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Dentistry in Mexico Cheap V's Affordable

Because of the competitive nature of today’s dental marketplace, and even more so in the dental tourism market, patients have come to expect great deals. Many who are looking at traveling for dental work feel that as they are bringing usd they should be courted and offered free or discounted treatments in exchange for their booking (what is certain is that most would never think of asking their dentist back home for discounts as they are having “ lots of work” or choosing them)

This is a very common attitude for many looking at dental work and especially when it is Mexico, true it is a buyer’s market and patients have more options now than ever, but reputable dental clinics and dentists with experience will very rarely give into demands to give discounts or lower their costs as they understand the value of their time and abilities and especially those who know the standards of equipment and materials that they provide, know it is not financially worthwhile or viable in doing so as the costs are already considerably less than the majority of U.S. and Canadian dentists.

Yes a patient has to take into account travel and hotel expenses but this is one of the big hooks for dental tourists, they combine a vacation and receive the dental work they need or want which means they make the most out of their hard earned dollars. This is why the popularity of a Dental Vacation is rising.

The difference between “cheap dentistry” and “affordable dentistry” is an important distinction to make – especially when you’re looking for a legitimate, reasonably-priced solution for your dental needs.

But your local dentists and dental clinics are not really going to make the effort to help you make this distinction and they will probably just say that a cost of a dental crown or dental Implant is xxxx usd for fixing your smile and the elevated costs are because they are a “place Country” registered dentist.

Fortunately for clients of Dental Destinations Cancun, we have transparent dental treatment costs. That’s because these dental solutions that are affordable medium between the very expensive dentistry you are routinely offered back home in the United States and the dental tourism clinics that offer (extremely) cheap dental work that often does more harm than good.

People who think that paying for cheap dental work or specialized treatments from inexperienced dentists is worth the risk, eventually find out that this becomes much more expensive financially and health wise in the future.

To find these quality, affordable dental solutions in Cancun Mexico, you need to learn how to tell the good ones from the mediocre ones – and that’s why we have spent 10 years working with dental clinics, dentists and providers .

the challenge for most in this is differentiating when spending more money will result in a tangible, qualitative difference. We are constantly working with our dental partners in Cancun to provide the best value for money possible, but at the same time, care, quality and sanitary conditions absolutely cannot be compromised under any circumstance. So as a prospective patient thinking of traveling to Cancun Mexico for dentistry, how do you know what you need to look out for to ensure your oral health is in good hands?

By reaching out to Dental Destinations Cancun you will be able to know

  • What is offered in Cancun by dentists we have professional relationships with

  • What you need to provide to ensure real and accurate treatment plans and costs

  • What questions to ask if you are researching dentists in Cancun

  • The clinics dentists resumes and professional standings

  • Why people travel to Mexico for their dentistry

  • What to take into consideration when traveling for dental work

  • Costs of popular dental treatments performed regularly in Cancun

  • Online, telephone and email communication and consultations

The word “cheap” is another term often misused but there’s a big difference between affordable and cheap when it comes to dentistry and especially in Cancun. And the old adage “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is” should be top of mind when looking at what is available. 

If you would like more information or support on finding the right Mexico dentist for you, please contact us at


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