Keynote speakers and Published Authors who all contribute to the Dental Destinations Cancun clients dental journey here in Mexico.

Our Big Mission - Is to be recognised as "The" Trusted service for dental tourists and dental vacationers seeking the best dentistry options in Cancun & Riviera Maya, One that is open, honest, knowledgable and genuinely cares about our clients success and health.

Connecting you with the most Experienced and Qualified dental Specialists in Cancun
Giving you great Service
Helping you Save Money

Important - It is acknowledged by Client that Dental Destinations Cancun performs no Medical or Surgical Procedure but used by Client solely to make arrangements for others to perform the Medical or Surgical Procedure. exclusively to facilitate Client in researching, scheduling, and communicating with Providers. The decision to travel for medical care is Client’s alone. Dental Destinations Cancun has not and will not, at any time during the provision of the Services, make any promises or warranties regarding outcome of the Medical or Surgical Procedure, or any of the risks involved during the Medical or Surgical Procedure or post-operative risks. Client should look to Medical or Surgical Provider alone for promises or warranties or likelihood of success.
Each patient is reminded that they should perform their own due diligence and research prior to traveling for any Medical treatments. We encourage all visitors to the website to inquire and discuss medical issues with their medical doctors in the United States or Country of Residence before considering the alternative of acquiring medical treatment outside of them.neither we nor our many international affiliates will be held accountable or liable for any sort of damages that may result due to your reliance of this website, or regarding any materials or services obtained from the website. If you encounter any problems or issues regarding the services or materials on the website then you agree completely that your only course of action or remedy is to immediately cease using our services.