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about us

Hola! and welcome to Dental Destinations Cancun, my name is Antony and I am the founder of DDC, I am originally from the United Kingdom, but I fell in love with Mexico and have been enormously lucky enough to call Cancun & Riviera Maya home since 2008. I absolutely Love Mexico,

Dental Destinations Cancun is a name synonymous with Dental Tourism and Dental Vacations. The Team of people behind the scenes continually strive to help each patient that contacts them with a dedicated mission to be of help, and to make a positive impact and an even more so experience for patients when seeking information about dental treatments here in Cancun Mexico.

Even if the decision to use our Fantastic &  free services are declined (which is not very often), We genuinely do not mind, and like educating people about dental Tourism and the benefits while making a difference to a patients life – It is rewarding, we feel privileged to be part of the journey from the very beginning.

There is so much information out there now it can get confusing and complicated. What we believe is that it comes down to is a patient connecting with the right dentist for their needs safe in the knowledge they are honest, experienced, skilled, and understand their treatment goals.

The fact is we invest our time and knowledge into this service and our success comes largely from word of mouth, we try to be a Respected source of information and assistance. Friendly, Informative yet at the same time as simple to use as possible.

We are often contacted by other dental clinics for help on building their reputations and foreign patient protocols, More than one International Facilitator company asks for advice and input to help them improve their services and our methods of working with international patients (we do not have one, we take a personalized approach to each patients requests that are all different and unique) we have also received in the past a formal Invitation to be part of an international board of advisors for a respected Medical Tourism Company.

If you are wanting some real and genuine help from people who have spent years doing nothing else but working, learning and perfecting the service so you know more about the options of Affordable dentistry to Cancun, Riviera Maya & Mexico we are just a quick email away.

And the Best Part is that our help is 100% FREE to you the Patient!

I have personally helped over 1000 patients from more than 14 Countries get the information and advice to help get the dental work they so desperately needed or wanted, and many have become firm friends. If you contact Dental Destinations Cancun I promise we want to help make a positive Impact on your life and Ultimately provide you with the most positive Dental Experience you have ever had.

I Promise you that if you are serious about your dental health and appearance So are we, and we will do everything we  can to help make this as easy and Rewarding experience as possible and the dental specialists will go above and beyond to ensure your Smile is nothing but Perfect.


Important - Each patient is reminded that they should perform their own due diligence and research prior to traveling for any Medical treatments. We encourage all visitors to the website to inquire and discuss medical issues with their medical doctors in the United States or Country of Residence before considering the alternative of acquiring medical treatment outside of them.neither we nor our many international affiliates will be held accountable or liable for any sort of damages that may result due to your reliance of this website, or regarding any materials or services obtained from the website. If you encounter any problems or issues regarding the services or materials on the website then you agree completely that your only course of action or remedy is to immediately cease using our services.